30 Best English Muffin Pizza Recipes (Easy Dinner Ideas)

English muffin pizzas are a great alternative for a party. They are practical because each guest can have their own with no need to divide a big pizza into slices. Besides, you can top them with different ingredients to include everyone present at the event.

english muffin pizza

There are infinite possibilities regarding toppings and crust when it comes to English muffin pizzas. Fortunately for you, we have done some research and found the 30 best English muffin pizza recipes. Here’s our list!

1. Fast and Easy English Muffin Pizza


This recipe is great because of its simplicity. It takes no more than 20 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve. This is a great advantage for those moments where the clock runs and you need something prepared right away. These are classic English muffin pizzas, but you can choose your preferred topping to go with them.


2. Chef Paul’s English Muffin Pizza

Have you ever thought of having eight – or even more – pizzas done within minutes? Chef Paul tells you how to do so in this recipe. Depending on the size of the oven tray, you can have as many English muffin pizzas ready to serve within minutes. What’s even better, each serving has a different topping!


3. Jenn’s English Muffin Pizza


Jenn’s recipe for English muffin pizza has a twist. Remembering her mother’s way of preparing them, she gives the crust special attention. Even though they are already prepared, she puts them on the toaster to get a crispier crust when she takes them out of the oven. A great way of making a difference.


4. Patiently Homemade English Muffin Pizza

Alternatives are infinite when it comes to English muffin pizzas. Here, you will learn different styles, such as pepperoni, mushrooms, prosciutto, and cheddar. Find the ones you like the most, or try them all out at once. Fun and easy to prepare, this recipe shows you how to have them your own way!


5. Pepperoni English Muffin Pizza


For pepperoni fans, this recipe for English muffin pizza will be a blast! The right number of toppings for an exquisite blend of flavors. A must-try when planning to cook something simple, easy to prepare, and fast. Besides, muffin pizzas are a fun way of having a meal, too! Try it out and amuse your guests.


6. Dude Food’s English Muffin Pizza

Whether it is for lunch, dinner, an afternoon snack, or even breakfast – yes, that’s right -, English muffin pizzas are a great choice. They can be adjusted to the type of meal and number of guests. Here is a simple step-by-step guide of how to prepare them in no time. Go ahead and enjoy!


7. Four-in-One English Muffin Pizza


This recipe brings not one, but four different varieties of English muffin pizza for you to try. Whether it is a four-cheese one, with mozzarella, white cheddar, muenster, and parmesan cheese, or a sweet & salty mini-pizza with marmalade, goat cheese, sliced pear, and prosciutto, there is always a pie for each guest.


8. Ground Beef English Muffin Pizza

A great variety for English muffin pizza is introduced here. Including ground beef, shredded cheese, salt, and pepper, this alternative is easy to prepare, and you can clean up as they are being cooked. So, whenever they are ready, the only thing left to do is to enjoy a great meal prepared within just a few minutes.


9. English Muffin Pizzas Ideal for Kids


If making your kids eat whatever is served on their plate is a difficult task for you, this recipe has the solution. An easy and fun way of cooking and eating English muffin pizzas is the secret. They can even help you out while preparing them, so it will be entertaining from beginning to end. Try it out!


 10. Crispy-Crust English Muffin Pizzas

For those who love their crust to be crispy, here’s how to do it. Don’t let the sauce sink into your English muffin crust and leave it all soft and gummy-like. After lightly heating them in the oven, add some Italian sausage, sauce, and shredded cheese to create a tasty meal. You can even let your guests choose the toppings.


11. Mexican-Style English Muffin Pizzas


Give your English muffin pizzas a Mexican twist and have everyone enjoy your homemade meal. Mexican cheese blend, black beans, corn, jalapeño slices, ripe avocado, and cilantro. You can adjust them to your preference, but this ingredient mixture is awesome. Don’t make them too spicy, though!


12. Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas

These mini pizzas are not prepared with English muffins but are still a great alternative. Prepare your dough, and stop wasting any leftovers from previous meals. Look for the best ingredient combination, or create one of your own with these easy-to-make mini pizzas. A new meal out of what’s left from yesterday!


13. Pepperoni & Veggie English Muffin Pizzas


This delivery of English muffin pizzas brings a new combination. Pepperoni and vegetables are mixed to get a healthy and tasty meal for you, your family, and your friends. Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni slices, bell pepper, and onion blend in fantastically to serve a warm and easy meal within minutes of preparation.


 14. Lynda’s English Muffin Pizza

In this recipe, Lynda brings some new ingredients to put on top of your English muffin pizza. Along with your favorite pizza sauce and shredded cheese, add some ham and onions. Top them up with pepperoni and peppers, and you will get a delightful meal in less than twenty minutes.


 15. English Muffin Pizza for Breakfast


Who said you can’t have pizza for breakfast? Well, you can! Surprise your family with a great meal to start the day. What’s best, you can have your children eat vegetables in a fun way during that time of the day. A pretty good deal, isn’t it? Try it out, and see the reaction on their faces when you ask them “who wants pizza for breakfast?”.


16.  Grilled English Muffin Pizza

If you love grilling your food, here’s a good piece of news for you. You can make English muffin pizzas this way!  The BBQ Pit Boys tell you exactly how to do them. Give your meal that extra taste only grills can provide, and have fun preparing your mini pizzas on a sunny warm day. You will not regret it!


17. Air Fryer English Muffin Pizza


Another cooking alternative when thinking of English muffin pizzas is to use your air fryer. You can even freeze your mini pizzas and wait for a moment when time becomes most valuable. Have them ready within minutes and don’t let taste escape while preparing them by using your air fryer.


18.  Barbecue Chicken English Muffin Pizza

Try a completely new way of preparing your English muffin pizzas with this recipe. A tasty option that includes shredded cooked chicken, parsley, chopped shallot, mozzarella cheese, and barbecue sauce. A great combination of ingredients for an even greater meal. An unforgettable taste you will want to repeat soon!


19. Weight-Watchers English Muffin Pizza


This recipe brings new alternatives for your English muffin pizza preparation. With a base of mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and – of course – your English muffins split in half, toppings can go from Canadian bacon to crumbled sausage. And if you want to be an adventurous cook, try topping them with pineapple or mushrooms!


20.  Homemade Dough English Muffin Pizzas

Some people like buying their dough. Others prefer preparing their meals from scratch. If you belong to this second group of homemade meal fans, this recipe brings a great way of having your dough prepared for your English muffin pizzas. Top them with pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, or any other ingredient of your preference!


21. Veggie English Muffin Pizzas


Go for a healthy and tasty meal for your family and friends with this veggie recipe for English muffin pizzas. This recipe includes fresh mushroom slices and chopped green peppers on top of toasted whole wheat English muffins. It also combines shredded mozzarella cheese and reduced-fat parmesan topping.


22.  Hamilton Beach English Muffin Pizza

English muffin pizzas are a kind of pizza. So why wouldn’t you be able to cook them in your Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker? Try it out to get the most out of their taste, and have your mini pizzas done within minutes of an easy cooking method. Add the toppings of your preference, and enjoy!


23. English Muffin Cheeseburger Pizza


Cheeseburger pizza is a great pizza variety. And when you add the English muffin alternative, they are not only tasty but also fun to prepare and eat! 95% lean ground beef, pasta sauce, diced onion, and red bell pepper. Add some Italian seasoning and top them up with shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese.


24. Egg-Free English Muffin Pizza

Prepare your English muffin pizza from scratch to have an egg-free crust. This recipe shows you the easiest way to prepare your mini pizzas, dough included! Top them with vegetables and cheese to have a great pizza-flavored muffin for you and your family. Another great and fun way of taking care of your children’s health.


25. English Muffin Grilled Cheese Pizzas


Don’t you love the taste and texture of grilled cheese? This recipe for English muffin pizzas reveals the secret to having the perfect combination of both. The secret? Cut it into halves after cooking them and letting both sides toast, while cheese in the middle melts temptingly. The butter in this recipe also provides a great taste!


26. Meatless English Muffin Pizza

Not all great pizzas carry meat on top of them. This recipe brings a great alternative for those who prefer to stay away from meat ingredients. Including mozzarella and cheddar shredded cheese, tomato ketchup, olives, and jalapeños, you can have a tasty meal that avoids any kind of meat. It also gives hints on where to buy the different ingredients!


27. Super Healthy English Muffin Pizza


This super healthy recipe for English muffin pizzas is a great way of having your kids eat vegetables in a fun way. Including spaghetti or marinara sauce, green bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, and jumbo black olives, there is no way they won’t eat them. You can even distribute them in a smiley face to make them even more fun!


28.  Cherry and Basil English Muffin Pizza

Cherries on top of a pizza? Yes! Believe it or not, this is a great addition to your mini pizzas. Have a great mixture of flavors with this English muffin pizza recipe. Rory brings his grandmother’s recipe for you to try out and share with your family and friends. A great meal or afternoon snack!


29. The Ultimate English Muffin Pizza


Why alter between your favorite ingredients instead of having them all together and create a great English muffin pizza you’ll surely love? Canadian bacon, pepperoni, black olives, green onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and pineapple. Of course, all of them are topped with your favorite shredded cheese!


30.  No Onion nor Garlic English Muffin Pizza

Onion or garlic sometimes gives such a strong taste to our meals that we cannot enjoy the rest of the ingredients on top of our pizza. Check out how to prepare your own English muffin pizza dough, and top them with alternatives that will blend in perfectly. Let spicy and strong tastes at a side!


So, these are our 30 best English muffin pizza recipes. Whether they are veggie, meatless, on top of homemade dough, or one bought from the store, all of them are easy and fun to prepare. Have you tried any of them? Share your experiences with the community by commenting!

30 Best English Muffin Pizza Recipes



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