When Can I Eat Pizza After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Did you recently undergo a wisdom tooth or teeth extraction? Have you considered what and when to eat? Are you a pizza freak who can’t wait to munch on one after waiting for several days?

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Well, this post is to inform you on when you can eat pizza after your wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most popular dental surgery for the correction of improper tooth growth mostly situated in the hind region.

Due to its sensitive nature, there have been several limitations on the type of food to be eaten at a certain period.

When can I eat pizza after tooth removal?

When can I eat pizza after tooth removal

Eating pizza or solid food, in general, depends on several factors and they include;

  • The number of teeth removed: A person with one wisdom tooth removed will exhibit less care or pain than all persons with all wisdom teeth removed, which is usually four.
  • Stitches: Was the hole of the removed teeth stitched up or was it left bare? Are the stitches dissolvable or does it require the need of a dentist after the time elapses? Stitched holes need more care than bare holes.
  • Type of tooth removed: Lower wisdom tooth removal requires more time and care than upper wisdom tooth removal as debris is likely to form ten times more compared to the upper ones.
  • Your doctor’s recommendation: Your doctor’s recommendation surpasses every other piece of advice given to you. They are trained professionals with years and years of experience and their advice should be strictly followed.

Of course, you can certainly eat pizza after tooth removal, the eating depends on the time.

According to the Health line, it takes about four to six days to have your wisdom tooth healed completely, during these times, several healing processes occur; the first 24 hours serve as the blood clotting period.

This is where all the congested blood comes together to form a clot which signifies successful surgery and a good immune system. This period is very delicate and any harsh movement will cause significant damage. You are advised to not take anything into the mouth or you can take water. At this stage, you cannot eat pizza.

From the second till the third day, any visible swelling begins to disappear and you are advised to take in warm semi-liquid foods to avoid irritating the clot that has been formed. Foods like soups, pottage, and warm liquids.

The fourth to seventh day involves you taking out your stitches, gaining more jaw flexibility, and healing any bruises. You can transfer to eating normal foods and this includes pizza.

This YouTube video shows an animation of wisdom tooth healing processes.

Depending on the individual, you can start eating solid foods from the seventh day of this surgery.

The time of healing differs from person to person, this is why some doctors tell you different days; for instance, Medical News Today concludes that the time of wisdom tooth healing is 2 weeks.

Why do I have to wait before eating pizza?

Why do I have to wait before eating pizza

According to medical practitioners, wisdom teeth extraction requires carefulness because of clot formation. A blood clot in the coagulation of blood prevents excessive bleeding to protect the bone during healing. This is why you are advised to drink water on your first day and eat light during your consecutive days to avoid dislodging the clot.

Pizza is the opposite of all the recommended foods because it is not liquid, contains several ingredients which will not be suitable for your mouth, and will probably be steaming hot.

Moreover, you would not be able to eat solid foods due to the numbness in jaws and the pain surrounding the operated area.

What happens when I dislodged my clot?

A dislodged clot can put you at risk of having a dry socket. According to WebMD, a dry socket occurs when a dry whitish bone resides in the extraction site rather than a dark blood clot which can be caused by an accidental or deliberate dislodged clot.

Dry socket is not often diagnosed early as most people often assume dry socket pains are normal tooth extraction pains.

If you experience crushing and unbearable pains which become more severe and radiate toward the ear, neck, and lower head region, you may have a dry socket. Dry socket pains are often not relieved by over-the-counter medications. This YouTube video shows you how a dry socket occurs.

What do I do if I have a dry socket?

Contact your dentist immediately and find pain medication to sustain before you arrive in the hospital. Your doctor will help you clean the tooth hole and dress it up.

You may also receive antibiotics until the pain lessens. You will have to consistently visit the hospital to monitor the healing and collect more medications. So why risk yourself and your health because of pizza, when you can wait for a week or two and properly enjoy it.

How does eating pizza cause a dislodged clot?

How does eating pizza cause a dislodged clot

Pizza is a chewy, crunchy, flavored aloud meal that requires all the teeth movement to crush down properly to be digested by the body.

When you eat pizza with a clot forming, there is a 90% chance of the pizza coming in contact with the clot and causing debris build-up if the hole was stitched. This is a surefire way to get a dry socket.

Can I eat pizza if my tooth hole is closed?

Can I eat pizza if my tooth hole was closed

Most dentists close up the hole left by the tooth removal to prevent food particles from getting into them.

It is your responsibility as a person to avoid any food particles from getting into it, which means avoiding foods like pizza which often leaves behind food particles.

If you eat solid foods with your tooth hole closed, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of the particles as they are already closed up.

This can cause complications and even abscesses if it is not reported immediately to your dentist. The dentist would be told to remove the particles or tear up the stitches which will cause more pain.

Should I only avoid pizza for the first three days?

Should I only avoid pizza for the first three days

Avoid foods that require the use of your premolars and molars, foods that leave behind residues, drinks that contain chemicals, and drinks that require the use of a straw, as all these can cause dry sockets.

Some examples of these foods include;

  • Foods that require using your premolars and molars: Nuts like cashew nuts, peanuts, meats, chicken, popcorn, chips, etc.
  • Foods that leave behind residue: Burgers, Pizzas, Tacos, Sushi, etc.
  • Drinks that contain chemicals: Alcohol, Caffeine or coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.
  • Drinks that require straws like Starbucks.
  • Avoid smoking of any kind as the heat and smoking contents (such as nicotine) have been discovered to contaminate the site of the tooth extraction.

What kind of food should I eat?

What kind of foods should I eat

After tooth extraction, your mouth should be treated with care which means most foods should be mashed, warm, and can easily be swallowed.

Foods like soups, yogurt, puddings, pottage, applesauce, mashed foods, and ice scream as they require no teeth or little teeth actions. Focus on liquids or semi-liquid foods.

Make sure the temperature of the foods is lukewarm, too hot or too cold foods can cause clot dislodging. Lukewarm temperature is gentle on the extraction site.

How do I know I’m ready to eat pizza?

How do I know I’m ready to eat pizza

Before you transfer from liquids to solid foods, certain factors assure you the safety and they include;

  • Your tooth hole is pain-free and less sensitive: You can budge your tooth hole slightly with your tongue to check its sensitivity. If it is pain-free and less sensitive, it is the perfect time to start eating pizza.
  • You’ve had your stitches removed or dissolved: Some stitches are dissolvable which means once their time elapses they disappear while some don’t. If you have had your stitches removed, you may start eating pizza.
  • Less jaw stiffness: Your jaw has become flexible, which means grinding food will become easier to do. Injuries on cheeks that have disappeared also signify the onset of solid food eating.
  • You’ve been cleared by your dentist: Your dentist will have to perform routine checks on your teeth and clear you. This is the best affirmation that you can begin eating pizza and any other solid foods.

Make sure you start slowly before eating, chew your foods properly to ascertain your jaw flexibility has returned, and sometimes push foods towards the extracted region to familiarize eating.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, eating solid foods depends on your immune system, the number of teeth removed, and your doctor’s opinion.

The time required for waiting for a person with only one wisdom tooth removed is different from the time for a person with all four of his wisdom teeth.

Your doctor’s instructions are also crucial as they have the expertise to guide you on a safe healing journey, which can help prevent complications such as dry sockets.

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