Red or White Wine With Pizza: How To Combine The Best Wine With Pizza?

Is there a person on this planet that doesn’t love pizza? Probably not. No one can resist the thin crust, tomato sauce on top, and melted cheese, combined with all your favorite toppings. Try and eat only one slice; I dare you!

What’s better than pizza? Probably your favorite pizza combined with your favorite bottle of wine. Everybody loves the wine and pizza union because it tastes like heaven, only if you know how to combine them. The get the ultimate deliciousness and enjoyment, you have to know what type of wine complements pizza the best.

There isn’t only a straightforward rule when combining these two, and everything depends on your pizza’s toppings. So, it’s time to make a white or red wine subscription and learn how to combine your favorite red and white wine bottle with the most popular pizza choices.

The Best Red Wine With Pizza

Today, red wine is made using the same methods people used 6000 years ago. Red wine is made from fermenting whole grapes and the grape skins and juice. The wine’s skin is what gives the wine its color and flavor. Some winemakers do a cold soaking process, where they cool the mixture of skins, juice, and seeds to provide the wine with extra flavor.

For the wine to be ready to be sold, it needs to age first. Winemakers usually age red wine in oak barrels because that gives red wine a more traditional taste. Once the wine is matured, it goes under a process of filtering, and lastly, it’s bottled and ready to be combined with pizza. If you’re unsure which red wine goes perfectly with pizza, we will help you taste heaven.

Sweet Red Wine: Perfect With Meaty Pizza

Sweet red wines such as Sangiovese and barbera are traditional, light red wines made from Italian grapes. These wine types are more delicate and contain sour cherry and strawberry notes. All kinds of sweet red wines are perfectly combined with extra meaty pizzas. The meat in the pizza combined with the tannins in the red wine makes it the ultimate delicious combination.

Acidic Red Wine: Excellent With Cheesy Pizza

Acidity is essential in winemaking, and it occurs in all types of wine. Acidity is vital because it balances the flavor, and without it, wine would taste heavy and unbalanced. Red wines such as Syrah and Grenache, which are considered acidic wines, are best combined with cheesy pizzas. The acidity in these types of wine matches perfectly with cheesy pizzas because it offsets the buttery cheese.

Classic Red Wine: Perfect Combination With Veggie Pizza

Classic wines are consistent, and wine professionals from around the world love them. Traditional red wine such as Pinot noir and veggie pizza make the ultimate tasty combination. The deliciously cooked vegetables such as spinach, onions, peppers, and broccoli, topped with melted cheese, are perfect with a glass of classic red wine, such as Pinot Noir.

Fruity Red Wine: The Ultimate Addition to Your Pepperoni And Mushroom Pizza

Fruit red wines are light red wines that contain a fruity note of taste. Fruity red wines such as Zinfandel or Syrah combined with pepperoni and mushroom pizza will give you the ultimate culinary pleasure. The acidity in Zinfandel tones the acidity in tomato sauce and balances out the taste of pepperoni. The Syrah has a more berry-flavored taste, making it the perfect combination with pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

The Best White Wine With Pizza

The Best White Wine With Pizza

White wine is made from grapes whose skin is removed before fermentation. White white usually has a note of citrus fruits, which gives the wine a lighter expression. White wines with a more intensive taste contain orchid fruit notes, such as apples, pears, etc. White wine comes in many varieties, making it the perfect addition to a slice of your favorite pizza.

Classical White Wine: Excellent With Veggie Pizza and Salad Pizza

Classical white wines such as Sauvignon Blank have a more strong and crip flavor and go well with veggie pizza. Pizzas that contain a variety of vegetables such as zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, and olives match perfectly with the taste of white wines. Salad pizzas with lots of green salads, such as arugula, baby spinach, and feta cheese, paired with a glass of dry white wine, make the perfect dinner combo.

Dry White Wine: The Ultimate Combination With Margherita

Crust topped with mozzarella cheese, olive oil, tomatoes, and basil makes the Margherita pizza the favorite among pizza lovers. This type of pizza originated in Italy, but it’s the most popular pizza around the globe. The simplicity is toppings gives this pizza the ultimate taste, and combining it with dry white wine, will provide you with the ultimate pleasure.

Rosé Wine: Combine It With Hawaiian Pizza and Taste Perfections

Hawaiian pizza is a unique pizza among the crowd. Although not many people like it, Hawaiin pizza has a fan base from all around the world. The ham, melted cheese, and chunks of fresh pineapple on top go perfectly with a glass of rosé wine.


Pizza is the most popular dish globally, and wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage. You can’t get wrong when mixing the two most famous things in the world. Combining your favorite pizza and preferred wine will give you the ultimate culinary pleasure. So, combine them wisely and expect to taste heaven! If you’re interested in specific wine recommendations for combining them with your favorite pizzas, you can find many valuable articles that will help you learn more.

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