27 Cheap Dinner Ideas That Won’T Break The Bank

Tired of stressing over your meal planning budget? We’ve curated a selection of mouth-watering dinner recipes that won’t break the bank. These carefully crafted dishes showcase how affordable ingredients can be transformed into bold flavors, without sacrificing an ounce of taste. By utilizing common and cost-effective staples in innovative ways, you’ll discover new possibilities for making every grocery haul count.

Crunchy Beef Tortilla Folded Wrap

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Indulge in a savory delight by combining ground beef with a tortilla wrap, a match made in culinary heaven. Opt for a large flour tortilla to satisfy your hunger pangs or choose smaller ones for a more modest serving.

One Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

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Indulge in a delightful dinner experience with this easy-to-make taco pasta recipe, which has quickly become one of my go-to options for a satisfying meal. The bold flavors of beef, onion, and garlic shine through in each creamy bite, perfectly complemented by the al dente texture of macaroni noodles.

Ground Beef Stir Fry

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Indulge in the simplicity and wholesomeness of this scrumptious ground beef stir-fry recipe, bursting with freshness from an array of vibrant vegetables and elevated by a delectable homemade garlic-ginger stir-fry sauce.

Chicken Sausage Skewers With Vegetables

In a flash, you can create deliciously flavorful Chicken Sausage Skewers with Vegetables that will impress even the pickiest eaters. This speedy recipe takes under 30 minutes to prepare, making it perfect for busy weeknights or spontaneous gatherings.

Garlic Soy Tofu Steak

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A culinary delight awaits – this pan-fried tofu steak, served alongside a flavorful medley of garlic-soy seasoned bell peppers, offers a harmonious balance of flavors and textures. The dish’s ease and speed of preparation make it an ideal choice for those seeking a quick yet satisfying meal.

Sticky Sesame Chickpeas

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Sesame-tinged chickpeas deliver a delightful harmony of sweetness, nuttiness, and depth, making them an appealing and effortless snack option. Moreover, they offer a significant boost of plant-based protein – a winning combination that’s hard to resist.

Tuna Casserole

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A mouthwatering tuna casserole that’s not only scrumptious but also crafted with wholesome goodness, this dish is a perfect blend of cheesy delight and satisfying comfort food. Its rich flavors make it an ideal choice for a cozy weeknight dinner.

Egg Roll In A Bowl {Crack Slaw}

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Imagine indulging in the rich flavors of egg rolls without the hassle and carb content of traditional wrappers. This game-changing recipe presents a solution by transforming the classic into an effortless one-pan meal, aptly named Egg Roll in a Bowl (Crack Slaw).

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken

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For a quick and easy weeknight dinner that also happens to be perfect for meal prep, look no further than this delicious Instant Pot Salsa Chicken recipe. The best part? You can cook it once and enjoy the leftovers for days to come by freezing them – a true time-saving triumph.

Sprouted Lentil Burgers

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With their delicate texture and rich aroma, these sprouted lentil burgers boast a satisfying contrast in texture – crunchy on the exterior and tender within. The subtle smokiness and earthy undertones further enhance their depth of flavor, making for a truly delightful culinary experience.

Easy Instant Pot Pork Chops

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The allure of these Instant Pot pork chops will undoubtedly reignite your passion for cooking with your electric pressure cooker, a testament to its versatility and convenience. Tender, juicy, and effortlessly cooked to perfection, these boneless pork chops showcase the Instant Pot’s ability to transform even the most mundane ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces.

Mushroom Ragu

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While many may argue that a traditional meat-based ragu is the way to go, I firmly believe that this mushroom ragu pasta sauce is a game-changer. By incorporating an abundance of sautéed mushrooms into the homemade spaghetti sauce, we’re not only creating a vegetarian’s dream come true but also elevating the overall flavor profile to new heights.

Soy Glazed Chicken Thighs

Indulge in the succulent taste of Soy-Glazed Chicken Thighs, where tender meat meets crispy skin. This beloved comfort food requires just four fundamental ingredients, alongside the star of the show – juicy chicken thighs.

Juicy Lemon Herb Chicken Kabobs

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Savory, succulent, and infused with the brightness of lemon and herbs, these marinated lemon herb chicken kabobs boast a delightful balance of flavors and textures. The caramelization process that occurs as they’re grilled to perfection adds a satisfying depth to each bite, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

Stewed Butter Beans

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Indulge in the simplicity of these effortless weeknight butter beans, which boast a refreshing, citrus-infused broth that can be effortlessly adapted to incorporate your favorite vegetables, making mealtime a breeze.

Mediterranean Diet Sheet Pan Fajitas

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A culinary delight that’s as easy to prepare as it is satisfying to eat, these Mediterranean Sheet Pan Fajitas bring together the bold flavors of the Mediterranean region and the convenience of a one-pan meal. Marinated chicken and an assortment of colorful vegetables are cooked to perfection on a single sheet pan, creating a wholesome and nutritious meal that’s perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a weekend gathering with friends and family.

Easy Baked Feta Pasta

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Get ready to be impressed by this delectable baked feta pasta, which has taken the internet by storm on TikTok. With its effortless preparation and explosion of flavors, it’s no wonder this recipe has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of many. Prepare to fall in love with this uncomplicated yet tantalizing dish.

Vegan Kung Pao With Tofu, Vegetables & Cashews

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For a satisfying and flavorful meal that’s free from animal products, Kung Pao tofu is an excellent option. This Chinese-inspired dish not only showcases the versatility of tofu but also presents a fantastic plant-based alternative to traditional meat-based meals. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply looking for a new vegetarian recipe, this mouthwatering tofu creation is sure to impress.

Swedish Meatballs

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Indulge in the authentic flavor of Ikea’s renowned Swedish meatballs by recreating them in your own kitchen, effortlessly replicating the delectable taste that has captured hearts of many.

Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

Experience the unbeatable combination of cauliflower rice and juicy chicken with Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice. This simple yet nutritious recipe is sure to become a new favorite, offering a delightful twist on traditional fried rice dishes.

One Pot Taco Macaroni and Cheese

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Imagine sinking your teeth into a delightful fusion of Mexican and Italian cuisines – a match made in heaven! This taco macaroni and cheese masterpiece brings together the bold flavors of both worlds, with every bite a harmonious blend of spices, cheeses, and pasta. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to prepare, requiring just 30 minutes of cooking time in a single Dutch oven. Perfect for those cozy autumn or winter nights when you’re craving a warm, satisfying meal that will hit the spot.

One Pot Pasta With Spinach And Tomatoes

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A delightful one-pot pasta creation combines the flavors of baby spinach and cherry tomatoes, resulting in a truly satisfying dinner experience. The freshness of these ingredients is sure to impress.

Yummy Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl – 15 Minute Meal

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Pork egg roll in a bowl offers a low-carb twist on the traditional egg rolls, providing a convenient and flavorful alternative to Asian-inspired meals. This straightforward recipe combines ground pork, mixed veggies, and savory flavors, making it an ideal solution for busy weeknights when you need a quick and satisfying dinner. With its one-pan simplicity and 15-minute preparation time, this dish is sure to become a staple in your culinary routine.

Hearty Beef Chili

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Indulge in this quintessential, heartwarming beef chili recipe, reminiscent of mom’s classic dish, boasting a rich, homemade flavor profile that will leave you craving for more.

Italian Meatball Marinara Subs

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For anyone with a taste for the rich flavors of Italy, Italian-style meatball marinara subs are a culinary delight. These satisfying sandwiches boast tender homemade meatballs smothered in a tangy and herby marinara sauce, all nestled within the softness of freshly baked brioche buns. Whether you’re seeking a hearty lunch or a comforting dinner option, these indulgent subs deliver on every level.

Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Indulge in the bold flavors of Thailand with these Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps, where the aroma of sizzling spices meets the freshness of crisp lettuce. In just under 30 minutes, you can treat your family to a mouthwatering meal that’s bursting with flavor and fun.

Air Fryer Hobo Dinner

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For hectic weeknights, this air fryer hobbit dinner recipe is a lifesaver. By combining the flavors of a juicy burger with crispy potatoes, you’ll have a satisfying meal on the table in no time.

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