15 Best Pizza Places in Virginia Beach, VA [2023 Updated]

When you are in the mood for pizza, you want to guarantee it’s good. Even if pizza is hard to make bad, you still want to pick the best pizzeria. TToday, we gathered the 15 best pizza places in Virginia Beach to help you select the best one.

1. Windy City Pizza

Windy City Pizza

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 1630 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Phone: (757) 689-2270

As the name suggests, this pizzeria seeks to bring the taste of Chicago to Virginia Beach. And in our opinion, it succeeded at this with flying colors. It is the kind of place that can make the typical Chicago deep-dish pizza.

But despite the name, Windy City Pizza seeks to do more than replicate the well-known pizza style. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to try a Chicago-style hot dog, you have to get it (even if you get a pie—you can always have leftover pizza!).


2. ShoreBreak Pizza & TapHouse

Shore Drive

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 2941 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 481-9393


  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 2750 Trent Pl, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
  • Phone: (757) 689-8886

ShoreBreak Pizza & TapHouse

One of the best things you get out of ShoreBreak Pizza & TapHouse is the light atmosphere behind it all. It is the perfect place to hang out with your friends after a hard day’s work and reward yourself with a good pizza and beer. And not only that but being a sports bar, you can enjoy any variety of sports.

This place is locally owned and has been operating for nearly two decades, ever since its inception in 2003. ShoreBreak Pizza & TapHouse has all the kinds of food you would expect from this setting: pizza, wings, mozzarella sticks, and more.


3. North End Pizza, Pasta & Subs


  • Price: $
  • Address: 3420 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 428-2002

Great Neck

  • Price: $
  • Address: 1340 N Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Phone: (757) 496-2468

North End Pizza, Pasta & Subs

Pizza might be among the unmatched foods, depending on who you ask. However, having a place where you can go that has not just pizza but also other delicious foods. The pasta and subs available at North End Pizza do a great job of introducing food diversity for each visit.

Where Windy City Pizza is meant to invoke the flavors and styles of Chicago, this place seeks to bring the taste of New York to Virginia Beach. Whether a New York slice is better than a Chicago slice will be up to you, so be sure to try both!


4. Wasserhund Brewing Company

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 1805 Laskin Rd Suite 102, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Phone: (757) 351-1326

Wasserhund Brewing Company

This place, as the name implies, is the kind of pizzeria you visit when you want to enjoy a good brew at the same time. However, while they are first and foremost a brewery, it should not be taken to mean that they don’t have delectable pizza as well.

You’re not going to find extraordinarily innovative pizza, but you will find the perfect pizza to go with a good beer. If you like to try the brand signature—The Wasserhund—you should! It comes with sliced bratwurst, sauerkraut, red onions, and their seasonal beer mustard.


5. 204 Grill Pizza & Subs

  • Price: $
  • Address: 204 22nd St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 422-2222

204 Grill Pizza & Subs

Whether you are a Virginia Beach resident or just visiting, you should check out 204 Grill Pizza & Subs at least once. The quality of the food is top-notch, and you won’t have to worry about whether you can enjoy the menu items.

And to all our vegan folks, 204 Grill Pizza & Subs offers vegan options. That includes vegan cheese as a topping. Choose your ideal toppings, and you will have the perfect vegan pizza. The prices are also pretty reasonable. So don’t worry about it being heavy on your wallet!


6. Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream

  • Price: $
  • Address: 1824 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456
  • Phone: (757) 721-4900

Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream

For all of those who are pizza and ice cream lovers, there’s no better pizzeria in Virginia Beach than Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream. One thing you should order from them is the stuffed pizza. It is topped with your ideal toppings, covered with a dough lattice, and brushed with garlic butter.

Pungo Pizza has its fair share of toppings; whether you want pepperoni and sausage or anchovy and broccoli, this place has you set. Pungo Pizza also has incredible pasta selections. Are you in the mood for lasagna? Chicken Broccoli Alfredo? They got it.


7. Anna’s Kitchen

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 1940 Laskin Rd #313, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Phone: (757) 491-5050

Anna's Kitchen

Like Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream, Anna’s Kitchen is a lovely combination of pizza and pasta, among other delectables. This place makes their dough fresh daily and lets you craft your own pizzas to boot.

But one of the best parts of eating here is that you don’t have to worry about them being closed. With only some exceptions, this restaurant is open every day of the week and is the best place to bring your kids. There’s food that people of all ages will enjoy, including pizza, pasta, calzone, and delicious appetizers.


8. 19th Street Italian Bistro

  • Price: $ – $$
  • Address: 209 19th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 452-5876

19th Street Italian Bistro

Italian food has a wide variety of options, and no matter what your ideal Italian food is, there is no denying that pizza is the most well-known item. Whether you decide to eat in or dine out, you’ll enjoy what they have on offer.

Also, this is an excellent fit if you want to visit a quieter restaurant than a sports bar. This casual pizzeria is a great place to bring the whole family too. And if you want to throw a fun pizza party, they can cater the event for you. Everyone in attendance is sure to have a great time!


9. Reginella’s Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 4000 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • Phone: (757) 498-9770

Reginella's Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria

While the pies at Reginella’s Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria have excellent quality (with tons of options to boot!), one of the best parts of this place is its delicious desserts. When you order your prosciutto and fungi pizza or the 16″ steak stuffed pizza, you can pair it with a decadent tiramisu after.

This place offers delivery and takeout, and you can also make a catering reservation. Not only that, but you can enjoy a beer or wine with your meal. Still, this place doesn’t get too wild, so you can trust that it’ll be a suitable place for your kids.


10. Chicho’s Pizza 11th Street

  • Price: $
  • Address: 1011 Atlantic Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 321-8354

Chicho's Pizza 11th Street

Chico’s Pizza on 11th Street is a solid choice if you are checking in at the Hampton Inn. Sometimes, you want a restaurant where you can go hang out and relax, and this place is the perfect spot for that.

Chicho’s Pizza has its Mighty Meat Pizza for all of you meat lovers, while the Margherita and garden delight pizzas are great if you are more of a fan of veggies than anything else. This place does not hang its hat only on pizza selection; if you want an appetizer, try their mozzarella sticks!


11. Bodacious Bakehouse

  • Price: $$ – $$$
  • Address: 309 Aragona Blvd #106, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
  • Phone: (757) 578-5400

Bodacious Bakehouse

Bodacious Bakehouse puts a lot of importance on variety—in terms of their pizza and selection. Heck, for those of you with dietary restrictions, Bodacious Bakehouse is that much more likely to be able to accommodate you.

They have vegan options, including a vegan calzone that is to die for. This place has all the standard pizzas you would expect, like Hawaiian style, pepperoni, and buffalo chicken, and less common ones, like Margherita and chicken bacon ranch. You will be hard-pressed to find nothing that tickles your fancy, so check it out sometime!


12. Sal’s NY Slice Pizzeria

  • Price: $
  • Address: 4676 Princess Anne Rd Suite 170, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
  • Phone: (757) 347-8520

Sal’s NY Slice Pizzeria

Often, there are situations wherein you have to pick between a quality slice and a large piece. While there are some places where this is the case, it is not as such at Sal’s NY Slice Pizzeria. When you visit this pizzeria, you will have solid sizes, taste, and—get this—reasonable prices too!

The best part is that if you don’t want to go out to get a slice of pizza, you can order one for delivery. It does, however, come with a five-dollar extra charge, but it is well worth the cost, even with delivery.


13. La Vera Pizzeria

  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 211 25th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 300- 8755

La Vera Pizzeria

If you’re craving Italian Cuisine, we highly recommend La Vera Pizzeria! From pizza to calzones and pasta—this place has it all, even for those Vegetarians. Under their menu, you’ll find different categories for their pie. That includes vegan, gourmet, and many more!

La Vera also takes pride in their white pizza and stromboli. But if you think more than pizza and salads, you can try their wraps and burgers. From that selection alone, we can tell that you and you’re family will have a great dining experience.


14. Pizza Chapel

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 637 10th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: (757) 578-2882

Pizza Chapel

Pizza plus chapel? We agree it equates to a heavenly slice of pizza! Starting, you can order their appetizer ranging from rosemary calamari to battered french fries. But if you’re reserving all the glory for the pizza, you can have a lettuce prayer salad instead.

And to bless your dining experience, order a 12” or 16” from their specialty pie. Pizza Chapel offers a cheesy and savory combination for their signature pie. But you can also create your prenup pizzas to enjoy.


15. Brooklyn Pizzeria Virginia Beach

  • Price: $$
  • Address: 2181 Upton Dr #404, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
  • Phone: (757) 702-0220

Brooklyn Pizzeria Virginia Beach

If you’re a believer that good water makes good pizza, Brooklyn Pizzeria is the answer. They have an exclusive New York water maker that filters impurities from the local city water. And the result—a tasty crust cooked with the right amount of chewiness and flavor.

Among their popular product from the menu are arancini rice balls, Margarita pizza, and garlic knots served with Marinara sauce. But if you prefer something with a robust taste, don’t miss out on Tyler’s Buffalo chicken bites.


Some pizzerias have different vibes, and which is best will ultimately come down to taste (in both food and atmosphere). There are several other pizzerias in Virginia Beach, VA—some are still good but not covered. Whichever place you visit, we hope we help you figure out the best place to eat.

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