31 Best Pizza Bites Recipes

There’s no denying that we all love pizzas. And pizza-inspired snacks? We love them equally, if not more! What’s not to like? These are fun to make, fun to decorate, and fun to share!

pizza bites

If you’re looking for such a fun pizza snack recipe, pizza bites will not disappoint you! In this post, we’ll be reviewing 31 amazing pizza bites recipes.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive deep and find the perfect pizza bite recipe for you!

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1. Pepperoni Pizza Bites Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 563

Invited guests over for a party? These pepperoni pizza bites will make a great starter! Bake them together if you want that fluffiness on the sides or separate if you don’t want all that pull-apart hassle! For the complete instructions, including measurements, visit Laura in the kitchen.




If you’re trying to incorporate more veggies into your snack routine, these mini eggplant pizza bites recipe is perfect for you. These pizza bites are gluten-free and can be made dairy-free.

The blogger from Gathered Nutrition has topped eggplant bases with vegan cheese. Follow the recipe as it is, or use different toppings to create variations.


3. PIZZA BITES! Make-Ahead & Freeze PIZZA recipe! Mini Pizzas / Snack Pizzas

When you invite guests over, there can be a lot of last-minute chores. From cleaning and putting everything in place to cooking different appetizers and mains, it can be a lot!

The solution? Emma’s Goodies has a great recipe for you! The best part about this pizza bites recipe is that it can be frozen. Once your guests arrive, pop them into the oven and serve them some piping-hot cheesy pizza bites.


4. Cheesy Surprise-Me Pizza Bites


Surprise your kids with the surprise-me pizza bites! Each pizza bite can be stuffed with different topping combinations.

Once baked into golden perfection, stretched, and devoured, your kids will immediately be eager to know what’s in the next stuffed pizza ball. How fun!


5. Super Easy PIZZA BITES! 🍕 | The Best Mini Pizza Recipe (With Homemade Pizza Dough)

These pizza snacks can be made quick and easy using store-bought doughs. However, the satisfaction of baking something from scratch for your loved ones is unparalleled. So, follow this recipe by Nefis TV to make the dough from scratch for your pizza bites.


6. Pizza Bites Appetizer with Pepperoni + video


Making pizza dough can be hectic. With the leavening time, when you have to let the yeast rise, not once but twice for recipes, it can also be quite time-consuming. And, if you’re the impatient type, this recipe by The Slow roasted Italian is a lifesaver!

Make a batter by following the directions given in this post and bake the pizza bites in muffin cups. How easy is that?


7. No Oven Veg Mini Pizza | Quick Mini Pan Pizza Recipe | IPL Snack Idea ~ The Terrace Kitchen

These veggie mini-pizzas are perfect for your kids’ snack breaks! No doubt adults will be drooling over these pizza bites too! Let your dough rest for 10-15 mins, and you’re good to go. Bake the bites in an oven or in a pan as you see fit. Either way, they’ll come out delicious!




If your kids start playing hide and seek whenever they see veggies on their plates, these zucchini pizza bites are the perfect way to trick them into eating veggies. Zucchini slices covered in breadcrumbs and topped with molten mozzarella. Who wouldn’t love that?


9. pizza hut cheesy bites pizza recipe || Cheesy bites pizza|| Pizza recipe

Having a small get-together of friends and family? Why not treat them with delicious cheesy pizza bites? This recipe has a cheesy center surrounded by fluffy and crispy pizza dough stuffed with cheese along the circumference. A perfect dish to bond over!


10. inMi pizzas recipe | pizza bites recipe | mini pizza recipe on tawa


If you have run out of yeast, here’s a perfect recipe for you! This recipe uses baking powder and baking soda as the raising agents.

Prepare the toppings as directed in the recipe, or keep it simple with mozzarella and pizza sauce. This recipe prepares 9 delicious pizza bites; size up the measurements if you want to make more.


11. Vegan Pizza Bites Recipe (Easy)

In this vegan-friendly space, there’s no way we wouldn’t include vegan-friendly recipes! Make finger-licking good vegan pizza bites by following this recipe by The Vegan Zombie. Remember that the recipe of the dough used in making these bites is given in his crescent roll recipe tutorial.


12. Paleo Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Bites Recipe


Snack healthy with these flavorful low carb cauliflower pizza bites! Kids or adults, everyone will love it! If you’re having your gluten-free friends over, they’ll love it too!

Increase or decrease the serving size in the recipe card to get your hands on a customized easy-to-follow recipe.


13. How to Make Cauliflower Pizza Bites | Snack Recipes | Allrecipes.com

Cauliflower not only makes perfect low-carb crusts for those on keto but can also be used to make healthy low-carb pizza-inspired snacks. For instance, have a look at this cauliflower pizza bites recipe. Easy and quick to prepare, these bites will taste heavenly when served with a marinara dip.


14. Gluten-Free Pizza Bites


Easy to put together and ready in minutes, this gluten-free pizza bites recipe is on its way to becoming your snack-time favorite! You can opt to make these gluten-free pizza bites dairy-free and even egg-free. More details in this blog post by Gluten-free on a Shoestring!


15. Zucchini Pizza Bites | Low Carb Pizza Bites

Looking for a low-carb and zero-guilt recipe? Look no further than this zucchini pizza bites recipe by MOMables – Laura Fuentes. Load the zucchini slices with cheese and your favorite toppings and relish them!


16. Easy Pepperoni Cheese Stuffed Pizza Bites


Stuffed pizza bites are a cut above other pizza bites recipes! The fun to open them, the cheese pull, and the flavor burst in the mouth; stuffed pizza bites deserve all the hype! Here’s one easy yet fantastic recipe for pepperoni cheese-stuffed pizza bites. Try it – you’ll love it!


17. Mini Pizza Easy Recipe|Pizza Bites with Homemade Dough| Bakery Style Mini Pizza by @Cucina di Ammara

This recipe by Cucina di Ammara results in 14 lip-smacking mini pizzas. Here’s how you do it – knead a pizza dough from scratch, cut it into small circles, top it with sauce, cheese, and any toppings you desire, and bake it into golden perfection. Easy peasy!




Even if you’re just a beginner in cooking, you can easily bake some low-carb, gluten-free mini chicken pizza bites by following this recipe blog on Divalicious Recipes.

The mini pizza bases are made using chicken, egg, and cheeses combined, while the only toppings used are good-quality pizza sauce and grated mozzarella.


19. Make and freeze Pizza Bites/ Mini pizza Ramadan Recipe By Kitchen Corner

Bake and relish these mini chicken pizza bites right away, or freeze them for days when you feel lazy, but your tastebuds decide to give you a hard time, and you start craving a cheesy bite like crazy. You can store these pizza bites in the freezer for up to a month. How great is that?


20. ATTA PIZZA BITES! Mini Pizza for Kids | Quick and Easy Mini Pizza Recipe

Atta means whole-wheat flour in Hindi. So, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to all-purpose flour pizza bites, follow this recipe by PeppyFood to make whole-wheat pizza bites. This recipe is healthy, quick and easy to make, and a perfect appetizer for kids birthday parties.


21. Keto Pepperoni Pizza Bites {0 Net Carbs}


Who here loves pepperoni? Well, we do! And we’re already drooling over these pepperoni pizza bites!

Bake the pepperoni slices in a mini muffin pan until crispy, and add pizza sauce and cheese on top of them. Pop them once again into the oven until the cheese is bubbly and molten. And that’s it! No dough-making hassle, just a simple and easy-to-follow yet brilliant recipe.


22. Homemade Pizza Bites for kids| Chicken Pizza Bites | Make and freeze Mini pizza

Instead of using thin pizza dough circles, this Youtuber from Happy Moms has used a bit thicker doughs to make fluffy muffin-like pizza bites. You don’t have to roll the dough and cut the circle in this recipe. Simply take small dough balls and make some space for the toppings in the middle.


23. Cauliflower Pizza Bites


Handling large cauliflower crusts can be daunting if you’re new to making keto pizzas. So why not start by making these small easy-to-make cauliflower pizza bites? Combine cauliflower with cheese and toppings as directed and bake the mixture in muffin cups. Super easy!


24. Pizza Puff Bites Recipe | McDonald’s Style Pizza McPuff Recipe

If you love stuffed pizza bites, you’ll definitely love these puff bites too! Make the dough from scratch as shown in the video, or simply use store-bought dough in case you’re feeling lazy yet productive.

If you don’t want to deep fry these bites like in the video, oven-baking them would be a better alternative.


25. Stuffed Pizza Bites


These stuffed pizza bites are a treat to both your eyes as well as palate. Plenty of spices, herbs, and cheeses are used in this quick and easy-to-make recipe. Bacon and pepperoni are used as the toppings. If you want a meat-free recipe, feel free to opt for veggie toppings.


26. Stuffed Pizza Bites Recipe without Oven | Pizza Dinner Roll | Evening Snacks Idea | Toasted

Toasted has come up with a stuffed pizza bites recipe, and it’s a sure hit for your next family/friends get-together. Don’t believe us? Check the comment section for yourself! It is filled with appreciative words – ‘Awesome’, ‘Delicious’, “Mouthwatering’; the list goes on!


27. Zucchini Pizza Bites


If you have zucchini, marinara sauce, and mozzarella ready in your kitchen, look no further than this zucchini pizza bites recipe by Food Network.

You don’t necessarily have to be on a low-carb diet to eat zucchini pizzas. Making delicious pizzas minus the dough-making and leavening hassle? Yes, please!


28. Mini Pizza Recipe | Mini Pizza Bites | Quick and Easy Beef Pizza with pizza sauce.

How would you like pizza bites topped with minced beef cooked in spicy gravy and mozzarella? I’m sure you’d love it! Here’s a recipe for the aforementioned heavenly deliciousness. Find all the ingredients and the measurements in the description box.


29. Mini Pizza Bites – cooking with kids


If your kids have an insatiable appetite, just like this blogger’s,, we’re sure they’d love to partake in making these amazing mini pizza bites. Let them decorate the dough with the toppings of their own choice, and you can decorate your own! Here, the blogger uses some pepperonis and chopped mushroom.


30. Pizza bites | 5-minute recipe | Biscuits with Topping | MONACO BISCUITS SNACK RECIPE

If your kids are yelling that they’re hungry, this recipe is a life-saver! Top any salty or spicy biscuit you have with sauce, cheeses, and toppings and bake them for around 3-4 minutes. That’s it; the biscuit pizzas are ready!




The topic is apt! Who would be able to stop themselves at just one pizza bite, especially when the bites look so tempting? Ready in just 35 mins, this recipe yields 34 mini pizza bites. The recipe is elaborate. So, if you’re a beginner at making pizza bites, this recipe might be the one for you.



Surprise your friends and family with stuffed pizza bites, or simply make some lazy and quick biscuit bites. Kids or adults, we guarantee everybody will drool over these recipes!

Now, the ball’s in your court! Put a smile on your as well as your loved one’s faces by making some delish pizza bites. And let us know how you liked it!

31 Best Pizza Bites Recipes



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