34 Best Low-calorie Pizza Recipes

Restricting your diet strictly can take a toll on you; especially if you’re never giving yourself a break! We suggest mindful eating instead. If you’re craving a pizza, have that delicious, cheesy, saucy bite, but hey – bake it low-calorie!

low calorie pizza

Here, we’ll share 34 mouth-watering low-calorie pizza options with you. Are these pizzas delicious? Yes. But do these pizzas hamper your diet plan as significantly as they are notorious for? Absolutely not! Let’s dive deep and find out more about these fantastic recipes!

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1. ONLY 50 Calories PIZZA! LOW-CALORIE PIZZA RECIPE / 50 cal per slice!

Surprised to see a 50 calories pizza recipe? Well, to add up to your excitement – this recipe takes you 5 minutes only! The two-ingredient dough only requires self-rising flour and low-fat milk. Loved by so many viewers, this recipe has the full potential to be one of your favorite pizza recipes!




This low-carb pizza recipe by My Montana Kitchen uses almond flour to make the crust. Don’t worry about the taste – it tastes just as delicious as regular pizzas. You can also use almond flour, coconut flour, and flax meal mixture to lower the calorie further.


3. Low Carb Protein Pizza! | Only 228 Calories and 12g Carbs in the WHOLE Pizza!

If you’re trying to tackle the ‘pizza craving’, this low-carb protein pizza does the job! However, many comments have mentioned that the pizza kind of tastes omelet-y. So, if you’re not a fan of omelets, steer clear of this recipe!


4. Low-calorie Pepperoni Pizza


Here’s a 135 calories per slice pizza recipe for you! If you feel the calorie number is still too high, you have to know that this pizza uses a flour-based (all-purpose) crust, i.e., it’s bound to taste like the real deal!


5. HIGH PROTEIN LOW CAL PROTEIN PIZZA (350 cal for FULL PIZZA) Delicious easy & quick anabolic recipe

No cauliflower, no coconut flour, no oat flour; in short, this recipe doesn’t include any flo(u/we)r at all! Make your pizza base using egg whites instead! What’s more, the praises in the comment section will definitely make you want to try this recipe out.


6. Healthy Pizza (only 350 calories)


Do you want a quick recipe for a healthy yet delicious pizza? If yes, skip the lengthy dough-making process altogether, and opt for a flatbread pizza instead! In this recipe, you’ll find a variety of flatbread pizza topping options to try from.



If you want to have a protein-packed pizza, this pizza recipe is the perfect way to go! The use of low-fat mozzarella reduces the overall calorie. We couldn’t find any calorie information for the recipe but, the pizza looked really delicious!


8. Skinny Homemade Pizza


The total calorie count per serving for this pizza recipe is only 190! This skinny pizza takes around 15 mins to prepare and is very rich in vitamin-A. To increase the overall protein content, tweak the recipe a little by adding chicken pieces on the top.


9. 6 Healthy Pizza Recipes For Weight Loss

If you’re dedicated to shedding some pounds, this video will be a big help to you. From carrot to zucchini crust pizzas, crust varieties are really amusing. However, if you cannot let go of the taste and texture of regular pizzas, these recipes might be a huge disappointment.


10. Margherita Flatbread | Easy and Healthy


Wholewheat flour is comparatively healthier since it retains more fiber and nutrients, although its calorie density is similar to white flour. This wholewheat Margherita flatbread pizza is only 190 calories per serving, which can be significantly lower than many regular pizzas.


11. How to make a lower calorie Personal Pizza that still tastes good.

If you’re tired of sewing same-old pizza dough substitutions that are nowhere near the real deal, this recipe is for you! Here, you’ll get to know more about dough hydration and where you can reasonably cut down calories to make low-calorie pizzas that still taste delicious.


12. Best Healthy Pizza


The calorie count per slice of this healthy pizza is only 96! Homemade thin crust, a lot of veggies, and limited cheese make this pizza super-healthy. To find out a few more tips for making the best healthy pizza, head over to the recipe.


13. ONLY 37 Calories PIZZA! Low-calorie, High Protein HEALTHY Pizza Recipe (per slice)

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to compromise on the taste, you don’t have to go overboard to find different substitutions for the pizza dough. Simple yet mindful substitutions of ingredients make a whole lot of difference. Here’s one excellent recipe!


14. The 170 Calorie Ham & Mushroom Pizza


170 calories per pizza slice! How insane is that? The secret – use a Lo-Dough pizza base. Lo-Dough is entirely made up of protein and fiber and is your answer to creating amazing low-calorie recipes. If you’re intrigued to know more about Lo-Dough, head over to the site immediately!


15. 100 CAL PROTEIN PIZZA IN 10 MINUTES (No oven needed) Easy Low-calorie, Low Carbs Anabolic Recipe

Make a 100 calorie protein pizza in under 10 minutes! This recipe features an egg-white crust, and the best part is that you don’t even need an oven to make this pizza. The comment section is full of appreciation and positivity; this recipe definitely seems like a hit!


16. 400 Calorie Protein Pizza


Why suffer your tastebuds just to cut down a few calories off your pizza? We’d say eat it less frequently, but make each bite count! Though the calorie count for this recipe is 408, which is not that low, it is still much healthier than regular pizzas.


17. Low Cal Dominos Large Cheese Pizza Tutorial in Less than 4 Mins

This recipe might be one you’re interested in. The overall calorie count for this pizza recipe is 502; if divided into eight slices, this would be around 62.75 calories per slice. And the pizza turns out to be mouthwateringly cheesy! Make sure to check this recipe out!




Low-calorie cauliflower pizza is quite famous amongst dieters. Well, here’s a fantastic recipe for you! This gluten-free large-sized cauliflower pizza serves two people, with a calorie count of approximately 240 calories per person. Isn’t that great?


19. The Best Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe That Won’t Fall Apart

Despite being a heavy favorite among the low-calorie pizza base options available, cauliflower crusts are notorious for falling apart, aren’t they? Well, to your rescue, here’s a recipe for a cauliflower pizza crust that won’t fall apart!




There’s nothing to not like about this healthy pan pizza. It’s vegan, gluten-free, paleo, low carb, and most importantly, the calorie count is only 175! And the best part is that the recipe will be ready in 10 minutes!


21. ANABOLIC DEEP DISH PIZZA | Low-calorie High Protein Bodybuilding Pizza Recipe

The Youtuber says, “If you follow this recipe step-by-step, you’ll make a pizza that tastes just like you’ve ordered it straight from the Pizza hut!”. And, if you want to skip on the dough-making process altogether, there’s also a ready-made low-calorie pizza base option mentioned in the video.


22. Cauliflower Pizza Crust


It seems like this cauliflower pizza crust recipe is the favorite of many. I’m not making it up; the reviews speak for themselves! You can also find plenty of toppings options in this post. The two slices of this cauliflower pizza (crust only!) have a calorie count of 96.


23. HIGH PROTEIN, LOW-CALORIE PIZZA FOR ABS AND WEIGHT LOSS! Healthy junk food recipes. Macro friendly

Are you trying to lose some pounds and gain some muscles instead? If yes, you should definitely try out this high-protein, low-calorie pizza recipe. Here, you’ll find three different recipes; a large pizza recipe with a calorie count of less than 500 and the other two recipes for two mini-pizzas.




Whenever in a dilemma, make this 587 calorie cauliflower crust pizza! With 81 grams of proteins in total, this pizza recipe will be an absolute delight to all the fitness freaks out there. Do you want to know the best part of this recipe? There’s also a video tutorial attached for you!


25. HEALTHY PIZZA that is actually the real deal (under 20 minutes from scratch!)

Okay, we get that not everybody is a fan of cauliflower crust pizza! Well, here’s another fantastic option for you. This healthy pizza is made using oat flour crust, and its two slices account for 121 calories only. The vibe in the comment section is incredibly encouraging.


26. Low Cal Pizza


Switching all-purpose flour with whole wheat for the pizza base can make a whole lot of difference in terms of nutritional value. Here’s a recipe for 240 calorie whole wheat pizza! This recipe takes 1.5 hours to make and serves 4 people.


27. CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST | best low-carb + keto pizza crust

Are you on a keto diet? If yes, this cauliflower pizza crust recipe is perfect for you! The Youtuber gives her viewers a heads up that a cauliflower crust will not be as crispy as regular crusts. However, the recipe definitely looks promising, and we’d highly recommend you to check it out!




While cauliflower pizza crusts are a great way to incorporate more veggies into pizzas, the process is quite challenging. On the other hand, these paleo crusts are extremely easy to make. Choose the recipe depending upon the flour type (coconut/ oats/ almond) you want to use for the pizza crust.


29. 5 Low-calorie Pizzas | Simple High Protein Recipes

From bagel pizzas to shrimp pizzas, you’ll find all different types of easy-to-make low-calorie pizzas here! If you’re not into cooking, you can also find two store-bought pizza options that are quite decent on calories in this video.


30. Weight Watchers Pizza Dough


The food blogger has claimed that this weight watcher’s pizza crust tastes just like a traditional crust! You don’t have to wait for the dough to rise, and the entire recipe is only 520 calories. The only downside is that the dough can be quite sticky and extremely difficult to work with.


31. Low Carb Pizza Crust (1 Ingredient) | Vegan, Grain-Free, Nut-Free, Oil-Free

This vegan pizza crust recipe is truly unique! The only ingredient required for the recipe is the legumes of your choice. The Youtuber promises that this pizza crust is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. We’d highly recommend you give this excellent recipe at least a try!




You have to check the comment section of this recipe; it is flooded with 5-stars and appreciation! The major ingredients for the base are eggs, cheese, cream, and seasonings. Many have claimed that this is by far the tastiest low-carb pizza they’ve ever had! Desperate to try, aren’t you?


33. Thin Crust 9” Pizza – 260 Calories with real ingredients + what’s baker’s percentage?

Bake a 260 calories delicious pizza using real pizza ingredients! The base uses type 00 flour, and the Youtuber also prepares the pizza sauce all by himself. This former professional cook also teaches his viewers about baker’s percentage. If you love baking, this tip will come in real handy!


34. How To Make Low-Calorie High Protein Pan Pizza (600 Calorie Pizza Hut Pan Pizza)

While the typical pizza hut 9 inches pizza is 1400 calories, here’s a recipe if you want to enjoy the low-calorie version instead. The Youtuber uses a high hydration dough to lower the flour amount that goes into the dough, resulting in a low-calorie dough. Pretty smart, isn’t it?



While we all drool over ready-made pizzas, their calorie count can go as high as 1800-1900. If you could tackle the pizza craving by baking one for yourself using healthy ingredients, you would rightfully do so, wouldn’t you?

We hope to have made it much easier for you to choose the right recipe with this list. Which of these recipes do you find the most promising one to tackle your pizza craving?

34 Best Low-calorie Pizza Recipes



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