Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts (Charts)

Taco Bell is a restaurant that has provided excellent food since Glen Bell started serving tacos in California in 1962. One of their most delicious dishes is the famous Mexican pizza. You can try it in 7,000 of their locations and over 350 franchises worldwide.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts (Chart)

This company is reputed for its innovation in the food industry. It was also the first brand to launch a mobile app for dining and drive-thru orders in US restaurants. Now, let’s look at Taco Bell Mexican pizza calories & nutrition.

Taco Bell History

Since the 1960s, when the first Taco Bell opened in Downey, California, this Mexican restaurant has become one of the favorite American fast-food chains. The company’s menu got its inspiration from traditional Mexican cuisine.

You can try a variety of tacos, burritos, and nachos there, but this restaurant always follows trends. So, you can find many other fast-food options there, including delicious pizza prepared on the Mexican way.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories And Nutrition

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories and Nutrition

Taco Bell Mexican pizza is a yummy dish with several sauces and toppings, including seasoned beef, steak, chicken, shredded chicken, black beans, beans, and potatoes.

The original Taco Bell Mexican pizza recipe includes the following ingredients:

  • Mexican pizza shell
  • Seasoned beef
  • Three cheese blend
  • Refried beans
  • Mexican pizza sauce
  • Tomatoes

But you can also customize it by including or excluding Mexican pizza sauce and other of their recommended add-ons.

Remember that some sauces will add more taste to your Mexican pizza, including the most popular:

  • Avocado ranch sauce
  • Spicy ranch
  • Creamy jalapeno sauce
  • Nacho cheese sauce
  • Chipotle sauce
  • Red sauce
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Pico de Gallo
  • Reduced-fat sour cream

However, you should think twice before ordering Taco Bell Mexican pizza if you prefer a healthy diet with low-calorie content. A typical Mexican pizza from Taco Bell has 530 to 550 calories, including 49.1% from fat, 35.6% from carbohydrates, and 15.3% from proteins per serving of 213 g.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories And Nutrition Per Pizza Pie
Nutrients Value Daily nutrition value
Calories 530 to 550 (260 from fat) 32%
Proteins 19 to 20 g 38 to 42%
Total fat 29 to 31 g 45 to 48%
Cholesterol 40 to 45 mg 13%
Saturated fat 8 to 10 g 40 to 47%
Polyunsaturated fat 0 g 0%
Monounsaturated fat 0 g 0%
Trans fat 0.5 g 33%
Total carbs 47 to 49 g 16 to 21%
Sugars 3 to 5 g 4%
Dietary fiber 7 to 9 g 28 to 36%
Sodium 860 to 1,040 mg 36 to 43%
Potassium 0 mg 0%

Except for those ingredients, Taco Bell Mexican Pizza also contains:

  • 10 to 15% of vitamin A daily needs
  • 4% of vitamin C daily needs
  • 30 to 35% of calcium daily needs
  • 15 to 20% of iron daily needs

Unfortunately, this particular food doesn’t contain other vitamins and minerals.

But always remember that ingredients’ Percent Daily Values are based on a recommended average 2,000-calorie diet for adults and kids over four.

However, these values are not constant and vary depending on your diet.

Even though most people need to intake recommended calorie levels, your personal needs will depend on your age, gender, metabolism type, and physical activity.

Sauces And Toppings

Sauces and Toppings

It’s not enough to know Mexican Pizza’s calorie and nutrient values from Taco Bell. If you want the whole picture, it’s best to calculate calories from added sauces and toppings. So here’s the complete list of the sauce and toppings on your pizza.

Taco Bell Pizza Sauces Calorie
Sauce Calorie
Pico de Gallo 5 cal
Red sauce 10 cal
Reduced-fat sour cream 20 cal
Salsa 20 cal
Nacho cheese sauce 30 cal
Guacamole 35 cal
Spicy ranch 70 cal
Creamy Jalapeno sauce 70 cal
Chipotle Sauce 80 cal
Avocado ranch sauce 80 cal
Chile Verde Sauce 80 cal

Remember that added toppings will add undesired calories to your meal and increase its price. An average topping’s cost ranges from $0.25 to even $1.5, so you should count it in overall expenses.

On the other hand, some sauces are free of charge, like red sauce, but you need to pay from $0.40 to $1.70 for different types available. Some of them can add significant calories number to your meal.

Taco Bell Pizza Toppings Calorie
Add-on Calorie
Onions 0 cal
Lettuce 0 cal
Romaine lettuce 5 cal
Jalapeno peppers 5 cal
Chicken 45 cal
Seasoned rice 50 cal
Black beans 50 cal
Steak 60 cal
Shredded chicken 60 cal
Red strips 70 cal
Fritos 80 cal
Hot Fritos 80 cal
Potatoes 90 cal
Cheese 110 cal
Seasoned Fries 120 cal

If you are a vegetarian, you can prepare a healthy vegetarian Taco Bell Mexican pizza copycat low in calories. It contains 370 calories, 14.6 g of total fat, and at least 10 g of fiber.

Taco Bell Menu

Aside from pizza, you can order many other delicious meals at Taco Bell. Their calories and nutrients are different from the ones we discussed before. So, here’s a calorie summary to help you calculate the best meal for your needs.

Most Nutritious Options

  • Black beans are the best nutritious option on the sides.
  • A soft breakfast with egg and cheese is the best choice to kickstart your day.
  • Crunchy is the best option among the tacos on the menu.
  • Cinnamon twists should be a dessert of your choice if you prefer food with low-calorie levels and excellent nutrient value.
  • Bean burrito is a nutrient win-win combination among others.
  • Shredded Chicken is an excellent pick if you are a quesadilla lover.
  • The veggie power menu bowl is the most desirable part of the power menu.
  • Triple-layer nachos are the best that kind of nachos Taco Bell can offer.
  • A Cheesy roll-up is a pearl of $1 value.
  • Lipton iced tea is a drink that won’t add unnecessary calories to your feast.
Most of Taco Bell’s Nutritious Options
Type Calorie Proteins Fats Carbs Sodium
Black beans 50 2 g 1 g 8 g 135 mg
Soft breakfast taco 170 7 g 9 g 15 g 330 mg
Crunchy taco 170 8 g 9 g 13 g 310 mg
Cinnamon twists 170 1 g 6 g 27 g 210 mg
Spicy tostada 190 6 g 10 g 22 g 410 mg
Shredded chicken quesadilla 310 13 g 13 g 35 g 705 mg
Triple layer nachos 320 7 g 15 g 40 g 480 mg
Bean burrito 350 13 g 9 g 54 g 1,000 mg
Veggie power menu bowl 430 12 g 18 g 57 g 850 mg
Lipton unsweetened iced tea 0 0 g 0 g 0 g 160 mg

Least Nutritious Options

  • Breakfast crunch wrap should be your choice for breakfast only if you don’t mind counting calories.
  • Crunch-wrap Supreme is a high-calorie burrito option.
  • Nachos bell-grande is the least nutritious option among nachos.
  • Cheesy fiesta potatoes are the most horrible calorie bomb on the sides.
  • Cinnabon delights are sweets that can add massive calories to your daily diet.
  • Fiesta salad is a calorie bomb among tacos.
  • Quesarito is full of fat and calories and the worst choice among offered quesadillas.
  • Power menu bowl from the power menu will add more calories to your diet than you need for a day.
  • The beefy Fritos burrito is a top-calorie star on the value menu of $1.
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast is the most caloric drink available in this restaurant.
Taco Bell’s Least Nutritious Options
Type Calorie Proteins Fats Carbs Sodium
Fiesta taco salad 740 25 g 38 g 75 g 1,110 mg
Nachos BellGrande 740 16 g 38 g 82 g 1,050 mg
Breakfast crunch wrap 650 21 g 41 g 51 g 1,290 mg
Quesarito 650 21 g 33 g 68 g 1,390 mg
Crunchwrap supreme 530 16 g 21 g 71 g 1,200
Power menu bowl 480 26 g 20 g 50 g 1,170 mg
Beefy Fritos burrito 440 13 g 18 g 57 g 1,000 mg
Cheesy fiesta potatoes 230 3 g 12 g 28 g 520 mg
Small Mountain Dew Baja blast 220 0 g 0 g 59 g 65 mg
Two-pack Cinnabon delights 160 2 g 9 g 17 g 80 mg

Taco Bell Special Offers

Taco Bell also provides diet-specific options, depending on your needs and preferences.

Gluten-Free Options

Even though some food is considered gluten-free, you should be careful, especially if you have Celiac disease. For example, their corn-based tortillas and chips are gluten-free. But they are sometimes prepared with food containing gluten.

Vegetarian Food

You can order most of Taco Bell’s meals without animal products and with extra beans and veggies. But, many non-animal ingredients are bought from suppliers producing animal products.

Some Taco Bell restaurants include a separate menu for vegetarian and vegan customers, although this is not consistent across all locations.

Food Allergies Issue

Taco Bell offers various options for customers suffering from different allergies. Such a menu excludes fish, eggs, dairy, soy, and nuts. But, be aware that such food is prepared near allergens, so you should be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza nutrition

1. Is Taco Bell Mexican Pizza coming back?

Many are wondering why this glorious pizza suddenly disappeared. And according to the CEO, they removed it during the pandemic since it takes time to make. But don’t worry because the company made it a permanent menu item on September 2022. Now, you can have it any season of the year without missing it for months!

You can order it online or at any of their locations for only $4.99. And like before, they also included sauce upgrades and add-ons.

2. Can Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell be vegan?

Yes! You can ask the server to replace the meat with beans and remove the cheese. Also, you can order guacamole on the side or some jalapeños to make you feel fuller.

But if you want to create a copycat at home, it is also possible with this recipe by Make it Dairy Free.

3. What is Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza called?

When it first came out in 1985, Taco Bell introduced it as Pizzazz Pizza. The brand thought it added some spiciness to the product, thus the name. But a few years later, they renamed it to the now-known Mexican Pizza.

Although such changes occurred, the ingredients remained. And it became more inclusive to those on specialized diets.


Taco Bell Mexican pizza has a high-calorie level, plus you can even upgrade it by adding more cheese or jalapeno sauce. But you can calculate your options and enjoy this yummy dish occasionally—even without taking in too many calories.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories & Nutrition Facts (Chart) 2

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