26 Best Overnight Oats Recipes

Imagine waking up to a breakfast that’s as stress-free as it is delicious. Overnight oats are the perfect solution for a morning rush-weary lifestyle. Without the need for cooking or fuss, these creamy, flavorful jars of goodness are ready and waiting at your fingertips.

Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity and fresh or rich and chocolatey, our overnight oat recipes have got you covered. Not only do they save you time, but they also provide a tasty and satisfying start to your day. So, goodbye snooze button and hello to a morning that’s as delightful as it is convenient.

Cookies and Cream Overnight Oats

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Indulge in a guilt-free breakfast with these scrumptious cookies and cream overnight oats, a high-protein recipe that’s surprisingly simple to prepare. By combining wholesome ingredients, you’ll not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also fuel up for the day ahead. This vegan, oil-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and whole foods plant-based treat is perfect for breakfast meal prep, making it an excellent addition to your morning routine.

Red Velvet Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the wholesome goodness of these Red Velvet Overnight Oats, a game-changing breakfast solution that just so happens to be vegan, high-protein, oil-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. With its simple yet impressive ingredient list, this oatmeal recipe is poised to become your go-to morning staple, providing a natural boost to kick-start your day.

Easy Overnight Oats with Yogurt

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Kick-start your day with a nutritious and filling breakfast that’s as easy to make as it is delicious. Our Overnight Oats with Yogurt recipe requires just six ingredients and only five minutes of prep time – no cooking required, making it perfect for busy mornings. What’s more, this healthy high-protein breakfast option is also gluten-free, so you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about any dietary restrictions. And if dairy isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a simple substitution.

Apple Butter Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the warm, comforting flavors of autumn with these creamy Apple Overnight Oats. A symphony of textures unfolds as you savor the velvety oats, infused with the sweet, tangy essence of apple butter, alongside crunchy dried apples and toasted pecans. This healthy breakfast treat is a masterclass in balancing wholesome ingredients with indulgent appeal.

High-Protein Overnight Oats

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Kick-start your day with a nutritious and filling breakfast by whipping up a batch of high-protein overnight oats. This satisfying and delicious dish combines rolled oats, chia seeds, protein powder, a hint of maple syrup sweetness, and creamy peanut butter to create the perfect morning meal that will keep you energized and satisfied until lunchtime.

Nutella Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the simplicity and flavor of Easy Nutella Overnight Oats, a delightful hazelnut-inspired breakfast solution that can be quickly prepped ahead of time to fuel your morning routine all week long.

Pistachio Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the rich flavors of these no-fuss pistachio overnight oats, a nutritious and delicious breakfast treat. By combining rolled oats with toasted pistachios, brown sugar, honey, and dark chocolate chips, you’ll create a mouthwatering blend that’s simply irresistible. The crowning glory? A velvety drizzle of melted chocolate and a sprinkle of shredded coconut for added texture and visual appeal.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats with Coconut Milk

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As the seasons transition into spring, my taste buds suddenly yearn for a medley of carrot cake-inspired delights. The perfect remedy for this cravings is a bowl of creamy, dreamy carrot cake overnight oats, where the sweet and spicy flavors meld together in harmony.

Peach Mango Overnight Oats

Indulge in this refreshing summer breakfast with our creamy mango overnight oats recipe, packed with wholesome goodness. What sets it apart? A hidden gem that not only enhances the flavor but also brings a dose of beauty benefits to the table. This vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) and oil-free masterpiece is the perfect way to kick-start your day with a boost.

Lemon Blueberry Overnight Oats

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While it’s common for people to believe they must sacrifice their beloved foods in order to eat healthily, the truth is that you can still indulge in delicious and nutritious meals by making clever substitutions and experimenting with creative recipes. A perfect example of this is a lemon blueberry overnight oats recipe, which allows you to enjoy your favorite flavors while also taking care of your waistline.

Vegan Snickers Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of nostalgic flavors and nutritious goodness with this vegan Snickers-inspired overnight oats bowl, which successfully bridges the gap between the iconic candy bar’s taste and a satisfying, wholesome breakfast or snack option.

Easy Overnight Oats With Coconut Milk

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Start your day off right with a deliciously easy breakfast that’s ready when you wake up. Just like my popular Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter, these no-cook Overnight Oats with Coconut Milk are a creamy and satisfying treat. And the best part? You can customize them to your taste in just minutes! With only three ingredients needed, it’s a simple recipe that’s perfect for busy mornings. Let me show you five ways to take these coconut milk overnight oats from good to great.

Easy Biscoff Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the ultimate breakfast experience with these Biscoff overnight oats, which seamlessly blend creaminess, chewiness, subtle sweetness, and a hint of caramel to create a truly irresistible treat.

PB2 Overnight Oats

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For a nutritious morning meal, PB2 overnight oats reign supreme. Boasting a mere 5 essential components, this wholesome breakfast boasts the added benefits of protein and flavor from peanut butter powder (or its traditional counterpart). Furthermore, these oats are gluten-free, with a vegan adaptation option available. With their simplicity and versatility, they’re an excellent choice for a satisfying start to your day.

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

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Indulge in a morning treat that’s both familiar and innovative – pumpkin pie-inspired oats that will delight your taste buds. These creamy breakfast bowls require just 5 minutes of preparation and utilize a mere 6 essential ingredients, making them an effortless addition to any daily routine.

Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats

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Imagine waking up to a nutritious breakfast that’s both delicious and nutritious. These overnight oats, infused with the warmth of cinnamon and the natural sweetness of bananas, are the perfect solution. What’s more, they’re dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and can be easily adapted to be gluten-free. By combining almond milk, chia seeds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, you’ll create a fiber-rich breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. The best part? You won’t sacrifice flavor for nutrition – these oats have a lovely banana bread taste without being overpoweringly sweet.

Birthday Cake Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the decadent flavors of these birthday cake overnight oats, where the rich aroma of vanilla cake batter meets your morning routine. What’s more, this recipe requires minimal healthy ingredients and no yogurt at all, making it a game-changer for those with dietary restrictions. The best part? These oats are not only vegan and gluten-free but also remarkably tasty, leaving you wondering how something so wholesome could taste so indulgent.

Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the sweet and satisfying taste of healthy cinnamon roll overnight oats, perfectly balanced between delightfully sweet and scrumptious. This indulgent breakfast or snack option boasts a delectable cinnamon-sugar swirl in every serving, reminiscent of freshly baked cinnamon buns. Crafted with yogurt and almond milk, this recipe is not only vegan, dairy-free, and naturally gluten-free but also accessible for both kids and adults to enjoy, making it an ideal treat for the whole family.

Vegan Fig Overnight Oats

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I’ve found myself consistently reaching for Vegan Fig Overnight Oats as a reliable choice for fueling my body. Not only do they align with my health goals, but I also appreciate the delightful combination of flavors and textures, making it an all-around satisfying experience.

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

Imagine starting your day with a sweet and satisfying breakfast that’s reminiscent of a decadent dessert, but still provides a nutritious boost to keep you going. That’s exactly what our Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats recipe delivers. With its creamy texture, fruity flavors, and hint of sweetness, this morning meal is sure to become a new favorite.

Blueberry Lemon Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the delightful combination of blueberry and lemon with this vegan overnight oats recipe, a perfect solution for a healthy, plant-based breakfast that caters to dietary restrictions like gluten-free and dairy-free. This make-ahead delight is not only nutritious but also refreshing, creamy, and utterly scrumptious, making it an ideal choice for those looking to support their gut health and weight loss journey.

Matcha Overnight Oats

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A delectable make-ahead breakfast option is the Matcha Overnight Oats, which combines rolled oats, matcha green tea powder, and chia seeds in a flavorful and nutritious treat. To elevate this dish, top it with fresh berries or your preferred fruit for a refined sugar-free grab-and-go meal that will keep you satisfied throughout the morning.

Cookie Dough Overnight Oats

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Kickstarting your day with a sweet and satisfying breakfast has never been easier than with these Cookie Dough Overnight Oats. With only 5 minutes of prep time required, this recipe is a perfect blend of convenience and wholesomeness. The oats are infused with the unmistakable allure of cookie dough, making them an irresistible way to begin your morning.

Blueberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

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Indulge in the sweetness of blueberry cheesecake overnight oats without compromising on nutrition. These delicious morning treats combine wholesome ingredients like whole rolled oats and chia seeds to provide a nutritious start to your day. The addition of cream cheese brings a tangy, creamy element that complements the natural sweetness of the blueberries, making it hard to believe you’re eating dessert for breakfast.

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oats

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Indulge in a decadent breakfast experience with vegan chocolate cherry overnight oats, a hassle-free recipe that requires mere 5 minutes of prep time. For those who crave more excitement from their morning bowl, this make-ahead treat is sure to delight. The combination of rich chocolate and sweet cherries transforms the humble oat into a dessert-like indulgence.

Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats

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Imagine starting your day with a warm, comforting bowl of Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats – a nutritious and indulgent treat that’s incredibly easy to prepare. By making it ahead of time, you can turn meal prep into a stress-free experience, ensuring you’ll have a delicious breakfast ready whenever you need it.

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