How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make? (Chart)

Pizza delivery drivers exist since the first pizzeria in the US has opened. Even though their profession is quite underestimated, they are among the most diligent workers. This position is crucial for many pizza stores because it ensures that fresh pizza reaches the consumer within a certain period.

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Pizza delivery drivers are paid by the hour, with the possibility of higher earnings with tips and compensation for fuel and mileage when using their own cars. This job is not the most lucrative, but it is often helpful for students and people who want to supplement their budgets with another job. So, let’s find out how much do pizza delivery drivers make.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Job Description

The pizza delivery drivers’ job is to organize the delivery in the best way so that the ordered food arrives at the destination fresh and undamaged. Fast delivery ensures the pizza quality remains at the required level.

In most cases, a pizza delivery driver uses a car, but it is also possible to organize delivery on a bicycle or motorbike. When the driver is not engaged in delivery, they can perform other duties in the pizza shop, such as cleaning or washing dishes.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Necessary Skills

This job doesn’t require specific formal education, so you need only a high school certificate and driver’s license to do it. On the other hand, pizza delivery drivers need to have specific skills, including:

  • The ability of deft and fast driving
  • Good communication with consumers
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics

Pizza delivery drivers need to carefully drive the delivery vehicle to prevent possible destroying pizza during transport. It is crucial to avoid sudden braking and fast turning. Unfortunately, there is a catch because a slow ride means delivering a cold pizza to the consumer.

Good knowledge of the area where the pizza delivery drivers work will allow them to use shortcuts and quick route changes during a traffic jam. Also, a huge advantage is when drivers have excellent knowledge of GPS technology because it makes their work much more effortless.

Risks Involved

Risks Involved

Although the pizza delivery driver works in the food and catering industry, their work responsibilities mostly take place outdoors. That can put these hard workers at risk, which other workers in the food industry rarely face.

Traffic accidents

As the earnings of pizza delivery drivers in most pizza shops depend on the number and speed of deliveries, there is a real possibility of traffic accidents.


Another common risk of this business is the likelihood of drivers being robbed. The vehicles used in delivery usually have a pizza shop advertisement on them, indicating that the driver has cash in the wallet.

The risk primarily depends on the neighborhood where the pizza delivery drivers work, but something like that can actually happen everywhere.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Earnings in the US

Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular first jobs for many young Americans. It is suitable for those who still don’t have an education for better-paid jobs. Some companies pay their pizza delivery drivers decently, although some are paid much less than they deserve.

In most cases, companies pay pizza delivery drivers by the hour. They can also use a system that combines an hourly rate and a bonus paid to the driver upon delivery.

Some of them provide their employees with a vehicle to do the job, while others look for those who can use their own cars for delivery. In that case, workers receive compensation from the restaurant for fuel and mileage. Sometimes, they can also receive compensation for running costs and car depreciation.

Remember that some companies pay drivers for pizza delivery only upon delivery, meaning they earn nothing when there are no pizzas to deliver. That motivates pizza delivery drivers to be faster and deliver more pizzas per hour by taking more orders at once.



In addition to the salary, many pizza delivery drivers earn an additional income part from tips. The amount of money earned that way will vary depending on:

  • Ordering party distance
  • Order size and price
  • Time of the day

The average earnings from tips can go up to $50 per day. If you work the evening shift on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, your tips can be even higher than average. Unfortunately, it won’t be the case if you work the morning shift during working days.

In any case, the pizza delivery driver has the right to keep these tips. Be aware that some restaurants offer drivers a lower salary because of high tips.

Also, some restaurants require collecting the tips of all employees in one bowl and their equal distribution to everyone. However, that is a rare practice for pizza delivery drivers who work independently.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by State

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by State

Pizza delivery drivers earn an average of $21,690 a year, or $10.43 per hour at the US level. However, there is a significant variation in driver earnings for delivering pizza depending on the state where they live.

That is mainly influenced by the population density and the average income of the particular state’s population. States with a higher population density have more pizza ordering per hour that positively affect drivers’ salaries. Besides, pizza shops located in regions with better incomes will charge more for delivery, and delivery drivers will earn more money.

Pizza delivery driver’s salary

State Annual salary
South Dakota $15,906 to $20,321
Montana $16,130 to $20,608
Nebraska $16,435 to $20,997
Mississippi $17,350 to $22,166
West Virginia $17,621 to $22,513
Idaho $17,741 to $22,666
Oklahoma $17,828 to $22,777
Wyoming $17,916 to $22,889
Georgia $17,940 to $22,919
Tennessee $18,086 to $23,106
Maine $18,259 to $23,328
New Mexico $18,271 to $23,343
Alabama $18,298 to $23,376
Kentucky $18,404 to $25,512
South Carolina $18,534 to $23,678
Utah $18,547 to $23,695
Iowa $18,574 to $23,729
North Dakota $18,662 to $23,842
North Carolina $18,777 to $23,989
Florida $19,000 to $24,275
Missouri $19,102 to $24,404
Kansas $19,159 to $24,477
Missouri $19,216 to $24,550
Vermont $19,218 to $24,552
Pennsylvania $19,224 to $24,560
Arizona $19,279 to $24,631
Louisiana $19,307 to $24,666
Wisconsin $19,315 to $24,677
Ohio $19,317 to $24,679
Texas $19,390 to $24,770
Virginia $19,474 to $24,879
Michigan $19,850 to $25,360
New Hampshire $19,903 to $25,427
Nevada $19,936 to $25,470
Maryland $20,063 to $25,632
Hawaii $20,231 to $25,846
Oregon $20,262 to $25,886
Rhode Island $20,562 to $26,269
Illinois $20,705 to $26,450
Minnesota $20,793 to $26,564
Washington $21,339 to $27,262
Alaska $21,706 to $27,731
Washington, DC $21,725 to $27,755
Massachusetts $21,989 to $28,093
Connecticut $22,171 to $28,325
New Jersey $22,503 to $28,748
New York $23,478 to $29,995
California $24,395 to $31,170

As you can see, the annual pizza delivery drivers’ earnings vary from less than $16,000 in South Dakota to approximately $30,000 in California.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by Company

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by Company

Besides significant variations in the earnings at the state level, you can notice that pizza delivery drivers’ salary often differs depending on the company they work for. For instance, Pizza Hut stands out as the company that provides the highest average salary for employees annually.

Annual pizza delivery drivers’ salary

Company Salary
Pizza Hut $34,595
Papa John’s Pizza $32,885
Domino’s Pizza $31,265
Pacpizza $20,990
American Pizza Partners LP $20,630

 Pizza delivery drivers working at Pizza Hut earn an average of $15.66 per hour, and at Papa John’s Pizza, their daily earnings are $12.53 per hour. At Domino’s Pizza, these workers get $14.72 per hour at the US level.

Average Pizza delivery driver’s salary

State Company
Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza Domino’s Pizza
New Jersey $15 $15 $15
California $15 $14 $15
Missouri $14 $14 $13
North Carolina $14 $13 $13

Keep in mind that salaries for this position are not the same for employees in the same company. They vary depending on the state and even the city where the pizza store is located.

Pizza delivery driver’s salary

City Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza
Hourly rate Hourly rate
New Orleans, LA $7.25 $14.30
Brandon, MS $8.94 $12.84
Ithaca, NY $10.49 $14.81
Kansas City, MO $11.86 $14.57
Sant Louis, MO $11.92 $16.36
Pittsburgh, PA $12.93 $13.01
Las Vegas, NE $13.23 $14.47
Charleston, SC $13.23 $18.83
Minneapolis, MN $13.54 $18.99
Cleveland, OH $13.71 $16.30
Chicago, IL $13.76 $17.49
Milwaukee, WI $13.91 $14.84
Dallas, TX $14.06 $15.70
Tacoma, WA $14.26 $21.15
Phoenix, AZ $14.43 $15.10
Los Angeles, CA $15.08 $16.01
Manchester, NH $16.19 $9.56
Paterson, NJ $16.42 $10.58
Atlanta, GA $16.97 $14.57
San Francisco, CA $16.99 $16.27
Charlotte, NC $17.01 $13.27
Denver, CO $17.26 $18.27
Springfield, TN $17.32 $12.23
Richmond, VA $17.32 $16.51
Lafayette, IN $17.32 $15.59
Miami, FL $18.54 $17.34

Still, these variations in earnings in the same company are not significant at the state level. Believe it or not, the situation is entirely different at the city level, and you can notice differences that can go up to $11 per hour.


Pizza delivery drivers are not high-income workers in the US, but they are necessary for every pizzeria. During the work, they acquire knowledge and skills that can often be used in business life later.

Remember that this job enables learning the organization’s skills and strategy on a functional level, making it the desired experience for many young people.

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  1. This article does not take into account the fact that in the US, federal wage laws for employees who receive tips: $2.13/hour.
    Employers may pay between $2.13 and $4.50/hour, based on driver experience.

    The majority of drivers, in fact, rely on receiving tips from customers to compensate for the slave labor rate they receive when working in the restaurant and not driving food to guests.


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