15 Best Pizza Places in Erie, PA [2023 Updated]

As the largest city in North West Pennsylvania, around 100,000 Americans call Erie home. And in the summer, those numbers swell, with over 4 million people visiting attractions like Presque Isle State Park. So when all those people need pizza, where do they go?

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We’re going to take a look at 15 places to get the best pizza in Erie PA. So whether you live there or are just visiting, you need never be without great food!

1. Pizza Pete’s Pizzeria

Pizza Pete’s Pizzeria
  • Address: 2823 West 26th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
  • Tel: 814-838-3535

If you’re looking for pizza to eat at home, Pizza Pete’s Pizzeria is well worth considering. You can pick up your food or have it delivered, and it’s open seven days a week.

The dough here is hand-tossed, and all the ingredients are fresh and tasty. Both vegans and those with gluten intolerance will find plenty of options.

Pizzas are available in sizes from 10 to 16 inches. The 14-inch version can be made with either original, homestyle or cracker crust. The 16-inch version is made with a thin New York-style crust. And there’s also a Party Pizza with 16 square servings, perfect for buffets.

The menu also features calzones, pastas, subs, salads and appetizers. And those with a sweet tooth can choose from a small but delectable range of desserts.


2. Virgil’s Plate

Virgil’s Plate
  • Address: 1001 West 6th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16507
  • Tel: 814-474-7030

Virgil’s offers a great choice of round or square pies made with homemade dough and sauce. You’ll need to get the munchies in the right part of the week, though. It’s open from Wednesday through Saturday, from 3 to 8 pm.

Pizzas are available in four to 24-slice sizes in either round or square configurations. With square pizzas, you can even choose different toppings on each slice. House specialties include the Happy Wife, which combines a ricotta base with spinach, red onion and sweet Italian sausage.

The pizzas are the stars of the show here. There are just a few other options on the menu, but you can also get a house salad, pepperoni roll or jalapeno roll.


3. Maria’s Pizza

Maria’s Pizza
  • Address: 2340 West Grandview Boulevard, Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
  • Tel: 814-866-5499

Maria’s is open from Tuesday to Saturday. You can either dine in the unpretentious restaurant or have your food delivered to you at home.

You can choose from a 7-inch mini pizza or full-sized pies in 12 and 14-inch diameters.  There aren’t many pre-set vegetarian options – only one is meat-free. But non meat eaters will be able to choose from a reasonable selection of toppings to create their own.

Also on the menu are subs, salads, wraps and sides. There’s nothing fancy here, but everything is well done. The chicken wings and pasta dishes get particularly high marks from Maria’s loyal legion of fans.


4. Skippereno’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Skippereno’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Address: 1604 West Grandview Boulevard, Erie, Pennsylvania 16509
  • Tel: 814-864-8888

Skippereno’s is open from Tuesday to Saturday for pizzas, calzones, subs and salads. You can dine in, collect your food curb-side or have it delivered.

Here you’ll find a wide range of pizzas in sizes from 7 to 14 inches. There’s also a party version, with a half-sheet providing 18 slices. Thin crusts are available with the 10 and 14-inch pies.

You can create your own or choose from one of a range of pre-set combinations. Both include a good range of options for vegetarians and meat-eaters. Also on the menu are plenty of appetizers, plus soups, pastas, meat and seafood dishes, salads and sides.

Whatever you choose you’ll get generous portions at decent prices. And the homemade taste is something special.


5. Valerio’s Pizzeria

Valerio’s Pizzeria
  • Address: 2179 West 32nd Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
  • Tel: 814-833-2959

Valerio’s Pizzeria is open seven days a week for dine-in, curbside pick-up or delivery.  It’s been operating in Erie for over 20 years and prides itself on its prompt service and fresh ingredients.

Pizzas are available in four sizes, from the 7-inch mini to the 18-slice Sasquatch. You can create your own pizza starting from three bases – traditional cheese, Old Italian, and broccoli and cheese. Then choose from additional cheese, meat or vegetable toppings.

There’s also a good selection of appetizers, soups, salads, Italian meat and seafood dishes. Family Specials provide good value combinations of food and beverages, and there are also meatball and pasta buckets to go.


6. Sticks and Bricks Wood Fired Pizza

Sticks and Bricks Wood Fired Pizza
  • Address: 1301 East Grandview Boulevard, Erie, Pennsylvania 16504
  • Tel: 814-315-1650

Local institution Sticks and Bricks offers dine-in, pick-up or delivery. And its pizza truck is a well-known sight on the streets of Erie.

All the dough is made fresh on the day, and the pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven. And you can combine the convenience of takeout with the aroma of home cooking with a Take ’n’ Bake pizza.

This is also a great option for those who love their chicken. Wings are available in a choice of no fewer than 20 different sauces. Daily specials combine pizzas and sides in good value bundles. And delivery is available within a four-mile radius of the restaurant.


7. Mama Mia’s Pizzeria

Mama Mia’s Pizzeria
  • Address: 1529 West 38th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
  • Tel: 814-790-5868

Mama Mia’s offers indoor and outdoor dining (the latter weather-dependent) as well as curbside collection. And if you live nearby, you can get your food delivered too. Covid restrictions may affect the options available, so check the website for up-to-date details.

The family-owned pizzeria has been a staple in Erie for over 40 years, offering freshly made dough and house-made sauces and dressings. There’s an extensive menu of red and white pizzas, including the option of a cauliflower crust. And you’ll also find starters, sides, calzones, pasta, salads and wings.

Dine-in and you’ll be able to enjoy the cosy surroundings and fast service. And wherever you eat, you’ll be assured of generous servings at a fair price.


8. Coppola’s Pizzeria of Erie

Coppola’s Pizzeria of Erie
  • Address: 1042 West 26th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
  • Tel: 814-277-2555

You can’t dine in at Coppola’s, but their menu is available for pick-up or delivery. And beer and wine are on offer alongside the food, giving you everything you need for a relaxing evening at home. Just note that it’s closed on Mondays.

Here you can get your pie in a choice of sizes from 10 to a massive 24 inches. There’s a 10-inch gluten-free crust too. And you can also buy a sheet of pizza, offering between 24 and 32 slices, depending on the topping.

There’s a fairly standard range of meat, vegetable and cheese toppings. Specialty combinations have intriguing names like The Undertaker and Big Guy’s. And you can also choose the Sheet Sampler, with different toppings on each quarter.



  • Address: 14 East 10th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
  • Tel: 814-888-9464

BIGBAR’s strapline is “Big food, big drinks, big fun”. Dine in and enjoy live music while you eat, or get your food and beer delivered to your home. It’s open every day, with a 2 a.m. closing time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It stays open until 10pm the rest of the week.

In line with the marketing, the pizzas here are large, and they’re all made with fresh dough. The New York style thin crust pies are 24 inches across. And the Chicago deep dish is big too – 14 inches and weighing four pounds before a single extra is added.

There’s a standard range of toppings. Carnivores will find many more choices than vegetarians among the specials. But you can create your own pie or calzone too.


10. Patti’s Pizza

Patti’s Pizza
  • Address: 3700 Pine Avenue, Erie, Pennsylvania 16504
  • Tel: 814-456-2270

Patti’s Pizza is open daily, closing at 11 pm six nights a week and 9 pm on Sundays. There’s no dine-in option here, but there’s a great choice of simple and tasty food to enjoy at home. Pick it up yourself, or get it delivered to your door.

The pizzas are the standard selection of toppings. Specialties include Vegetarian, with mushrooms, olives, sweet peppers, banana peppers, onions and mozzarella. Meat eaters can choose from the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Buffalo Chicken or BBQ Steak. And you can create your own pie too.

There’s an extensive range of subs, and these are particularly good. The wings are another favorite among Patti’s clientele. The pizzas, though, divide opinion. If you enjoy a sweeter sauce and thicker base, they’re a good bet.


11. U Pick 6 Tap House

U Pick 6 Tap House
  • Address: 333 State Street #110, Erie, Pennsylvania 16507
  • Tel: 814-520-5419

If you’re looking for pizza and pub food that’s a cut above standard fare, check out U Pick 6. The branch in downtown Erie is called the Tap House, and it’s open from Tuesday through Saturday. You can dine in or collect your food to eat at home. But note that there’s currently no delivery service.

The pizzas here are cooked in a brick-built wood-fired oven and the crust is lightly charred at the edges. You can choose from a standard or cauliflower crust.

The range of toppings isn’t huge, but everything is fresh and high quality. Meat eaters can choose from the Classic Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken or Buffalo Chicken. Vegetarians can opt for the Margherita or Four Cheese.

Also on the menu are sandwiches, flatbreads, Stromboli, pasta, burgers, soups, salads and sides. And there’s a range of “grain bowls”, a healthy eating option with grains, proteins, vegetables and toppings.


12. Slices on French

Slices on French
  • Address: 723 French Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
  • Tel: 814-456-1806

As the name suggests, Slices on French is best known for its pizza slices. Call ahead and collect them at the restaurant, or have them delivered locally with a $15 minimum order. Or you can dine in at a table or the bar.

There’s a great range of deals involving slices and salads. You can also choose a 14 or 16-inch pie with red or white sauce, or even both!

Create your own from the selection of toppings or choose one of the specialties. These include staples like the Carnivore, Veggie and Hawaiian. There’s also the Boykin Special, combining pepperoni, sausage and red and white sauce.

You’ll also find burgers, wraps, appetizers, subs, salads, a range of Greek dishes – and even fish and chips.


13. Mi Scuzi

Mi Scuzi
  • Address: 2641 Myrtle Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
  • Tel: 814-454-4533

Mi Scuzi is a traditional Italian restaurant. But we’ve included it here because of its excellent mini pizzas – pizzette. These are served as appetizers – and they’re delicious!

You can choose from six different varieties. They range from classics like Pepperoni and Margherita to more sophisticated options like Caramelized Pear and Onion.

When you’ve polished off your pizzette, move on to mains featuring ingredients like sea bass, filet mignon, chicken breasts and Italian sweet sausage. All are served with your choice of pasta or potato. And there’s a delicious selection of desserts to complete your meal.

You can eat in or collect your food and enjoy it at home. Mi Scuzi is open every day except Mondays.


14. Calamari’s Squid Row

Calamari’s Squid Row
  • Address: 1317 State Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16501
  • Tel: 814-459-4276

Calamari’s combines excellent food with a menu of 150 craft beers and hand-crafted cocktails. It’s open until 2 am seven nights a week, and you can dine indoors or out on the patio. Alternatively, pick up your food curb-side and enjoy it at home. There’s no delivery service here, though.

The pizzas are served on flatbreads, so they’re a lighter option. And you can choose gluten-free bread for an extra $2.

They’re good value, with an Italian – pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara sauce – costing $10. Other options include BBQ pork, cajun chicken or pesto chicken for $11.

For vegetarians, there’s the Mediterranean, combining feta cheese, mozzarella, tomato, spinach, red onion, banana pepper and garlic rub.


15. Plymouth Tavern

Plymouth Tavern
  • Address: 1109 State Street, Erie, PA 16501
  • Tel: 814-453-6454

The Plymouth Tavern offers different specials every night of the week. It’s open for dine-in or takeout, but you won’t be able to get your food delivered.

The building it’s housed in dates from the late nineteenth century. The Tavern took up residence there in 1973, and it’s been serving delicious food ever since. Alongside the pizzas, the menu features burgers, wraps, salads and a range of craft beers on tap.

The pizza menu is small, but all the favorites are present and correct. Choose from the three specialty toppings – Bruchetta, Buffalo Chicken and Italian – or create your own.

And why not finish off with something sweet? You’ll find two different kinds of cheesecake, and the flavors change every week.


Time to choose your pizza!

That brings us to the end of our round-up of 15 places to get the best pizza in Erie PA! Whether you’re looking for an upscale restaurant, casual dining, or just a slice at home, we’ve got you covered. And there are options here to suit all budgets.

Enjoy making your choice – and we hope you love your pizza!

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