23 Tips to Eat Pizza Differently

When we talk of versatility, we speak of pizza. It allows for several combinations of ingredients on a platter; what better way can you express yourself if not through food?

Eating pizza is more than an obsession, it’s a lifestyle. It can either be eaten with or without cutleries, alone or with other foods. This article will talk about various ways to eat pizza, other than the traditional way.

Tips for Eating Pizza

There are several ways to eat pizza and some of the ways include;

1. Pizzarito

What is the familiar word to pizzarito? Burrito!

Pizzarito is the pizza form of chipotle burritos. After heating up your pizza, take the pizza out and quickly roll it to a burrito shape. This makes the steaming melt together, leaving you with a burst of flavors that are in harmony.

This pizzarito eating method is perfect for thin and flexible pizza, as thick pizza slices will break off before completing a roll.

2. Straight Forward Method

Straight Forward Method

The popular way of eating pizza is from the tip to the crust. It is believed to be the standard way to eat pizza, starting from the narrow path to the broader pattern, transcending from a cheesy taste to a crunchy bite.

3. Corner to Crust Fold

This method involves starting at the corners of the triangular pizza slices and eating up to the tip. Some might find this method unusual or offbeat.

4. Double Up

Double Up

Rather than just taking that triangular pizza straight up into your mouth, why not double it up. Some people believe this is the perfect way to eat any pizza.

You can either double up with both topping faces together or with one facing up. This eating method gives you a double taste of crust, sauce, and toppings together. It is perfect for all types of pizza crust and best for pizza slices with more toppings.

5. Separating Toppings from Crust Method

This is often common among children who often see their foods like Legos; although some adults also partake in this act.

This is when all the beautifully arranged toppings are taken out from the crust, and each is eaten separately.

It’s really messy but you get the chance to taste the pizza parts differently.

6. Eating with a Knife and Fork

Eating with a Knife and Fork

This eating method has gotten several backlashes from people on why pizza should not be eaten with cutleries.

But consider the perks of eating with cutleries as there is little chance of spillage and messiness on the body and it also has this classy look.

7. Inside-out Folding Method

This is also called the reverse folding method; rather than folding the pizza with toppings facing each other, you fold with crusts facing each other.

I don’t know why people would do this, but most say they prefer the taste of the toppings hitting their mouth first rather than the crusts.

8. Crust First Method

This eating method should be tagged for creatives as it defies the standard tip to crust eating method. The crust is devoured first before the end, which means it follows the reverse progression of the wider crust to the narrow tip.

9. New York Eating Method

New York Eating Method

For the citizens of New York, there has always been a disagreement on how to eat their pizza. Do you fold or do you eat direct, but the majority believe in folding it at the center as the perfect way to eat pizza.

These are some of the popular eating methods you should try when next you get a box of pizza, when experimenting, try it at the comfort of your home to avoid stares in public.

Pizza Alternatives Tips

There are several pizza combinations you should try other than the regular pizza and they include;

10. Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries

One of the unique tips to implement into your everyday pizza-eating style is to try pizza fries. Yes, you heard me, pizza fries. What else saves the world than combining the two most eaten foods in the United States together.

But mind you, it requires a great deal of expertise to perfect this recipe, so when next you go to your favorite restaurant, request pizza fries or simply make some at home with this recipe from Food Network.

11. Pizza Sandwich

Rather than using bread as the dual coverings for your sandwich, why not try a pizza. Sounds weird, well try it and testify the excellent taste.

If you do not intend on eating it in such a way, you can also slice up your pizza into shapes of sandwiches, clasp them together and enjoy. This pizza sandwich from Taste of Home can get you started.

12. Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

Before you gape at the atrocious word I have written, I promise it’s not what you think. This fruit Pizza, in particular, does not involve any pizza itself.

It is the cutting of fruit shapes into pizza forms and layering them over with other fruits as toppings. I call this the vegetarian or weight loss pizza because it contains no traditional pizza ingredients, cheese, or fat.

13. Pizza Soup

Before you call for my head, let me explain what I mean by pizza soup. It is part broth, part tomato sauce with cheese bread, not the cooking of pizza slides in water.

Why not try this recipe from Cook the Story, as most restaurants will probably not serve it.

Pizza Tips for Losing Weight

Healthy pizza eating should not have any impact on your weight loss journey; here are some tips to help along;

14. Moderation


Eating pizza in moderation is a struggle for almost all weight loss individuals, and here is a tip to help, rather than making an order for a whole pizza pie, why not order slices of pizza?

These little portions will teach you how to eat in moderation. If, after eating a few slices, you still feel hungry, it would be better to drink more water or eat salads instead of calling the pizzeria for more pizza.

15. Skip the Cheese

What is pizza without cheese? Well, considering your weight loss dreams, it should be your pizza. Skip the cheesy part of pizza when you are about to devour your order.

Statistics show that cheese contains a lot of saturated fat, which translates into calories and can hinder weight loss.

16. Look for whole-grain

If your pizza chain has a whole grain serving, that should be what you order anytime you step in there. Leave all those pizza types made with all-purpose flour with no beneficial content to the body.

17. Add Vegetables

Add Vegetables

Your favorite topping for pizzas should be anything green or anything that grows from the soil. This will help you cut down calorie intake and serve as a disguise for those that hate salads.

Cut out anything processed, anything that comes from an animal, or anything fried. Avoid eggplant toppings because they are mostly fried before they get to your pizza topping.

18. Ditch Thick Crust Pizza

If you are a big fan of the New York pizza, it’s time to look at the sides of the Brooklyn pizza because of its thin crust.

Ironically, thin-crust pizzas may sometimes have more calories than thick-crust pizza. Make sure you always calculate every bit of your calorie intake.

19. Invest in a Blotting Paper

Rather than chugging down all the dripping oils and fat that pizza has to offer, why not get a blotting paper and dry out the oils before eating?

This will save you from oil-based health-related issues and also provide a dry and crunchy pizza when eating.

Other pizza tips

  1. When reheating frozen pizzas, do not defrost them. Defrosting a frozen pizza will end up making a badly reheated pizza slide like all the toppings and sauce meant to sit nicely on the crust will drip to the oven rack or pizza stone.
  2. For a fresh taste when reheating pizza, add more cheese to the topping. The melted cheese will spread evenly onto the sides of the pizza to give you a fresh taste and a pleasant aroma.
  3. Invest in a pizza stone if you are a constant pizza eater. Rather than putting your pizza slides on the rack, put it on a pizza stone; this will save you time used to clean the oven rack, reduce the chance of the pizza disintegrating, and eliminate the need to transfer your pizza to a plate.
  4. Do not add salt or any sodium spice to your pizza during reheating. This is dangerous for people with underlying health issues and any more sodium can cause complications.

Bottom Line

There are over a million pizza varieties, and you keep ordering that same style every day; why not try other pizza alternatives and different eating methods?

If you intend to lose weight and also want to have a taste of the guilty pleasures of pizza, follow those steps to cut down your calorie intake.

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