How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery?

After you order your sumptuous pizza and the delivery person drops it at your doorstep, there is an internal battle over how much to tip them for their services.

Even after tipping, we often feel guilty for tipping too little or regret tipping too much. Given how widespread the tipping dilemma is, this article aims to explain how and when to tip appropriately.

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Tipping is said to have originated from England where overnight guests would leave more for attendants. This gesture has spread around the world and has been widely adopted by several cultures.

Tipping a delivery man is entirely different from tipping a waitress or table attendant in a restaurant. Though they provide almost the same services, the setting they present themselves is different.

Why should I tip?

Tipping is an optional activity to engage in. Your few dollars here and there can go a long way in the lives of these people, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when they risk their lives and disregard social distancing for your comfort.

This Two Cents YouTube video shows why you should tip. Though they receive their hourly wage, the few extra dollars can go a long way into their finances.

How should I tip?

Ensure you always differentiate between the money for the order and the tip.

Handing out to them after payment with a “Here’s a tip for you” quote is better. Quit the “keep the change” attitude as it sounds like you are doing them a favor.

Is Tipping degrading?

Is Tipping degrading

The tipping etiquette is not degrading until you make it so. Tipping does not provide you an environment to disrespect pizza delivery boys nor is it a subtle form of begging. It is just an acknowledgment of services rendered to you. [When & Where Did Pizza Delivery Start?]

Is Tipping mandatory?

Is Tipping mandatory

Tipping is a voluntary act, but consistent avoidance of tips is generally not advised. Bank Rate teaches you the do’s and don’ts of tipping.

If you order from the same food merchandise or establishment, you should tip at least 2 out of 5 times.

So, what are the factors that influence how much you tip your delivery person?

  • Manner of Service: Tipping is all about service, the better the service, the higher the tip. Who would love to tip a rude delivery man who purposely refuses to update you on the arrival of your food or manhandles your pizza package?
  • Your Location: If you live far away from the metropolis, like on the countryside. You should tip well as the stress it takes to get your package deserves some more money.
  • Weather Conditions: You are probably the kind of person who would want to eat a pizza in the middle of a blizzard or heavy rain. This is the best time to use your tip to say thank you for passing through your troubles for my enjoyment.

How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery?

Excluding sentiments, tipping is dependent on the amount of food you bought. Sentiment tipping is a type where you tip according to your subconscious judgment.

It is how your feelings dictate how much you should give out. This is okay when you don’t have an internal battle of mathematical calculations happening inside you.

Aside from sentiment, it is okay to tip 15% of your total amount with the minimum of $2.50, if the service is normal or just okay. This means for an order of $50 you are expected to tip $7-$7.50. If the service is extremely good, a rate of 20% of your total order is good. This means for an order of $100 you should tip $20.

But when you are unsatisfied with the service provided, you can rip 8-10% of your total order or avoid tipping at all.

There are online websites and generators like tip calculators on Google and YouTube videos that will help you calculate how much you need to tip if you are unsure.

How much should I tip for a bulk order?

Assuming you are ordering pizzas for an event and you are confused about what to tip.

The rate should be 10-15% for orders ranging from $100-$199 while orders of $200 and above should have a rate of 15-20%.

This will encompass all the stress and troubles the delivery person would have to go through.

Why should I tip when my order includes delivery charges?

Why should I tip when my order includes delivery charges

All delivery orders include delivery charges, but most of these commercial enterprises keep the charges for themselves. So, most of the time your delivery charges do not go to your delivery man.

Ensure you call the restaurant and inquire about who receives the delivery charges before tipping and if he does make sure it is 10-15% of your charged order. If he doesn’t, kindly tip him.

When should I tip less than the stated rates?

When should I tip less than the stated rates

Some conditions can make you tip less than usual and they include;

  • Lateness: There are some deliberate lateness and some accidental ones. But the lateness depends on how late. If your delivery is more than 20-25 minutes late, then you should tip less.
  • Bad Handling: If your pizza order was mishandled by the driver, you can tip less. No one wants badly presented food.
  • Behavior: If your delivery man is behaving badly towards you for example, when they arrive late and complain to you rather than apologizing or explaining the reason for the lateness. You should launch a complaint to the company about your service experience if you feel the need to do so.

How does tipping help?

How does tipping help

Delivery personnel are not paid minimum wages, but rather server wages. This is because their wages are typically lower than the standard minimum wage by about $4-5. Your tips are what they use to round up their wages to the minimum wage.

Servers and waiters are most times paid more than delivery men. Delivery is more than “here is your food”, it takes a lot of effort from moving from A to B with a package, it involves a lot of time, skills with automobiles, extra carefulness, and more.

Sometimes most delivery men use their cars. In conclusion, tipping goes a long way in their finances. How Stuff Works provides more insight on tipping.

What happens if I don’t tip my pizza delivery man?

What happens if I don't tip my pizza delivery man

Normally, nothing should happen when you don’t tip the delivery man. But if it occurs consistently from this same food company, word gets around amongst delivery men and they can purposely deliver your food badly.

Your soda might be shaken purposely or when they are delivering orders, they put your own to the last. They might use the time to do other convenient things for themselves such as eat or rest and purposely deliver your pizza late and cold.

Sometimes your order might be messed up intentionally and you get an unpresentable pizza package. Tipping is like a culture in the United States and not tipping is synonymous with an insult.

So, in short, don’t insult your pizza delivery men.

How much do delivery men earn?

Depending on the company, Payscale estimates that delivery personnel earn $4-7 per hour. (How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?)

Sometimes they earn according to mileage. The higher the number of miles driven, the higher the amount of money earned.

Should I tip if my order was mixed up?

No, you shouldn’t tip if your order was mixed up. This is the fault of the person in charge of orders and not the delivery man.

You can later complain to the delivery man who will later relay it to the complaint center.

Do I still need to tip if my order was online?

Tipping is not dependent on how you order your pizza. Tipping is the extra money you give to appreciate the services rendered to you.

Since you paid online, it is best to tip in cash. Most delivery men accept line transfers like cash app, Payoneer, or PayPal.

Should I tip differently if I ordered from a delivery app?

Should I tip differently if I ordered from a delivery app

Whether you order from a chain restaurant like Domino’s or Pizza Hut, or online delivery apps like Uber Eats, Jumia, or Doordash, it is courteous to tip.

What do I do if I’m confronted for not tipping?

Voice out your displeasure on their actions and give them reasons why they were not tipped. But, ensure they are tipped the next time they arrive.

But if the confrontation persists, complain to customer service about their workers’ behavior or rate them poorly on their customer service survey.

Can I tip with a card?

If you are paying with a credit card, call beforehand and provide your credit card number.

A receipt is usually presented and on it is a section for tipping. Calculate your total amount with the tip and sign.

Bottom Line

Tipping is the monetary acknowledgment for a service done. Though not mandatory, it is courteous to do so. It conveys a silent message to the deliverer.

Never tip an amount that you’re uncomfortable with or that you’ll regret later. The essence of a tip is to reflect the kind of service you are given not to hurt your wallet.

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