Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes

Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes?

We all know how important it is to recycle our waste. But it’s not always easy to know what can go into your recycling bin. One of the trickier items is something many of us regularly have to deal with – the boxes from takeout pizza. Yes, they’re made of cardboard. But they’re also usually

Can You Eat Pizza That Was Left Out Overnight

Can You Eat Pizza That Was Left Out Overnight?

Okay, let’s be honest. We’ve all, at least once, been tempted to eat leftover pizza that we forgot to refrigerate. Most of us have actually gone ahead and taken a bite, only to end up devouring the entire slice. So, the million-dollar question is: Can you get sick if you eat pizza that was left

Can You Freeze Pizza Dough (Steps & Tricks)

Can You Freeze Pizza Dough? (Steps & Tricks)

Nothing beats the taste of home-baked pizza covered in cheese and a layer of your favorite toppings. Unfortunately, making new dough every time you crave pizza can be a little bit of a hassle because of all the time and work that goes into it. And perhaps this may leave you wondering, can you freeze

Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Oven

Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Oven? (No, It’s Not Safe!)

Reheating a box full of cold pizza is a struggle for the average pizza lover out here. There is this internal war of cutting corners or going through the normal laid down rules for reheating pizza. Do I remove the slices and warm them separately? Do I just throw-in the whole box of pizza and

When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Did you recently undergo a wisdom tooth or teeth extraction? Have you considered what and when to eat? Are you a pizza freak who can’t wait to munch on one after waiting for several days? Well, this post is to inform you on when you can eat pizza after your wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth

Pizza Sauce vs. Marinara What's the Difference

Pizza Sauce vs. Marinara: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to sauce, the use is extensive and can be used alongside different foods from rice to pasta and even as a pizza topping. Tomato sauces are the standard toppings for pizza but what if your pizza was to deviate from the normal tomato sauce to Marinara sauce, would you know the difference?

Can You Eat Pizza When Pregnant

Can You Eat Pizza When Pregnant? (Tips for Consuming)

We all don’t care about our eating pattern, taking in all manner of foods from greens to junks as far as it tastes nice or was recommended by medical practitioners. But all these impulsive eating habits stop immediately when we see those two lines on the stick. Being pregnant is a delicate situation that requires

Can Dogs Eat Pizza

Can Dogs Eat Pizza? Which Ingredient Will Hurt Your Dog?

Picture the scene. You’ve treated yourself to takeout pizza. You’ve ordered some tasty sides too. But it turns out your appetite wasn’t quite as big as you thought. Your dog, on the other hand, is eyeing your leftovers, tongue hanging out! So is it safe to share them? In short – can dogs eat pizza?

Why Is Pizza Called Pie How the Name Originated

Why Is Pizza Called Pie? How the Name Originated?

I am sitting at Gino’s East restaurant in Rosemont, Illinois, when I hear a voice from the loudspeaker, “Ticket number 23, your pie is ready.” At first, I am shocked, and I take another look at my ticket. Yes! It reads 23. So I am thinking by myself, “Wait a minute, did I order a

History of Pizza Delivery

History of Pizza Delivery: When & Where Did Pizza Delivery Start?

We all love the convenience that comes with having a pizza delivered to our doorstep. Whether you’re placing an order by phone or online, you only need to wait for the bell to ring. But do we ever stop to think about how it all started? It turns out pizza delivery is a practice with