20 Best Crowd-Pleasing Potluck Dishes

When attending a potluck, it’s only natural to want to impress with a dish that will be the star of the show. Whether you’re looking to bring a mouth-watering main course or a refreshing salad side, we’ve got you covered. Our top picks are sure to be the talk of the town, and you can bet your guests will be begging for the recipe. In fact, many of these recipes lend themselves perfectly to batch cooking in the slow cooker, making them incredibly convenient options. With a little planning ahead, you’ll be the hero of the potluck with minimal effort required.

Cold Italian Pasta Salad

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Indulge in a classic Italian-inspired pasta salad that’s not only delicious but also accommodating to various dietary needs. This refreshing recipe features tri-colored pasta, an assortment of vegetables, and a tangy homemade Italian dressing, all carefully crafted to be gluten-free, vegan, and free from common allergens.

Easy Oven Baked Beef Tacos

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Easy Oven Baked Beef Tacos, where tenderly seasoned ground beef is baked to perfection within crispy taco shells, harmonizing with melted Mexican cheeses. This mouthwatering dish is elevated by a medley of creamy toppings – sour cream, velvety guacamole, tangy salsa, and a hint of spicy heat from hot sauce.

Old-Fashioned Three Bean Salad

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A staple at many gatherings, the Three Bean Salad is a crowd-pleaser that’s surprisingly simple to prepare. The combination of green beans, white beans, and kidney beans creates a delightful texture, while the homemade sweet and tangy dressing adds a burst of flavor. This salad is perfect for potlucks, picnics, or any occasion where you want to bring a delicious and easy-to-prepare dish that’s sure to please.

Frank’s Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

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Indulge in the savory delight of Frank’s Buffalo Chicken Dip, where effortless preparation meets the promise of a crowd-pleasing treat. This delectable recipe checks all the right boxes for a stress-free gathering or cozy night in.

Easiest Rigatoni Bolognese

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Indulge in the rich flavors of this effortless Rigatoni Bolognese, a one-pot dinner recipe that effortlessly transitions from a humble weeknight meal to a show-stopping special occasion dish. The classic Italian meat sauce, infused with an unmistakable depth of flavor, is elevated to new heights when served over rigatoni pasta, crafting a comforting culinary experience that’s sure to become a staple in your household.

Quinoa Salad With Greens

Indulge in a nutritious and flavorful meal with our Quinoa Salad with Greens, featuring a delightful medley of sautéed zucchini, crunchy cucumber, fresh greens, toasted almonds, and crumbled feta cheese. This gluten-free delight is the perfect solution for a satisfying lunch or dinner that will leave you feeling energized and nourished.

Cheeseburger Sliders With Hawaiian Rolls

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Indulge in the simplicity and flavor of Cheeseburger Sliders with Hawaiian Rolls, a crowd-pleasing treat that’s perfect for family gatherings, casual get-togethers, or even as a satisfying snack during game days. With juicy beef patties, an array of toppings, and melted cheese all sandwiched between soft Hawaiian rolls, this easy-to-make dish is sure to become a new favorite in your household. Plus, its convenience makes it an ideal choice for potlucks and other social events.

Quinoa With Zucchini And Tomatoes

Celebrating the flavors of summer, this Quinoa with Zucchini and Tomatoes dish shines by harnessing the natural sweetness of in-season produce. A quick sauté of the zucchini adds a rich, smoky undertone that complements the juicy tomatoes perfectly, making for a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Lasagna Roll-Ups

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While traditional lasagna is always a crowd pleaser, Lasagna Roll-Ups offer a delightful departure from the norm. Not only do they present themselves in adorable individual portions, but the process of creating these roll-ups can be a fun and engaging experience. With just a bit more time invested upfront, you’ll be rewarded with a unique and visually appealing dish that’s sure to impress.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, a scrumptious and remarkably effortless meal that can be prepared in mere moments. A crowd-pleasing delight, this recipe is perfect for busy families seeking a stress-free dinner solution.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Indulge in the vibrant flavors and textures of Cauliflower Tabbouleh, a gluten-free delight that’s perfect for meal prep. This nutritious and filling recipe can be prepared ahead of time, ensuring a satisfying veggie-packed lunch that keeps you energized until dinner.

Cuban Sliders

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Imagine indulging in succulent Cuban-style sliders, boasting layers of savory meat, melted cheese, and tangy pickles. To take these flavorful bites to the next level, they’re slathered with a rich garlic butter and baked until golden brown perfection is achieved. Whether you’re hosting a party, watching your favorite team play, or seeking a quick and satisfying dinner solution, these mouthwatering sliders are sure to please.

Chinese Chicken Salad With Mandarin Oranges

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors and textures in this healthy Chinese-inspired chicken salad recipe. The perfect harmony of crunchy shredded cabbage, juicy mandarin orange segments, and toasted almond slivers is elevated by a refreshing light sesame dressing. As an added bonus, this dish is gluten-free and low-carb friendly, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

Creamy Chicken Pasta

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Indulge in the comforting warmth of Slow Cooker Creamy Tomato Pasta, where tender pasta noodles are infused with the rich flavors of perfectly cooked chicken, savory marinara sauce, and a hint of luxurious heavy cream, all harmoniously combined to create a satisfyingly creamy and utterly delicious dish.

Watermelon And Cucumber Salad

Embracing the essence of a sunny summer, this refreshing Watermelon and Cucumber Salad is an ideal way to savor the season’s warmth. A symphony of flavors and textures, it combines the juiciness of watermelon, crunch of cucumber, tanginess of feta, creaminess of avocados, and freshness of mint. This delectable salad is sure to impress at any gathering, whether a casual get-together or an elegant soiree.

Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff

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Comfort food at its finest, slow cooker chicken stroganoff is a hearty meal that requires hardly any effort to prepare. This indulgent dish sees rich, velvety sauce enveloping tender pieces of dark-meat chicken, earthy mushrooms, and soft egg noodles, all simmered together in the convenience of a slow cooker.

Pork Belly Sliders

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To create mouthwatering Pork Belly Sliders, start by prepping your ingredients. Begin by spreading a generous amount of spicy sesame-sriracha mayonnaise onto fluffy brioche slider buns. Next, add juicy slabs of crispy pork belly on top, followed by a pile of crunchy, quick pickled vegetables. The combination of flavors and textures in this dish is sure to satisfy any craving.

Marinated Tomato Basil Salad

This vibrant Marinated Tomato Salad is a staple for any season, offering an explosion of fresh flavors that can elevate a variety of dishes. Its versatility makes it an excellent side dish or topping for grilled meats like chicken, beef, or fish, adding a burst of juicy sweetness to each bite.

Two Ingredient Slow Cooker Beef Brisket

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience with this mouthwatering Two-Ingredient Slow Cooker Beef Brisket, which effortlessly yields tender and succulent results with minimal effort required – it’s a dinner triumph that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Brussels Sprout Salad

Add a delightful autumnal flair to your salads by incorporating Brussels sprouts, pears, and pomegranates into one deliciously wholesome dish. This unique combination of flavors and textures is sure to become a fall favorite.

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

The simplicity of this Mediterranean Chickpea Salad belies its robust flavor profile, which is largely due to the generous use of aromatic herbs. With its effortless preparation and gluten-free status, this salad makes for a fantastic addition to any meal or gathering.

Vaca Frita (Crispy Shredded Beef)

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Tenderized through a slow-cooking process, the succulent flank steak is then seared to a satisfying crisp in a hot skillet, infused with the pungent flavors of garlic, zesty lime juice, and sweet caramelized onion, resulting in an irresistible Vaca Frita that will leave you craving more.

Pasta Salad

Elevate your summer gatherings with this delectable Gluten-Free Pasta Salad, a refreshing take on traditional sides. Packed with the flavors and freshness of the season, this dish is not only a crowd-pleaser but also a healthy and gluten-free option that’s sure to become a staple at your next barbecue.

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