14 Paleo Pizza Crust Recipes – Best for Your Diet

Everyone loves pizza!

But, those following a paleo diet cannot join the hype with classic pizza because its crust is grain-based and high in carbohydrates. It becomes frustrating not to have the food you are craving.

Paleo Pizza Crust

However, with some alternatives and creativity, there is still a chance you can enjoy pizza! These paleo crust recipes help us enjoy pizza without feeling guilty.

Let’s turn the traditional crust into a delicious paleo pizza crust to align with your diet. Here are 14 paleo pizza crust recipes you can try.

1. Authentic Paleo Pizza

Authentic Paleo Pizza

We all want it closer to the classic, so this authentic paleo pizza recipe gives its crust a chewy texture and crispy edges—the almond and tapioca flour works together to mimic the all-purpose flour of the classic pizza recipe. Instant yeast and honey give the pizza crust a characteristic flavor.

This recipe tops with marinara sauce, pepperoni, thinly sliced red onion, cashew ricotta, and basil leaves. But you can treat this authentic paleo pizza recipe like a canvas and experiment with your toppings to add more flavor.


2. Carrot + Celery Root Pizza Crust

The paleo diet is already healthy, and this recipe made it more as it uses grated carrots and celery for crust.

Grating carrots and celery can be a nuisance, but you will appreciate its characteristic and taste once the vegetable dough is baked.

This pizza recipe is actually a pizza margherita, but paleo version. It is abundant with tomato paste, oregano, basil, and mozzarella cheese. But, if you are strict on the paleo diet seriously, do not add cheese on your toppings.

You can substitute your toppings with roasted garlic and caramelized onion.


3. Almond Flour Pizza Crust

Almond Flour Pizza Crust

Craving for a New York-style pizza but on a diet? This one’s for you!

This paleo pizza crust recipe is also for vegans. You can use the flaxseed meal or ground chianseeds to substitute the eeg ingredient. You can have it with keto fruits and vegetables to enjoy your pizza without feeling guitly.

What’s more exciting? You can have this almond flour crust in over 30 minutes. [33 Best Keto Pizza Sauce Recipes To Try Tonight]


4. Broccoli Kale Pizza Crust

If you check the nutrition facts of commercial broccoli kale pizza crusts at the grocery store, they are loaded with carbs and starches and are not even deliciously crispy! This recipe makes a dairy-free and low-carbohydrate pizza crust possible to be crispy and delicious.

There is a technique to make the crust crispy when using broccoli and kale. After baking the broccoli and boiling the kale, squeeze out the water as much as possible before mixing the other ingredients. Broccoli kale pizza crust pairs well with mushroom, onions, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce, but you can always experiment with a variety of toppings that you want.


5. Nut-Free Paleo Pizza Crust

Nut-Free Paleo Pizza Crust

Allergic to nuts and on a paleo diet? You have the right to crave for pizza now! This nut-free paleo pizza crust will satisfy your cravings. The almond flour is replaced with cassava flour and coconut flour. If coconut flour is unavailable in the market near you, use buckwheat flour or white rice flour.

The recipe uses dairy cheese, but if you prefer to have a dairy-free pizza, you can have parmesan.


6. Candida Paleo Low-Carb Healthy Pizza Recipe

Diet may affect our skin condition, just like the recipe owner, he had a hard time figuring out where to find a delicious pizza without triggering his acne. Several vegans and paleo pizzas on the market are not Candida-friendly. That’s when the recipe owner did great creativity towards his paleo pizza recipe.

The recipe uses almond flour, oat bran, or oatmeal for the pizza crust. Besides the crust, the recipe owner also shared his recipe for the pizza sauce from scratch. So, if you are conscious with your skin, this paleo pizza recipe is best to try.

Enjoy your favorite comfort food without worrying about acne breakouts.


7. Cassava Flour Pizza Crust Recipe (Gluten-Free, Paleo)

Cassava Flour Pizza Crust Recipe (Gluten-Free, Paleo)

The recipe uses cassava flour for its dough. When doing this recipe, you must measure the exact ingredients amounts to ensure it does not dry. You can pre-bake the crust for 5 minutes to make it crispier before you place the toppings.

This recipe showcases its no-cook homemade pizza sauce. You can also give your paleo pizza a fun twist! Add herbs and spices to the dough, such as oregano, garlic powder, or red pepper flakes.


8. The Urban Poser’s Paleo Pizza Crust

If you want a doughy, flavorful, and artisan-style paleo pizza, this recipe will satisfy your cravings. The recipe uses egg and steam, rather than yeast, to raise the dough and ensure its crust is even and not too thick to roll it out.

The only toppings introduced in this recipe are shredded goat cheese, pepperoni, and rosemary. You can add another topping or experiment with different herbs and spices to add flavor.


9. Paleo Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Paleo Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Most paleo pizza crust uses almond flour and arrowroot, so we assume each recipe use them. But this recipe has a twist; the recipe owner uses baked sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes may be sweet, but have a lower glycemic index, so it is safe for those with a strict paleo diet.

Besides being safe for those on a diet, it is rich in Vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber. These nutritional contents are not in a traditional wheat pizza crust. Nothing’s better than enjoying your cravings without worrying about your health.


10. No-Yeast Paleo Pizza Crust

No-Yeast Paleo Pizza Crust

When most paleo pizza crust uses yeast, you cannot find yeast in this recipe. Yes, this recipe is different from the list. This recipe uses yogurt, and if you do not like dairy, you can use dairy-free yogurt. Some add avocado oil or ghee to the crust to give a more distinct taste to the pizza.

The recipe owner sprinkles vegan parmesan and vegetables for the pizza toppings.


11. Paleo Pizza Crust with a Yuca Dough Crust

Most dough in this list of paleo pizza recipes is made of almond flour and coconut flour. But this recipe is different; it uses mashed yuca and coconut flour. It might be a challenge for some to find yuca; they are mostly available in Latin American grocery stores.

You have to pay attention to how to prepare the mashed yuca. Make sure to squeeze out all the water from the grated yuca before mixing it with the other ingredients. You also have to keep the other wet ingredients in an adequate amount. It is important to note that yuca becomes soggy easily when overly moist.

The toppings are sliced red onion, bell pepper, tomato, arugula, and black olives.


12. Butternut Squash Paleo Pizza Crust

Butternut Squash Paleo Pizza Crust

This is the unique paleo crust recipe on the list. You do not need almond flour, yeast, or other ingredients to create a dough. You only need a butternut squash that you can cut into small rounds. Its sweet and rich earthy flavor pairs well with vegan cheese, goat cheese, dairy cheese, basil, or other fresh herbs to enhance its flavor.

The recipe might have caught you off guard, but yep. It is that easy to have a paleo pizza. If you like a thinner crust, spread the butternut squash mixture more thinly on the pan. Do not hesitate to experiment with different toppings to create your perfect pizza.


13. Chicken Florentine Pizza

Let’s skip the process of making the dough this time. No more grating and kneading. This recipe uses a siete burrito tortilla as its pizza crust. But do not worry! The tortilla is made with cassava, coconut, and tapioca flour, perfect for your paleo diet.

The recipe owner shares the toppings in this recipe: blanched spinach and cooked chicken. It is up to you how the chicken is done; some use leftover rotisserie chicken for their pizza. You can have kale or arugula if you do not have any spinach at home.


14. Thin Crust Chicken Pesto Paleo Pizza

Thin Crust Chicken Pesto Paleo Pizza

If you are already a fan of paleo pizza and wonder how to make them more delicious without breaking the paleo diet, this recipe is for you. It makes your bare paleo pizza crust a bomb with its delicious Mediterranean toppings. You would not believe it; its topping is chicken pesto!

Even its pizza crust has its characteristic: garlic granules and cracked peppers to add a unique taste. The healthy low carbohydrate garlic herb crust is topped with chicken breast, dairy-free basil pesto, mushrooms, kalamata olives, and red onion. Something you should try.


Finally! People on a paleo diet can have pizza without feeling guilty. You can now have the pizza you crave.

We hope you love these delicious and healthy paleo pizza crust recipes. One or two among them fits your taste. You can try out these recipes and experiment with your variations to make a paleo pizza crust that suits your palate.

Satisfy your cravings without ruining your diet goals.

14 Paleo Pizza Crust Recipes – Best for Your Diet


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