35 Best Eggs Pizza Recipes

Egg pizzas are “finger-licking” good and are also great for those who want to follow a proper protein-rich healthy diet. What more can you ask from a pizza?

eggs pizza

Especially if you replace the flour crust with an egg crust, you can significantly reduce the calorie count of the pizza, depending on the other ingredients used. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s drool over 35 fantastic egg pizza recipes!

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1. HIGH PROTEIN LOW CAL PROTEIN PIZZA (350 cal for FULL PIZZA) Delicious easy & quick anabolic recipe.

This high protein, low cal protein pizza recipe uses egg whites as the pizza base. While a small Domino’s chicken/bacon pizza has a significant calorie count of 1677, this healthy egg pizza is only 350 calories!


2. Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza (Egg Pizza Recipe)


Enjoy a twist on your classic pepperoni pizza with a protein-rich egg crust! Bake a mouthwatering low-carb pizza for yourself just by using regular pizza ingredients. For a lower-fat version, consider using only egg whites in the base.


3. Delicious Egg Pizza Without Oven | Egg Pizza Recipe | Indian Street Food Egg Pizza | Jay Patel

If you love Indian food, this Indian street food egg pizza recipe will not disappoint you. This recipe stands out with its use of spices and a unique approach of using a readymade pizza base coated with an omelet layer as the crust.


4. Scrambled Egg Pizza


In only 20 mins, you can bake yourself a delicious scrambled egg and bacon pizza by following this recipe by Betty Crocker. The blogger uses Pillsbury classic pizza crust. So, if you’re planning to make the crust on your own, it’ll take you some extra time and effort.


5. Bread Egg Pizza || Omelette Pizza Recipe

This bread omelet pizza recipe is super simple, and even a noob at cooking will excel at making this pizza. The Youtuber simply cooks the pizza on a pan, i.e., you’ll save all the time you’d require for preheating the oven and preparing the pizza dough. Isn’t that great?


6. Pizza with Eggs, Roasted Red Peppers, Olives and Arugula


The reviews for this pizza with eggs, roasted red peppers, olive, and arugula recipe are fantastic! A quick tip for you – put the onion rings first before the cheese or anything such that the eggs are better contained and don’t run over.


7. Pizza Omelette Recipe | पिज़्ज़ा आमलेट | Chef Sanjyot Keer

Here’s another fantastic omelet pizza recipe that you can quickly make in under 20 minutes on the stove. In this recipe, an omelet atop of bread loaves is used as the pizza base. If you’re following this recipe, find all the ingredients in the description box.


8. Pizza with a Sunny-Side-Up Egg and Herb Garden Pesto


How about a sunny-side-up pizza recipe? This pizza with a sunny-side-up egg and herb garden pesto, featured on Martha Stewart’s website, is quite impressive. The best part of this recipe is that it uses a whole wheat pizza base, making the recipe healthier and nutritious.



Once you learn how to cook eggs on pizza, you can add a unique twist to a variety of toppings. Learn how to cook eggs on pizza in a wood-fired oven in this YouTube video. But, if you don’t have such an oven in your home, you can skip this tutorial.


10. Margherita Pizza with a Fried Egg


This sunny-side-up egg pizza recipe by Food Network is incredibly detailed. So, if you’re new to the pizza-making department, we’d highly recommend this recipe-cum-tutorial. From making the dough to juicing up tomatoes to make the sauce, this recipe has it all!



If you’re on a keto diet but not in the mood for kneading the fathead pizza dough, this recipe is for you! The recipe requires eggs, seasonings, cheese, and sauce. No toppings are added to this recipe, but you can tweak it by adding toppings of your preference.


12. Sunny-Side Up Egg Pizza with Goat Cheese and Herbs


Pete and gerrys have come up with this exotic sunny-side-up egg pizza with goat cheese and herbs recipe. The ingredient measurements provided in the recipe are for a 12-inch egg pizza. The fresh herbs and goat cheese toppings are indeed the stars of this recipe.



Though not entirely an egg-based pizza, this recipe uses almond flour, eggs, and cheese mixture for the pizza crust. Topped by a layer of delish pizza sauce and a handful of mozzarella, this recipe, though simple, is quite healthy and fulfilling.


14. Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Pizza


Add a little Italian twist to the classic American breakfast – bacon, and eggs! The sunny-side-up bacon and eggs pizza recipe by myrecipes is simple and easy to follow along. One of the readers has commented that the seasonings are not enough, so estimate accordingly.


15. Bread Egg Pizza ॥ Bread Omelette Pizza ॥ Pizza Recipe By BD Food World

Too lazy to knead some pizza dough? Well, we’ve got you covered! Add some bread loaves atop of an omelet, flip it over, and decorate it with pizza sauce, toppings, and, of course, lots of cheese. Follow this recipe to make an egg pizza instantly!




This healthy and nutritious bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast pizza recipe by Barbara bakes features a whole wheat pizza crust. Unlike other sunny-side-up egg pizza recipes, the blogger uses scrambled eggs for the toppings in this recipe.


17. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Pizza!!

Prep all the ingredients the night before, and follow this recipe to quickly bake yourself a delish bacon, egg, and cheese pizza for breakfast the next morning. All the ingredients required to bake this cheesy perfection are mentioned in the description box.


18. Spinach-Egg Breakfast Pizzas


Spinach, egg, and cheesy goodness; the combination is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. The pizza has a calorie count of only 433. Many readers have loved this pizza and vouched that this recipe is also excellent for lunch and dinner, not only breakfast.


19. How To Make Egg Pizza – One Minute video

It is an Indian recipe for tortilla egg pizza. For those who don’t know, ‘chapati’ means tortilla. So, if you’re not a fan of using a tortilla as a pizza base, you can skip this recipe. If not, this is a simple and quick recipe to make an egg tortilla pizza in a pan.


20. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza


Bacon and eggs are American breakfast staples. However, this bacon and egg pizza recipe will truly level up your breakfast game. This 260 calorie breakfast pizza seems to be loved by many. Read the comment section if you want to learn more variations of this recipe!



An egg pizza recipe couldn’t be any simpler! Instead of spreading toppings on top of an already cooked egg base, this Youtuber adds sauce, cheese, and toppings atop while the eggs are still cooking. Once the pizza is grilled and cut open, the cheese pull is insane!


22. Hand-Tossed Pizza with Eggs


This hand-tossed pizza with eggs and arugula recipe by get cracking uses a simple set of regular pizza ingredients and gets ready in about 25 mins, excluding the time for pizza dough preparation. The calorie count for the pizza is 1025, and it serves 2 people.


23. Egg Pizza Recipe – My Original Recipe

Are you craving some omelet pizza? This egg pizza recipe is more of a fancy omelet than a pizza. But you can spice this recipe up by adding some pizza sauce and a lot of cheese atop the veggie-packed nutritious omelet base.


24. Breakfast Pizza Recipe with Tomatoes and Eggs


How about a savory pizza with tomatoes and eggs for breakfast? Lemon zest for pizza dough seasoning and goat cheese, basil, and tomatoes for the toppings take the flavor profile of this breakfast recipe to a whole new level!

To find a quick tip on making your pizza crust crispier without using a pizza stone, head over to the site.


25. TOMATOES & EGGS Two Ways | Breakfast Egg Pizza | Egg Breakfast Ideas | Omelette Pizza

If you’re not a fan of tomatoes, simply skip this recipe. More than a pizza, it is a tomato omelet recipe. If you’re craving ‘the pizza’ taste, make this omelet a base and spread some pizza sauce, cheese and toppings on the top, and cook for a few more minutes.


26. Zucchini and Egg Pizza


This zucchini, chicken, and egg pizza recipe is super healthy and a great way to sneak veggies into your kids’ diet. Learn how to make grated zucchini pizza base on top of which you’ll add healthy toppings and crack a few eggs for that beautiful sunny-side-up effect.


27. Egg Pizza | Instant Healthy Recipe | Shorts

Here’s another tomato omelet recipe! As we’ve said before, if you’re looking for that pizza-like taste, this recipe will surely disappoint you. Nevertheless, it is a great breakfast option, and you can always decorate it with some cheese and toppings!


28. Bacon and Egg Pizza with Basil Oil


If you don’t have basil oil, you can also use pesto for this recipe. Though the recipe includes pizza base preparation, you can always use a pre-made pizza base for this recipe. For those of you who prefer video recipes, there’s one attached at the end of the blog.


29. ZERO CARB CRUST PIZZA! How to Make Keto Meat Lovers Pizza Recipe

You don’t have to cut down on your favorite snack just because you’re following a keto meal plan. This zero-carb crust pizza baked into a golden perfection will make your day! This fantastic recipe features a thin and cheesy egg pizza base.


30. Egg and Avocado Breakfast Pizza


Bacon, avocado, eggs, and tomatoes; that’s an excellent nutrition-packed combo! The blogger from tbsp. uses the Pillsbury pizza crust for this recipe. The total calorie of this sunny-side-up egg pizza is 413.6 and serves 6 people.


31. LOW CARB KETO EGG PIZZA | Easy Low Carb Breakfast

Pineapple on pizza; yay or nay? If that’s a ‘No’ for you, avoid adding pineapple atop the omelet base or skip this recipe altogether. For those who believe that pineapple belongs to a pizza, this combination of sausage, mushroom, pineapple toppings will surely be a hit!


32. Country Ham, Egg, and Kale Breakfast Pizza


The blogger from My Modern Cookery claims that a thin and crispy crust is just what is needed for the recipe. So, make sure you make your dough as thin as possible, or else you can also use pre-made sheet doughs.


33. Egg Pizza without cheese pizza recipe

Instead of using cheese to glue the base and the toppings together into one delish pizza, this Youtuber uses eggs instead! So, if you’re looking for a cheese-less pizza recipe, this one might be perfect for you.


34. Pizza Eggs


This unique egg pizza recipe will blow your mind away! These mini-pizzas are perfect as snacks when inviting guests over. What’s more, these are so easy to make. We’d highly recommend you check this recipe out!


35. HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT PIZZA – Egg and Bacon Aussie Pizza

How about an egg and bacon Aussie pizza? You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Instead of pizza sauce, the Youtuber uses a barbeque sauce in the recipe. We’re sure it would provide an extra oomph to the flavor profile of this pizza. What do you think?


There are endless ways to play with pizza bases, toppings, shapes, sizes, and flavors. But when health and nutrition come into account, replacing the high-carb crusts with eggs or simply adding eggs atop of the pizza base makes a whole lot of difference!

What’s more, egg pizzas are equally delicious, and there are a variety of recipes to play with! Here were our 35 feasts for the eyes and mouth egg pizza recipes. Be creative with the toppings, and enjoy!

35 Best Eggs Pizza Recipes



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