35 Best Sheet Pan Pizza Recipes

Sheet pan pizzas, which include the style known as ‘Grandma pie’ originating from Long Island, New York, are pizzas baked to golden perfection in large sheet pans. Though sheet pan pizzas are famous for their non-fancy appearance, they can surely fill plenty of hungry tummies!

35 Best Sheet Pan Pizza Recipes pin

So, if you’ve got a gigantic family or you’re planning a get-together, these 35 delish sheet pan pizza recipes will surely come in handy! Let’s dig in!

1. Sheet Pan Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza with Cauliflower


The major topping ingredients for this flavor-packed sheet pan pizza are chicken, Alfredo sauce, cauliflower, and bacon. Rich and creamy Alfredo sauce is used instead of traditional pizza sauce in the recipe.


2. Homemade Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe

Do you own a wood-fired oven? If yes, you should definitely try this recipe out! This ground beef, mushroom, and optionally tuna-topped pizza recipe will surely offer a unique flavor experience.


3. Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe


Family dinner? Pizza party? Get-together? Don’t worry! The blogger from Sweet Phi has got you covered! This classic cheesy pepperoni sheet pan pizza is a visual and culinary feast. Follow this fantastic elaborate recipe to bake one for your family.


4. Carla Makes Sheet Pan Pizza | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit has come up with this excellent sheet pan pizza recipe. The use of hot soppressata definitely elevates this grandma-style pizza’s flavor profile. The description box says – if you want the pizza to be spicier, use twice as much hot soppressata!


5. Sheet Pan Sicilian Pizza Recipe


If you love thick bread-like pizza crust, follow this recipe by Chef Billy Parisi. This sheet pan pizza recipe is quite elaborative, and you can also find all the essential tips on how to reheat and how to store this pizza.


6. Best Sicilian Pizza Recipe | Crispy Sheet Pan Pizza | Homemade Pizza Recipe | How to make pizza

With all the positive reviews and appreciative comments in the comment section, this sheet pan pizza seems to have won many hearts. This pizza has a thick and crunchy crust and airy and fluffy crumbs. You can find all the written directions in the description box.


7. How To Make Classic Sheet Pan Pizza (Grandma Pie)


Do you want to know what the key steps of baking a classic sheet pan pizza are? If yes, head over to this recipe right away! This ultimate meat lovers’ pizza recipe uses pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and mushrooms for the toppings.


8. No-Knead, Sheet Pan Pizza. Is this the best way to make pizza at home?

When it comes to pizza making, the worst part is to knead that sticky dough, isn’t it? Well, we’ve got you covered! This no-knead sheet pan pizza recipe is all you need! The best turns out to be crispy with airy and fluffy crumps. Perfect, isn’t it?


9. Double-stuffed Sheet Pan Pizza


Make a mouthwatering double stuffed sheet pan pizza for your loved ones! The reviews are fantastic. The only complaint the readers have is that if the dough is not made thin enough, there will be too much bread. So, work that arm muscles and roll the dough thin!


10. How to Make Pan Pizza | Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe, The Easy Way!

The Youtuber claims that his recipe is the easiest way to bake a sheet pan pizza. He says – crunchy crust, crispy pepperoni, and cheese under the sauce! Watch this tutorial to find out the recipe for this fabulous pizza, loved and appreciated by many of his viewers.




Be it for school snacks or a quick dinner recipe, this sheet pan Margherita pizza will be a hit either way! The ingredient list is pretty basic, and the recipe is easy to follow along. Give this recipe a try! We’re sure you won’t regret it!



Everything is better when it’s homemade! From making the sheet pan pizza dough to making the sauce, this Youtuber does it all by himself. The crust looks thin and crunchy, and the pizza – rich and cheesy with classic crispy pepperoni on top.


13. Meat Lovers’ Sheet Pan Pizza


Here’s another meat lovers’ sheet pan pizza recipe! This recipe promises you a crispy crust, and the best pan you can use for this recipe is a quarter-sheet pan.

Italian sausage, ham, and pepperoni are used for the toppings and the blogger highly recommends using a no-knead dough for this recipe.


14. How to make- the best Sheet pan Pizza (Grandma pie)

Make the ‘Italian Grandma’ classic by following this sheet pan pizza recipe by Cooking with Kyo. The comment section is truly encouraging. Running out of pizza sauce? Follow along with the tutorial to make it from scratch!


15. Sheet Pan Pizza With Asparagus and Arugula


This sheet pan pizza with asparagus and arugula is truly nutrition-packed. Salads and herbs such as asparagus, arugula, and Italian parsley are truly the stars of the recipe. Though it is optional, you can also add pancetta slices atop of the pizza for that extra flavor boost.


16. How to Make Sheet Pan Pizza Dough (a.k.a. Grandma Pizza Dough / Sicilian Pizza Dough)

Finding a perfect go-to recipe for sheet pan pizza dough can be challenging. This sheet pan pizza dough recipe, however, seems to be promising! Follow the recipe to make a fantastic pizza crust and decorate it with cheese, sauce, and, of course, your favorite toppings.


17. Easy, No-Knead Sheet Pan Pizza


Since sheet pan pizza is often baked in large sheet pans, the amount of dough required is big as well. And kneading it, well, we all know the pain! To your rescue, we’ve added this no-knead sheet pan pizza recipe by mom’s kitchen handbook to our list of favorites.


18. The EASIEST Homemade Pizza (Sheet Pan) with a CRISPY CRUST – NO PIZZA STONE Needed

Crispy crust without using pizza stones? You read that right! The Youtuber from Danlicious food has come up with this excellent sheet pan pizza dough recipe that doesn’t need any pizza stones or pans to get a crispy crust. Use toppings you desire, and enjoy!


19. Spring Onion and Salami Sheet-Pan Pizza


A quick tip for you – bring your pizza dough to room temperature before meddling with it. Else, the dough will shrink from your pan edges due to gluten not being relaxed enough. The ingredient list for this recipe is quite impressive, and the directions are well elaborated.


20. How To Make PAN PIZZA! Homemade Sheet Pan Pizza

This recipe uses sausage, mushroom, and pineapple for the pizza toppings. If you’re not a fan of pineapple on a pizza, you can easily replace it with some classic pepperoni or simply add more variety of cheese for that insane cheese burst in your mouth.


21. Sheet Pan Pizza with Corn, Tomatoes, and Sausage Recipe


The sausage and tomato combination in this recipe cooks together to create a rich, saucy base for the rest of the toppings. A handy note by the blogger – if you’re a crispy-dough kind of a person, par-cook the crust before adding the toppings to it.


22. Sheet Pan Cheese-Stuffed-Crust Pizza | Pillsbury Recipe

The boring part of the pizza isn’t boring anymore! In this recipe, the Youtuber stuffs the sides of the crust with some string cheese sticks. As usual, the remaining crust is stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, and many other healthy toppings.


23. Sheet Pan Pizza {Make-Ahead Whole Wheat Recipe }


If you’re trying to eat clean, this whole wheat sheet pan recipe might just be the one for you. The blogger mentions that she has been making this pizza for more than 15 years. She has also shared a list of healthy sauces and toppings that go well with the sheet pan pizza.



This mini-kebab sheet pan pizza looks so delicious and cheesy yet effortless to make. The Youtuber also demonstrates how to make mini-kebabs, which can be stored in the freezer for 3 weeks.

Furthermore, he also prepares dough and pizza sauce from scratch, making it easier for his viewers to follow along.


25. Sheet Pan Pizza Bianca with Potatoes and Sage


Potato, garlic, and cheese toppings combination in this sheet pan pizza recipe is a sure hit! The sourdough crust elevates the flavor profile of this pizza like no other. And, the tangy softness of sourdough and freshness of herbs, like sage, is sure to give a major flavor burst.


26. Homemade Pan Pizza | Chicken PizHza Recipe | Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe

How about a delicious chicken patties sheet pan pizza? This Youtuber from Cooking With Safina realized that there well plenty of information missing in sheet pan pizza recipes available on the internet. So, she decided to create a recipe video herself. Check it out!


27. Sheet Pan BBQ Blue Cheese Chicken Pizza


A delish BBQ blue cheese chicken pizza not only comes with a burst of sweet and savory flavor, but also with a long list of ingredients! However, the process is fairly simple. So, if you’re down for it, this BBQ chicken sheet pan pizza will make a great family dinner.


28. Cookie Sheet Pan Pizza: The Family Recipe

The special ingredients for this recipe are warmth and love! The Youtuber Lynn Chen shares her family sheet pan pizza recipe with her viewers. There’s a story behind the recipe, and what better than a ‘Grandma pizza’ recipe being prepared by a Grandma?


29. Sheet Pan Pizza With Homemade Dough Recipe


Not every sheet pan pizza includes a pizza dough recipe. Well, in this recipe by fourganic sisters, you will find a step by step instruction on how to make thick and crispy yet chewy pizza dough. The dough can fill up a 12 X 18 sheet pan without much effort.


30. Easy Sheet Pan Pizza | Homemade Pizza

In this video, the Youtuber from City Foodie Farm shares one of her favorite sheet pan pizza recipes. The comment section is filled with appreciative comments. If you loved this recipe, make sure you follow her recipe for pizza dough and sauce as well.




This 4-step easy recipe is all you need to enjoy a delicious chicken cheese steak pizza! Saute the chicken with some seasonings, stretch the dough, add the toppings, bake, and serve! Perdue has a fantastic range of delicious recipes. Make sure to check them out!


32. Sheet Pan Quinoa Pizza Crust

Looking for a replacement for all-purpose flour pizza crust? Why not try this sheet pan quinoa pizza crust recipe by Tasty. Many have complaints that this recipe uses too much cheese. So, take this recipe as a guide and make all the necessary amendments.


33. Easy Keto Sheet Pan Pizza


To our fellow keto dieters, we’ve got something for you as well! This keto sheet pan pizza uses a fathead pizza base. Fathead pizza dough is gluten-free and low-carb.

Also, find incredibly helpful tips on preparing fathead dough and a recipe for preparing a low-carb pizza sauce in this recipe.


34. The Best Sheet Pan PEPPERONI PIZZA Recipe

This sheet pan recipe by Sip and Feast uses Boar’s Head natural casing pepperoni and Calabrian chilli paste. But if you’re not a spicy pizza type of person, avoid using chilli paste. All the ingredients and directions are mentioned in the description box.


35. Sheet Pan Pizza Chicken


Use boneless chicken breasts instead of flour for crusts and bake some delish chicken pizzas for your family. This unique recipe is zero-carb and makes a great snack for your family. What’s more, the comment section is all golden with 5-stars!



If you’re hosting a kids pizza party or an adult get-together, a sheet pan pizza is a no-brainer! Load the base with lots of cheese and toppings, and bake it until the base turns into crispy golden goodness! Which of these recipes made you drool the most? Let us know!

35 Best Sheet Pan Pizza Recipes



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