How to Use a Pizza Stone?

To prepare any food or even do any work, you need tools to help you achieve your aim. Cooking a pizza requires cooking utensils for you to come up with a beautiful pizza.

The pizza stone is the utensil that helps you prepare your pizza. If you are the type that loves to cook your food, it would be essential to know how to use the pizza stone, which is essential.

If you are interested in knowing what a pizza stone is and how to use it, this article will help you achieve this aim.

What is a Pizza Stone?

Pizza Stone using guides

A pizza stone is like a pot that you use to cook food. The pizza stone is a flat slate made from ceramic, steel, cordierite, or stones used to hold the pizza in the oven.  When using this slab, you place it in the oven, and the dough for your pizza sits on it.

You usually have to place this stone in the oven and preheat it before you place the dough. This is because the pizza stone can hold on to heat. When you place your dough on it, it helps cook and dry the pizza dough, avoiding your dough from being too wet and foggy and burning up.

This pizza stone helps your pizza crust to be crispy. The crust is not the only part of the pizza that benefits from the pizza stone. Even the toppings benefit from the pizza stone because the heat can move through the crust to your pizza toppings.

You can find thin pizza stones and some that are thick. The thick stones work better because they can absorb more heat, which is more helpful. If you have a thick pizza stone, you would need to place it in the oven much earlier than if you were using a thin pizza stone.


Some people wonder if they can season their pizza stone to give their pizza more flavor. Well, I would advise against you seasoning your pizza stone. This is because the pizza stone has pores that help absorb water to have a crispy crust. If you were to season your stone, you would block these pores.

If you block these pores, then your efforts at getting a crispy crust will be defeated. So it is advisable not to season your pizza stone.

How to Use a Pizza Stone

The list below are steps that you should take if you are hoping to use your pizza stone for cooking a pizza at home;

  1. The first step you need to take is to place your pizza stone in a cold oven. Place it on the middle rack or the bottom rack. This will prevent your dough from being too close to the heat from the topmost part of the oven.
  2. Secondly, close your oven and preheat it to about 450 Fahrenheit. This will enable the oven to be warm. It will also make the pizza stone absorb heat, making it easier for the crust to have that crispy feel.
  3. Sprinkle some cornmeal on the paddle where you place your dough while putting your toppings. These particles of cornmeal will stop your dough from sticking to the pizza stone.
  4. Using your paddle, slide your pizza dough and its topping onto the pizza stone in the oven. It would help to be careful while doing this not to burn yourself from the oven’s heat.
  5. Allow your pizza to cook for 10 minutes, after which your pizza will be in perfect shape for consumption. Check to make sure that the bottom part of your crust is dry and crispy. Some people prefer to toss their pizza the other way in-between to allow both sides to be evenly cooked. You will be the judge of this. It is up to you to decide what works best for you.
  6. Put off the oven and take off your pizza stone and allow it to cool off. When the pizza stone has cooled off, wash it with warm water without using any soap or detergent.


You should avoid putting a cold pizza stone in a hot oven. This can crack the pizza stone. Begin by placing the pizza stone in the lower rack of an oven that is not heated. Then put on the oven and preheat it to 450 degrees Degree to warm the oven.

Why use a pizza stone?

Use a Pizza Stone

There are metal pans that you could use in your oven to bake your pizza. But these metal pans are not as effective as possible when it comes to having an excellent pizza; this is because the metal pans can’t absorb evaporated steam on the pan’s surface. This makes your crust to be soggy rather than crispy and dry.

On the other hand, Pizza stones have cracks and crevices that allow the water and evaporating steam on its surface to escape. When this happens, your dough, which sits on the pizza stone, becomes more crispy than soggy.

If you were to choose between a pizza stone and a pizza metal pan, I would advise you to go with the pizza stone; it is more effective. Why would you decide to have a soggy crust when you can enjoy a crispy pizza crust?

Care for your pizza stone

It is important not to wash your pizza stone with soap because it can absorb this detergent, which might give your pizza a bad taste and smell. When you wash your pizza stone with warm water, it is advisable to air it for it to get dried up before using it again.

It is also advisable not to put your pizza stone in the oven to dry up. The heat from the oven can crack up your pizza stone, thereby causing damage. Air the stone and let it dry up naturally.

Do not use a knife or cutter on a pizza stone as this can damage the pizza stone. If you have to slice your pizza, make sure you transfer it to another flat surface before you do the slicing.

If any particle from your pizza gets stuck to the pizza stone, use a spatula to clean it off instead of scraping it with a knife or sharp object.

If you are looking to clean the pizza stone, watch the video below.


Knowing how to use your pizza stone will determine how your pizza will turn out. It is vital to go through these steps again and have them at your fingertips. If you are going to cook your pizza, then you should enjoy it.

I hope this article has shed some light and has been able to guide you. Go and bake some greatness; a pizza meal never goes wrong.

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