What is a Pizza Stone

What is a Pizza Stone?

Though it may seem a remote memory that stone was the order of the day for cooking and baking, pizza prior to the 18th century in Italy was a baked flatbread. It was baked in a stone oven outdoors in many areas of Italy. In smaller villages, a single outdoor oven was used by all

6 Tips to Reheat Pizza In an Air Fryer

6 Tips to Reheat Pizza In an Air Fryer

We’ve all had to deal with excesses in the amount of pizza we make or order, most especially on a wild Friday night party. Only to wake up to hunger on an early Saturday morning with the excesses staring at us. But what is the perfect way to reheat the pizza to the best quality

4 Ways to Reheat Pizza In a Microwave

4 Ways to Reheat Pizza In a Microwave

Reheating a pizza is often one of the simplest and hardest things to do. There is often going to be a loss in taste, look and crunch after a few minutes in the microwave. Moreover, the microwave is notorious for badly heated foods. Most of the time the heat goes to the microwave plates rather

How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery

How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery?

After you order your sumptuous pizza and the delivery man drops it at your doorstep, there is this internal battle on how much to tip the delivery man for his services. Even after tipping, we are either in guilt for tipping low or regrets for tipping more, after general consideration on how wide the tipping

How Long Can Pizza Sit Out

How Long Can Pizza Sit Out?

Suppose you decided to host a pajama party with your friends and choose to have pizza. Then, you find that some pizza was left on your counter and eat it for breakfast in the morning. But you wonder if it is safe? Really, how long can a pizza sit out?  Fact or Bluff: Is Overnight Pizza

What is Brooklyn-Style Pizza (Why It's So Different)

What is Brooklyn-Style Pizza? (Why It’s So Different?)

When we talk of pizza, it revolves around dough, toppings, and sauce. But despite taking its descent from Italy, pizza has traveled around the world and has taken various adjustments, hence, variety is the spice of it’s life. In America only, there are more than three styles and types of pizza ranging from Chicago pizza

How to reheat pizza in a pan

4 Easy Steps to Reheat Pizza In a Pan (Taste Better Hacks!)

Are you tired of the soggy mess you get when you reheat your glorious pizza leftovers in the microwave? The microwave may be one of the best technical marvels in the kitchen; however, it is not a perfect solution to reheating all leftovers. Anytime I use it to reheat a slice of pizza, I get

How to Use a Pizza Stone On a Grill

How to Use a Pizza Stone On a Grill?

Although people usually use pizza stones in an oven, they are also an excellent tool for your grill. But, it is best if you know how to do things properly, or else they might break. So, in this post, you will find instructions on how to use a pizza stone on a grill. Step-by-Step Guide

Best Ways to Reheat Pizza

5 Ways to Reheat Pizza: Which is Best?

Whether it is homemade or chain restaurant made, we have all had to preserve our excess pizza slides due to its excess or our low appetite. After preserving it in the freezer, how do you reheat it to give you a delicious taste. There are several methods out there that will show you how to

History of Pizza

History of Pizza: Where, When & Who Invented Pizza

It’s your go-to after a night out with friends, when watching a movie with a loved one and a perfect Sunday meal for a family choosing to stay in for the weekend. Historians trace one of the world’s most popular fast food to centuries ago from Hawaiian, Margherita, Pepperoni to Veggie pizza. Where and When