What Is a Pizza Peel Types, Using Tips & Maintenance

What Is a Pizza Peel? Types, Using Tips & Maintenance

Peels are baking equipment used by bakers and baking enthusiasts for transferring and removing pie, bread, and any other baked food into and out of the oven. Pizza peels are tools used for placing pizza into the oven without spilling any of its contents, it is also used for removing the pizza out after baking.

Pizza Pan With Holes Vs. No Holes Which is Better

Pizza Pan With Holes Vs. No Holes: Which is Better?

If you like cooking, you must know how vital kitchen tools are to the outcome of a meal. They are just as crucial to the cooking process as the ingredients. A pan is a must-have cookware when cooking pizza. Pizza pan with holes vs. no holes, which one to use? Your choice will determine whether

7 Steps to Season A Pizza Stone

7 Steps to Season A Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a tool that lets you take home pizza production to the next level. This dense stone or composite material sits underneath your pizza, allowing it to cook quickly and evenly for that perfect crispy base. I’ve been using my pizza stone for a long time now, but at first, I found

2 Ways to Clean A Pizza Stone

2 Ways to Clean A Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a handy kitchen tool that lets you make restaurant-quality pizzas with a home oven. When you cook a pizza on a pizza stone, you get a deliciously evenly cooked and crispy base. So, if a pizza stone makes a much better pizza, why isn’t everyone using them? One of the most

Pizza Steel vs. Stone Which is Better

Pizza Steel vs. Stone: Which is Better?

Pizza is a family favorite for busy weeknights and fun weekend dinners both. But you do not need to get your pizza from a restaurant or takeout for a top-notch pizza. There are thousands of recipes on the web for great pizza. But an essential part of having it turn out to your satisfaction is

How to Use a Pizza Stone

How to Use a Pizza Stone?

Pizza stones give you the ability to take your pizzas to the next level. With a pizza stone, you can replicate a wood-fired pizza oven using your home oven. I’ve cooked with a pizza stone for many years, and I’m always amazed when people tell me they think they’re difficult to use. As long as