25+ Delectable Latin Food Recipes

Latin American cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, vibrant colors, and rich cultural heritage. Spanning across countries from Central America to South America, including Spain and Portugal, this culinary landscape offers an incredible array of dishes that blend indigenous, European, African, and Asian influences.

From the Caribbean to the Andes, each region boasts its unique gastronomic identity shaped by historical events, cultural exchange, and geographical factors.

Key Takeaways

Latin cuisine is renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage, which shines through in the rich diversity of ingredients and bold flavors that define its dishes. Each region boasts a unique culinary identity, offering a wealth of options to tantalize any palate. To truly master Latin food recipes, it’s essential to understand the common ingredients and cooking techniques that bring these flavorful meals to life.The beauty of Latin cuisine lies in its ability to produce dishes that are at once familiar and excitingly new. While each Latin American country has its own distinct culinary traditions, there are certain staples – such as guacamole, Mexican salsa, and pico de gallo – that can be used across cuisines to add a burst of flavor.From the aromatic spices of Cuban stuffed peppers to the refreshing zest of ceviche, and the comforting warmth of cafe con leche to the savory depths of Mexican rice, there’s something on this list of Latin American recipes that’s sure to delight even the most discerning palates. Nothing quite compares to the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine, Hispanic food, and Hispanic cuisine.Ready to explore the rich culinary landscape of Latin America? Let’s dive in and discover 22 mouthwatering examples of delicious Latin American dishes!

Ceviche Recipe

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A celebration of Hispanic cuisine wouldn’t be the same without a refreshing ceviche recipe. This dish is incredibly versatile – it can be enjoyed as a main course or as a dip, accompanied by tortillas and chips, nestled in a taco salad shell, or served over flavorful brown rice (or basmati rice). According to cookpad.com, ceviche is a must-have addition to any Latin American-inspired meal.

Brazilian Peanut Candy (Paçoca)

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Brazil’s beloved peanut candy has captured the hearts of many with its simplicity and rich flavor profile. This delectable treat, hailing from South America, is crafted using just three fundamental components: sugar, crushed peanuts, and a pinch of salt. The harmonious blend of these ingredients yields a masterpiece that requires minimal effort, yet delivers maximum satisfaction.

Columbian Rice Pudding (Arroz con Tres Leches)

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Rice pudding is a beloved treat globally, with a special twist when it’s crafted in Latin American countries. This Columbian rice pudding recipe showcases the unique blend of ingredients that set it apart from others. The foundation of this creamy dessert is built upon long-grain rice, whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk – a trifecta of milks that gives ‘tres leches’ its name.

A pinch of warmth comes from cinnamon, while a sprinkle of sea salt adds depth to the dish. This harmonious balance of flavors is sure to transport you to the vibrant culture of Colombia.

Cafe con Leche

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In many Latin American countries, the tradition of introducing children to coffee at a young age is quite common. But what’s unique about this cultural phenomenon is the way the coffee is prepared. Instead of the strong, black brew that’s typical in Western cultures, children are often served a mix of equal parts milk and coffee, with plenty of sugar added to sweeten it. This version of coffee, known as cafe con leche, is not only a popular breakfast drink but also a way to introduce children to the flavor and cultural significance of coffee. For those looking to replicate this experience at home, using filtered water or bottled spring water to make cafe con leche can elevate the overall taste and quality of the beverage.

Pão de Queijo

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Pão de Queijo, also affectionately known as Brazilian cheese bread or puffs, is a delightful treat that’s equal parts addictive and indulgent. This small-but-mighty bread is the perfect snack-sized indulgence.

To create this cheesy delight, you’ll need a few key ingredients: whole milk, butter, extra virgin olive oil, tapioca flour, eggs, and grated cheese. Traditionally, Queijo de Minas cheese takes center stage, but feel free to substitute with Monterey Jack, parmesan, or mozzarella for a unique twist.

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Ropa Vieja

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Ropa Vieja, a dish that’s deeply rooted in Latin American cuisine, has evolved over time to become a staple in many countries. While its origins are Cuban, variations of this iconic recipe can be found throughout the region. Imagine a pot roast-style dish, but with shredded meat and an abundance of colorful vegetables, including yellow onion, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper, garlic cloves, tomato paste, cumin, oregano, dry white wine, allspice, peeled whole tomatoes, chicken stock, bay leaves, carrots, celery, pimento-stuffed olives, and cilantro. This rich tapestry of flavors is a true reflection of the region’s culinary diversity. Serve your Ropa Vieja with a side of creamy pinto beans, crispy fried plantain, or fluffy basmati rice for a truly immersive dining experience.

Mexican Rice

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This flavorful tomato-based rice recipe, whether you call it Spanish rice or Mexican rice, is a versatile dish that pairs well with any Latin American meal. To make this recipe, we recommend using Knorr’s Caldo de Tomato for added depth of flavor. However, for those who don’t have caldo de tomato on hand, making use of a can of tomato sauce is a convenient alternative. The key to achieving the perfect Mexican rice lies in cooking the rice – whether you choose brown or basmati – in oil until it reaches a golden brown hue. This step is crucial in developing the dish’s signature flavor and texture.

Brazilian Romeo and Juliet (Romeu e Julieta)

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A sweet and savory fusion awaits in this innovative dessert, where guava paste mingles with the richness of cheese. The result is a tantalizing experience that will leave your taste buds singing. For an authentic touch, opt for queijo minas curadinho, though mozzarella will suffice if it’s what you have on hand. This straightforward Latin-inspired treat yields impressive results with minimal effort.

Cuban Stuffed Peppers

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Cuban cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, with a key component being the judicious use of seasonings. This recipe for Cuban stuffed peppers showcases the harmonious union of white rice and Cuban picadillo, a staple in many households. The best part? It’s an excellent way to repurpose leftover picadillo and rice, ensuring that no ingredients go to waste. Picadillo is typically made with ground meat – often beef, but also suitable for turkey or chicken – combined with tomato sauce, garlic, green pepper, oregano, cumin, green olives, and raisins, resulting in a rich, complex flavor profile. For the rice component, feel free to experiment with brown rice or basmati rice varieties.


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For those seeking a quintessential Puerto Rican culinary experience that will satisfy even the most refined palates, look no further than fried green plantains, affectionately known as tostones. These tantalizing treats are remarkably similar in allure to French fries – once you pop one into your mouth, it’s hard to stop at just one. The subtle sweetness of the plantain itself is perfectly balanced by a savory seasoning that elevates the dish to new heights. While tostones can be enjoyed on their own, they’re also incredibly well-paired with a tangy salsa or zesty mojo verde (green sauce), making them an excellent addition to any meal.

Brazilian Rice

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While Brazilian-style rice may appear indistinguishable from plain steamed rice at first glance, it’s the subtle nuances in preparation and seasoning that set it apart. A key component of this recipe is the sautéed garlic and onions used to add depth to the dish. The browning process involved before adding water to cook the rice also contributes significantly to its distinct flavor profile.

We recommend using high-quality basmati, jasmine, or long-grain white rice for an authentic Brazilian rice experience. Additionally, incorporating chicken stock or broth (beef broth is also a suitable substitute) can further elevate the overall flavor of this dish.

Brazilian Chicken and Rice with Saffron (Galinhada)

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Imagine a meal that combines all the flavors of Brazil with just one pot to clean – does that sound like a culinary dream come true? This Brazilian-inspired chicken recipe is a perfect example of how complex flavors can be achieved in a simple and quick dish, thanks to the combination of saffron rice and bold spices. The traditional version of this recipe calls for chicken thighs, but feel free to substitute with chicken breasts or even tender pieces if you prefer. The rest of the ingredients include a blend of Latin American favorites like cumin, saffron, olive oil, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, white wine, chicken broth, tomato paste, bay leaf, diced tomatoes, fresh peas (or frozen), and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice – all topped off with some crunchy green onions. And the best part? You can cook this flavorful dish in either your Instant Pot or slow cooker, making it perfect for busy weeknights or lazy Sundays.


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Mexican cuisine wouldn’t be the same without the indulgent delight of churros. These crispy fried dough pastries are typically coated in a sweet cinnamon and sugar mixture, but it’s the experience of dipping them into rich chocolate sauce that truly elevates the treat. In this recipe, you’ll learn how to create these mouthwatering morsels at home, complete with visual step-by-step guidance.

Carne Guisada

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Carne guisada is a beloved Mexican and Colombian culinary treasure that effortlessly transitions into the ultimate comfort food. This hearty beef stew boasts an abundance of tomatoes, tender beef, and pungent green onions (scallions), forming the foundation of its rich flavor profile. Additional key players in this savory dish include aromatic garlic, earthy cumin, smoldering chili powder, beef broth, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. To experience carne guisada at its finest, pair it with a flavorful rice dish, refried beans, or warm corn tortillas. For an added layer of delight, consider serving it alongside the bold flavors of pico de gallo, creamy sliced avocado, and tangy sour cream, as sourced from seriouseats.com.


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In the world of arepas, Venezuela and Colombia have distinct approaches to these popular flatbreads. While Venezuelan arepas are notable for their thick and compact nature, Colombian counterparts are characterized by their slender shape and sweetness, often filled with melted cheese. This recipe focuses on the Venezuelan style, requiring a few essential ingredients, including masarepa, vegetable oil, butter, and your choice of filling. Options range from savory beans to pulled pork or shredded chicken, making it easy to customize to suit your taste preferences.

Peruvian Fried Rice

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Peruvian cuisine has its own spin on the classic fried rice dish, known as Arroz chaufa in Peru. This flavorful recipe is a fusion of Latin flavors, with ingredients like chicken, onions, and green peppers coming together to create a delicious meal. You can customize the recipe by using any type of meat, such as shrimp, beef, or even hot dogs. The key to this dish’s distinctive flavor profile is the use of aromatic ingredients like garlic cloves, fried egg, bell pepper, scallion, fresh ginger, soy sauce, green onions, sesame oil, cumin, and agave nectar. What sets this recipe apart from others is its ease of preparation thanks to the use of Minute Rice, making it a quick and easy Latin American dish that can be prepared using brown rice or regular white rice alike.

Tres Leches Cake

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Tres Leches Cake is a decadent dessert that relies on a unique combination of three types of milk – sweetened condensed milk, whole milk, and evaporated milk – to create its signature moistness. The syrup used in the cake’s preparation is crafted with heavy cream, as is the frosting that tops it off. While the ingredients may seem straightforward, the end result is anything but ordinary.

The list of essentials for this easy-to-make cake is surprisingly short: all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, granulated sugar, and a hint of vanilla. With these simple components, you’ll be well on your way to creating a show-stopping dessert that’s sure to impress.

Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge Chocolate Truffles)

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The allure of chocolate knows no borders, and its rich presence is felt across the globe. In Brazil, this love affair takes the form of Brigadeiros – bite-sized morsels that are nothing short of divine. The recipe for these delectable treats typically involves a harmonious blend of sweetened condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and a pinch of sea salt. To elevate their creamy flavor even further, simply sprinkle them with your preferred toppings, including chocolate shavings for an added layer of decadence.

Mexican Street Corn

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Bring the bold flavors of traditional Mexican street corn to your own kitchen with this easy recipe. While you may associate street corn with vendor carts in Mexico, you can still enjoy this delicious treat at home. The key ingredient is fresh corn – ears of it specifically – but canned corn also works well as a substitute. For a more authentic touch, try using crema Mexicana (Mexican sour cream) instead of regular sour cream. Other essential components include mayonnaise, Cotija cheese, garlic, sea salt, lime juice and zest, cilantro, and chipotle chili powder. Feel free to add a spicy kick with hot sauce for those who like a little heat.


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Tamales are an iconic staple of Mexican cuisine, renowned for their flavorful fillings wrapped in tender corn husks. While often sought after from local vendors, the process of crafting these delectable treats can be a labor of love. With this recipe, we’ll guide you through every step, accompanied by visual aids to ensure success.

To create your own tamales, you’ll need beef or chicken broth, cumin, lard, dried corn husks, and Masa Harina – a fundamental component derived from corn. Feel free to customize the fillings with your preferred meats, such as chicken, beef, or pork.

Pair your freshly made tamales with complementary sides like sweet plantains, pinto beans, and a savory rice dish for a truly authentic Mexican meal.


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Guacamole, a beloved Mexican staple, has captured the hearts and taste buds of people worldwide. With countless recipes readily available online, it’s no wonder this creamy dip is a crowd favorite. Our own take on guacamole stands out from the rest, boasting a unique blend of flavors that elevate this classic dish to new heights. The secret lies in the combination of red onion, fresh lemon and lime juice, a pinch of Worcestershire sauce, garlic sea salt, black pepper, and diced tomato. This flavorful mixture is sure to please even the most discerning palates.


Indulge in these scrumptious recipes and share the experience with your loved ones. We’d love to hear your feedback! With a total preparation time of just 24 minutes, you can easily fit them into your busy schedule. Whether you’re craving a breakfast treat, a sweet dessert, a main course sensation or a side dish delight, these Latin-inspired dishes are sure to satisfy.

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