33 Best Grandma Pizza Recipes for Dinner

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Learning to bake a pizza? Start with a Grandma pie! Having friends or family over? Grandma pie! Love pizza squares instead of slices? Again, Grandma pies!

These 33 Grandma pizza recipes will guide you thoroughly on how to make this New York City staple. Let’s get started!

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1. What Is a Grandma Pizza? Vincent Rotolo of Good Pie Explains Grandma Pizza Pie

Before diving into fabulous Grandma pizza recipes, let’s learn its history and where it got its name from, shall we?

In this video by pizzatherapy, Vicent Rotolo, the pizza master at Good Pie in Las Vegas, explains what exactly Grandmother pie is and how it has been part of his pizzaiolo journey.


2. Chicken, Black Olive, and Provolone Grandma Pie


Where are our meat lovers at? Throw in some chicken, black olive, and provolone atop your Grandma pie dough and bake it into golden perfection. From the dough to the sauce, follow this recipe to a T to make finger-licking good Grandma pies at home!


3. Grandma-Style Pizza- Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

If you enjoy the classic pepperoni Grandma pie, look no further than this recipe. In this video by Everyday Food, Sarah Carey has shared a recipe for a fragrant, fluffy, golden-on-the-edges Grandma pizza that can easily feed a large group. A perfect recipe for your next pizza party!




Make a mouthwatering sweet sausage, hot soppressata, and fennel Grandma pie by following this recipe by Premio foods. The blogger further uses sweet soppressata and cubanelle peppers and three types of cheese – mozzarella, parmesan, and romano for the topping.


5. Sourdough Grandma Pizza (Pan Sheet Pizza) I A Knead to Bake

Do you love sourdough? Well, we do! If you do too, make sourdough Grandma pizza from scratch by following this recipe. All you need is basic pizza ingredients and a sourdough starter. Make the sauce from scratch too. Everything homemade!


6. Grandma Pizza with Mushrooms


Grandma pies are known for having distinctly thin crust. But some make their Grandma pie crust think. After all, it all comes down to individual preferences.

If you love the idea of baking a Grandma pie with a thick focaccia crust covered in mozzarella and seasoned mushrooms, follow this recipe by Baking in Bucks.


7. Homemade Pizza From Scratch – Grandma Style

If it’s a pizza, even the one with the most basic toppings (tomato, basil, and cheese) will also undoubtedly taste good!

So, if you don’t have a lot of veggies and meat items handy in your kitchen, follow this simple Grandma pie recipe by Alex Stirling Films. Find the ingredients and instructions in the description box.




Craving a basic cheese pizza? If you have your dough ready, brush olive oil atop it, sprinkle  Lawry’s Season Salt Crust Topping, and add plenty of cheese. Bake until the cheese becomes golden brown and bubbly. That’s it! Your Grandma pie is ready!


9. The Best Chicken Parmesan Pizza Ever!

Make Grandma pizza dough by following the Sip and feast’s first Grandma pizza episode. Once your dough is ready, make a delicious chicken parmesan Grandma pie by following this recipe.

All you need is chicken cutlets and basic pizza ingredients. Find all the instructions in the description box.


10. Cauliflower and Ricotta Grandma Pizza


Cauliflower crusts have a different fanbase amongst those who are on a keto diet. But it also makes a wonderful Grandma pie topping.

This cauliflower and ricotta Grandma pizza recipe take about 25 hours to prepare. So, if you have planned a pizza party tomorrow, you might as well get started right away!


11. Grandma Pizza – Learn How To Make The Best Pizza In The World

Sicilian prince has titled this recipe “The Best Pizza In the World.” Why don’t you find out yourself? The only toppings you’ll need are tomato, mozzarella, garlic, and basil. Though basic, this recipe can be highly addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!




One of the best things about big rectangular Grandma pies is that you can section the base and add various toppings combinations to them. Everyone’s desires are fulfilled!

Here, the blogger made half of it spinach and fresh ricotta pizza and the other half mushroom pizza. Or, if you loved this recipe, decorate an entire pie with spinach and ricotta. You’ll love it!


13. Sicilian and Grandma Pies with Professor Pizza

By now, you might have figured out that many people still confuse Grandma pies with Sicilian pies.

In this list alone, we’ve witnessed many recipes that bake a thick fluffy dough for their Grandma pies, whereas their crusts are supposed to be thin and crispy. Let’s clear the dought once and for all! Watch this video by Son of a Pizza Man.


14. Hot and Sweet Soppressata and Fennel Grandma (Pizza) Pie


Remy has plenty of mouthwatering recipes. For instance, just look at this hot and sweet soppressata and fennel Grandma pie recipe. We’re drooling already! Find all the ingredients, measurements and directions on the site.


15. Grandma Pie – Grilled Pizza on the Yoder Smokers YS640

Make a classic pepperoni Grandma pie by following this recipe tutorial by allthingsbbq. From dough to the sauce, follow this recipe to a T, and you’ll have finger-licking good Grandma pie for yourself to devour on!


16. Spicy Tuscan Kale and Ricotta Grandma Pie


Bake a simple spicy Tuscan kale and ricotta Grandma pie by following this recipe by bon appetit, or add some of the toppings of your choice. After all, in your kitchen, you’re the Pizzaiolo!

The grandma-style dough recipe is not given in this post. However, you can find the link to the dough recipe in the ingredients section.


17. Can Vodka Sauce Make Pizza Better?

Who said you couldn’t enjoy fancy pizzas Grandma-style? Sip and Feast has mentioned in the description box that the combination of a vodka sauce with the unique crispiness of a Grandma pizza makes one of the best flavor combinations.

Well, we’re for sure trying this recipe! What about you?


18. Grandma Pizza with Dried Tomatoes


Truth be told, Grandma pizza has no strict rules and regulations. You just make the type of dough you’re comfortable with and throw in toppings available to you in the kitchen. You can rest assured that the pizza will come out delicious.

In this recipe, the blogger has used Alfredo sauce, dried tomatoes, and parmesan.


19. #1 Guide To Making The PERFECT GRANDMA PIZZA

Who better teach you a Grandma pizza recipe, that originated in Long Island, than a Long Islander? Make a classic mozzarella and tomato Grandma pizza and drizzle garlic oil on top  – an absolute easy-to-follow without fail recipe for your next pizza party!


20. Apple Bacon Grandma Pizza


This recipe includes quite bold topping choices – apple, walnuts, Ferro and smoked mozz, Grana Padano, parsley, bacon, and gorgonzola. If you don’t have all these ingredients, it’s okay as well. Just use what you have and create a wonderful pie for yourself!


21. How to make- the best Sheet pan Pizza (Grandma pie)

Do you want to make the best sheet pan pizza? Or, like we love to call it – a Grandma pie. If yes, watch this video to bake a thick crust Grandma pizza just like you would enjoy at your favorite New York-style pizzerias. Find ingredients and measurements in the description box.




This forgiving sausage and greens grandma-style pizza recipe is on-point when it comes to flavor! The toppings combination is mozzarella, lemony ricotta, garlic, kale, and sausage. So, if you have these ingredients ready, this recipe by Brooklyn Supper is the one you ought to follow.


23. In the Kitchen with Audrey Kelly: Sicilian Pizza vs Grandma Pizza

If the difference between Grandma pizza and Sicilian pizza is still not clear to you, this video by PizzaTodayMagazine is a must-watch! Or, why don’t you try baking both and find out which type your palate loves the most? A quick note – ingredients and measurements are not clearly mentioned.


24. Iconic Grandma-Style Pan Pizza with Pepperoni Cups


A classic pepperoni pizza never goes out of style! The directions are elaborate, and the ingredients list is basic; a perfect recipe if you’re a noob in pizza-making. What’s more, this inexpensive recipe is capable of feeding a whole lot of people.


25. The Best Sheet Pan PEPPERONI PIZZA Recipe

Here’s another fabulous sheet pan pepperoni pizza recipe. Or, let’s just say as Sip and Feast – the best sheet pan pepperoni pizza recipe! To make the Grandma pizza dough used in this recipe, watch this video at first. And only then you can continue with this recipe.




How would you like a drunken Grandma pizza? We’re sure you’ll love it! A drunken Grandma pizza is simply a vodka sauce Grandma pizza. In addition to this fantastic recipe, you can find a lot of details regarding Grandma pizza in this post. We’d say it’s a must-read!


27. Italian Grandma Makes Pizza & Bread – Full Version

An Italian Grandma, Gina Petitti, making pizza and bread in this YouTube video by Buon-A-Petitti will surely put a smile on your face. And who could’ve made a better Grandma pizza than a Grandma?

If the video is too long for you, watch this short version instead. If you’d ask me, I could watch this gram do her kitchen things all day long! She’s adorable!




Topped with double mozzarella and salami, this Grandma pie recipe by Simply Delicious Food is a sure-hit in your next friends or family gathering. Bake this for them, and we’re sure they’ll keep licking their hands minutes after their plate is empty!



Make Grandma dough by following Sip and Feast’s first video of the Grandma pizza series. And for the toppings variations, check this playlist out! One of his recipes is a buffalo chicken pizza recipe.

Marinate some chicken, cook them for a couple of minutes, cut them into dices, and decorate the pizza base loaded with mozzarella with the dices. We’re drooling over this recipe!


30. Grandma Pie – Grilled Pizza on the Yoder Smokers YS640


From the dough to the sauce, you’ll find every recipe in this post by All Things Barbecue. The directions are also quite elaborate. So, if you’re a beginner in baking pizzas, you’ll love this recipe. They also have plenty of other lip-smacking recipes. Check them out!


31. The Difference Between a Sicilian Pizza and Grandma Pie (Learn to Make Both!)

If you’re inviting guests over, why not bake them a Sicilian pizza and a grandma pie? Though used by pizza-noobs interchangeably, there’s a bit of difference between the two. Learn the difference and also learn how to make both of these fantastic pizza variations. Details in the video!


32. Grandma pizza with salami and capsicum


Did you know that a simple tomato passata works excellent when it comes to topping a Grandma pie? But if you wish, add olive oil, herbs, and spices to make it thicker and richer. The choice is yours.

The blogger by goodfood in this recipe has topped his Grandma pie with capsicum, onion, salami, cheeses, and tomato passata.


33. bon appétits grandma pizza changed my life

Disclaimer – you need to start this recipe 24 hours in advance! So, if you’re looking for a quick Grandma recipe, this one is definitely not for you.

Arielle Goskie found this pizza recipe on bon appetit, and she says it changed her life! The link to the recipes is in the description box.



Grandma pizzas were prepared with love and care by grams of Italian-American neighborhood in order to nurture their loved ones. So it goes without saying that Grandma pizzas taste delightful!

With all these easy to follow wonderful recipes, you ought to bake one in your kitchen! Let us know which recipe you loved the most. We’re all ears!

33 Best Grandma Pizza Recipes



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