The Ultimate Guide To Cutting Pizza Into Different Slices

Are you a home baker, a chef, or a food enthusiast wondering how to cut a pizza into different slices? If you do, this ultimate guide can show you the way from the classic slicing method to the most fun and interesting techniques you’ll ever encounter. End the crooked lines and messed-up toppings today by learning the art of cutting pizza.

how to cut pizza in different slices

Essential Tools for Cutting Pizza

A good pizza slice would not be complete without the appropriate tools. And as experts say: the sharper, the better! So pick your weapon before you charge in you’re freshly baked treat.

  • Pizza Wheel: Channel your inner Pizzaiolo with a classic pizza cutter wheel. It is foolproof and provides less chance for the cheese to stick while rolling.
  • Pizza Rocker: A fun and exciting way to cut a pizza is through a pizza rocker. Provide a firm push with a rocking motion of the tool, and you’ll get a clean-cut appearance.
  • Large Chef’s Knife: It’s no question that knives are available in your kitchen arsenals. Choose one that resembles the shape of the pizza rocker. But if it is small enough, just stick to the old-fashion slicing.
  • Kitchen Shears: No knife? No pizza cutter? No problem! A kitchen shear will do if you feel quirkiness flowing inside you. Cut it the same way as any other technique, and done!
  • Cutting Board: Don’t let your baking pan get battle marks from slicing. Instead, transfer your pizza to a cutting board for a firmer slice.

A Quick Guide Before Cutting Your Pizza

Cutting Your Pizza

Imagine a 6-inch pizza cut into ten slices. The thought alone is enough to tell it would be a flop. So, save yourself the trouble and keep this guide in mind instead.

Pizza Size Slices Serving
4 to 8 inches 4 1
8 to 10 inches 6 1 to 2
12-inches 8 2 to 4
14-inches 10 3 to 5
16 to 18 inches 12 4 to 6

Before you cut a pizza, it is wise to consider the diameter and number of people eating. Of course, you don’t want one of your guests getting all the crust. Now let’s get slicing!

Classic Pizza Slicing Methods

How To Cut 4 Equal Pizza Slices

How To Cut 4 Equal Pizza Slices

A personal pizza, from the name itself, serves one person. It usually has a diameter between 4 to 8 inches, cut into four. It’s also pretty simple to do! You only need two cuts to get it done.

  1. Slice the pizza in half vertically, ensuring you’re cutting in the middle.
  2. Slice the pizza in half horizontally.


How To Cut 6 Equal Pizza Slices

How To Cut 6 Equal Pizza Slices

A small pizza is suitable for two kids or one adult. It usually has a diameter of 8 to 10 inches, cut into six. To have equal slices, you need to cut the pizza thrice in half.

  1. Slice the pizza in half vertically.
  2. Slightly turn the board, and slice it in half again.
  3. Turn the board in the opposite direction. For the third time, slice it in half.


How To Cut 8 Equal Pizza Slices

How To Cut 8 Equal Pizza Slices

Medium pizza is the most commonly served for small-size families. It has a diameter of 12 inches that is cut into eight slices. To do even cuts, you need to slice the pizza in half four times.

  1. Cut the pizza into four slices first.
  2. Slightly turn the board, and cut it in half.
  3. Turn the board in the opposite direction, and cut again.


How To Cut 10 Equal Pizza Slices

How To Cut 10 Equal Pizza Slices

Large pizza has different measurements depending on the country you’re in. But usually, it has a diameter of 14 inches cut into 10 slices. To achieve that amount, you need to cut the pizza in half five times.

  1. Slice the pizza in half.
  2. Turn the pizza to 30-degree, then slice.
  3. Turn another 30 degrees, then slice again.
  4. Repeat until you get two more half slices.


How To Cut 12 Equal Pizza Slices

How To Cut 12 Equal Pizza Slices

An extra large pizza always gets the party going! But if you’re worried about getting the wrong number of slices, don’t fret because it’s easier than it sounds.

  1. Slice the pizza into four sections.
  2. Slice each section into three equal parts.

For you to visualize the pattern, watch this video:

Unique and Fun Pizza Slicing Styles

We know that triangle slice is proven by time and science, but have you tried other unique pizza slices? Sometimes, going out of the ordinary leads us to something more wondrous than what we expected. Maybe you’ll love the idea of uneven lines and unusual sizes! So, if you’re up for some exploration, why not try these two fun pizza-slicing styles?

Strip Slices

Strip Slices pizza

It sounds uncanny to cut your pizza into several strips but trust us, it makes sense! If you love dipping your pizza in sauces, choosing strip slices would be the best option. Not only is it easy to grab, but you also get more slices than triangle ones.

Ranch dressing, garlic sauce, marinara sauce, and BBQ sauce are a few sauce ideas you can try for your next pizza night.

There are no strict rules as to how to do the strip slice. But here’s a method you can follow:

  1. Slice the pizza vertically. Best to start in the middle, then work your way to the edges.
  2. Slice horizontally to make the strips shorter.


Party Cut

cut pizza in Strip Slices

Party-cut or square-cut pizza is one of the most controversial types of all. And if you tried it yourself, you know already the challenge if you’re the first one to pick (unless you get the one in the middle). Either you’ll give everyone a good laugh or a not-so-great impression.

While many loathe the cut, there’s always an exception. A deep-dish pizza like Chicago style can hold a hefty weight with a square cut. Because of its even edges, it can support heavy toppings, unlike the narrow tip of a triangle slice.

To do a square cut:

  1. Begin with one horizontal and one vertical slice.
  2. Do two to four cuts on each side of the initial slice, creating a lattice of pizza cuts.

The Best Pizza Cut: Monohedral Disc Tiles

Monohedral Disc Tiles pizza

There’s no doubt that the conventional triangle slice favors the consumers as well as the pizzerias. But have you imagined if the pizza-cutting was done by a mathematician?

The answer: They’d be eager to explore all the possibilities to arrive at the best possible conclusion. Thus, the creation of Monohedral Disc Tiles pizza cut.

What Is Monohedral Disc Tiling?

Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley – both British mathematicians – thought of a fair way to slice  Margherita. That is through a method called Monohedral tiling. It means all the slices are the same shape despite their curved cut. Since they released their paper, many news sites coined it the best pizza cut based on science.

But behind all the rainbows and butterflies, there is a slight drawback with this method. Some slices are predominantly crust. So, it’s no question that somebody would feel that they got the short end of the stick.

While many find it ridiculous to apply it in the real world, there are still a few who sees it as an art form. If you’re one of the latter, we’ve provided the steps so you can try it at home.

How To Do Monohedral Disc Tiles Cut

At first glance, you might question if it gives you an equal cut. But these math heads prove it is possible (although it can take years to master).

To achieve this harmonious cut:

  1. Slice the pizza into six monohedral disk tiles.
  2. Slice the first six sections in half.
  3. Repeat the process until you get mini-slices.

You can watch this video to give you a better idea of the slicing technique:

When Should You Cut The Pizza?

Some say to cut the pizza the second it is out of the oven. Others recommend waiting a few minutes before slicing. Like a glove, it’s not one size fits all. First, you need to consider the tool you’re using. You can review the first part of this article to refresh your memory about the pizza equipment.

If you plan to use pizza wheels or rockers, it is best to cut the pizza immediately. Waiting too long can harden the base and will be grueling to cut.

If you prefer a knife or a scissor, wait at least 3 minutes for it to cool down. This will prevent the cheese and topping from sticking and creating a mess.

Most importantly – whatever tool you’re using – keep it sharp for a cleaner cut.


Understanding how to cut a pizza into equal slices can be tricky on your first try. The right tools, the diameter of the pizza, and the serving amount are a few points to consider before diving in.

Once you settle in with all the information, it’s time to put the skill to the test. Don’t worry if the toppings go all over the place. You can always reassess what went wrong afterward.

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