34 Best Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipes

Once you start making homemade pizzas, there’s no going back! You can bake it with love, experiment with exciting topping combos, and most importantly, be mindful of making it more healthy and nutritious.

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So, if you’re looking forward to adding some whole grain goodness to your pizza night, you’re at the right place! Here are the 34 best whole wheat pizza crust recipes. Let’s get started!

1. Homemade Whole wheat Pizza Crust


You cannot blame whole wheat crust for not being soft, fluffy, crispy, and tasty when you were doing it wrong all along, can you?

Well, this whole wheat pizza crust recipe by sally’s baking addiction will surprise you! Even if you’re a noob in pizza-making, you’ll find this recipe quite easy to follow along.


2. How to Make Amazing Whole wheat Pizza Crust | Allrecipes.com

This whole wheat pizza crust recipe by Allrecipes uses 2 cups of whole wheat flour and a cup of all-purpose flour. You might be wondering, why all-purpose flour?

Well, whole wheat flour is unprocessed and, thus, is very dense. So, using all-purpose flour in one third or half-half ratio results in a tasty and fluffy whole wheat pizza crust.


3. Easy Whole wheat Pizza Dough


Forgot to prepare pizza dough beforehand and out of ready-made pizza crust sheets? We’ve got your back! This whole wheat pizza dough recipe by Cookie and Kate doesn’t need any rising time and is best used right away. Head over to the recipe!



Many viewers have vouched that this is the perfect whole wheat pizza dough recipe in the comment section. We think so too! The pizza crust turns out to be very soft and fluffy at the end. If no other recipe is working for you, make sure to try this one out!


5. Amazing Whole wheat Pizza Crust


Whole wheat pizza crust that is soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside! This recipe uses one and a half cups of all-purpose flour and 2 cups of whole wheat flour. Decorate this pizza, which has a calorie count of 167 per serving, with some nutritious toppings and serve it cheesy and hot!


6. How To Make Whole wheat Pizza Dough

This Youtuber from Susan’s Cooking School used bread flour and whole wheat flour in a 1:1 ratio for this recipe. The rise is excellent for whole wheat pizza dough. Many viewers have thanked the Youtuber for this recipe, and you might be the next one to appreciate her!




After weeks of trial and error, the blogger from Dels Cooking Twist has come up with this fantastic 100% whole wheat pizza dough. To know why whole wheat flour is healthier than regular flour and choose the best yeast for the recipe, visit the site!


8. WHOLE WHEAT PIZZA CRUST RECIPE /Easiest whole wheat pizza crust recipe

Unlike other whole wheat pizza crust recipes that require you to leave the dough to rise for hours, this recipe by Cooking with Nancy recommends you leave the dough for 30 mins only. The end result still turns out to be great! Check the description box for detailed info.




It is one of the best whole wheat pizza dough recipes! Don’t believe us? Check the review section for yourself! The blogger really didn’t give up until he found the perfect whole wheat pizza crust recipe that would not make him miss the regular pizza crust.


10. How to Make Our Family’s Favourite Whole wheat Pizza

Garden fresh tomatoes, pepperonis, and lots of cheese atop whole wheat pizza crust; the Youtuber’s favorite pizza for her family. She has shared her recipe in detail with you. Make sure to check it out!


11. 100% Whole wheat Pizza Dough (Foolproof Recipe)


If you’re looking for a recipe that doesn’t use all-purpose flour at all, this is it! Though the word ‘Foolproof!’ isn’t enough for you to trust this recipe, the comments will really make you want to try this recipe out. Moreover, you’ll find plenty of tips in the comment section.


12. Whole wheat Veg Pizza Recipe | Vegetarian Pizza With Atta

This 100% whole wheat pizza recipe is perfect for vegetarian. The toppings combination: onion, capsicum, sweet corn, and tomatoes, although simple, go together with each other perfectly!




Cozy peachkitchen’s homemade whole wheat pizza dough recipe makes two 12 inches of pizza crusts that are freezable. Make your dough up to 2 days in advance and enjoy it whenever you desire! To know some fabulous whole wheat pizza tricks, visit the site!


14. Whole wheat Homemade Veg Pizza without Yeast/ Aata Pizza at home/ How to make Whole wheat Pizza Base

Running out of yeast? Worry not! This whole wheat crust recipe uses baking powder and baking soda as the raising agents.

Curd is used instead of yeast water to transform the flour into a well-kneaded ball. The crust comes out soft and chewy from the inside and crunchy on the outside.


15. 100% Whole wheat Pizza Dough


Bake a classic Margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, but with a whole wheat crust!

Follow this 7-step whole wheat crust recipe by The comfort of cooking to bake a perfectly crunchy and chewy whole wheat pizza crust. We’re not boasting; the reviews say it all!


16. 72 HOUR WHOLE WHEAT PIZZA DOUGH | Poolish Starter

Are you someone who becomes a mathematician-cum-scientist in the kitchen? The calculated and accurately curated recipe by the Youtuber from Kitchen & Craft is truly worth trying! He uses 00 flour and whole wheat flour for the pizza crust.


17. Easy Whole wheat Pizza Dough


Often whole wheat pizza dough requires two risings, but not this one! This easy whole wheat pizza dough recipe by Webmd requires only one rising and, thus, can be quickly prepared and baked. The dough can be divided into 4-6 personal-sized pizza crusts.



Whole wheat pizza crusts are notorious for giving that nutty overpowering smell. But the Youtuber from The Food Binder ensures that it’s not a problem when it comes to this recipe. Find all the ingredient measurements and directions in the description box.


19. Whole wheat Pizza Dough


This whole wheat pizza dough recipe has got so many 5-stars that it’ll blow your mind! The calorie count of this pizza crust per serving is only 127. The best part is that the use of quick-rising yeast reduces the rising time to just 10 minutes!


20. How to Make WHOLE WHEAT PIZZA DOUGH like a Flour Technician

The title says ‘Like a flour technician!’. So, we guess you’ve nothing to worry about. Give this whole wheat pizza dough recipe a try; you’ll certainly not be disappointed! Truth be told, we couldn’t find any negative review at all.


21. Weeknight Homemade Whole wheat Pizza Crust


As the blogger from Well plated says – This whole wheat pizza crust takes 10 minutes to knead, 30 minutes to rise, and 5 minutes to devour! And, we couldn’t agree more!

With a simple list of ingredients and 4-step instruction, this recipe is perfect even for a beginner in pizza-making.


22. Make Wheat Thin Crust Pizza like Domino’s at home | Wheat crust Pizza | Simply Yummylicious

This recipe demands 1 cup all-purpose flour and 2 and a half cup whole wheat flour for the pizza crust. Yeast is activated in a runny wheat flour mixture. Doing so ensures that the bread texture is airy since more water helps wheat flour absorb the water.


23. Easy Whole wheat Pizza Dough Recipe


It requires solid confidence to claim that a recipe will give perfect result every time. The blogger from Two peas in a pod seems to have that confidence, and rightfully so! Her recipe is loved by so many readers. Give it a try!


24. Basic Whole wheat Pizza Dough

Seems like using warm honey water instead of sugar and water to raise the yeast is an excellent idea! The Youtuber from Oven Tales by Syama uses this technique, and the dough rise was fabulous.

This recipe is quite basic and perfect for beginners. Find the detailed instruction in the link mentioned in the description.


25. Whole wheat Pizza Crust


Did you know that the more the resting time, the more the dough is flavorful and extensible? This recipe by King Arthur Baking requires the dough to rest overnight. Orange juice is used in the recipe to mitigate the tannic flavor of the whole wheat crust.


26. The Best Whole wheat Pizza (Herb&Garlic)

Healthy, soft, and crispy; what more can you ask from a pizza crust? This herb and garlic whole wheat pizza recipe by SandhyaFoodie seems to be a promising one. Find all the ingredient measurements and preparation steps in the description box.




If you have 5 ingredients of this recipe list and 10 minutes, you can prepare a soft and chewy whole wheat pizza crust for yourself. Decorate with lots of cheese and your favorite toppings, bake, and there you have it; a healthy and nutritious pizza at your serving table!


28. Thin crust pizza (whole wheat flour)/ How to make a thin crust pizza/ Homemade pizza/ Pizza dough recipe

While some of us enjoy the thick chewiness of pizza crusts, many prefer the thin crispiness instead. If you fall into the latter category, this recipe will cater for your need. This beginner-friendly recipe features a basic list of ingredient and is easy to follow along.




Most of us miss out on little details once we gather ingredients and begin the actual pizza-making process. And, then we wonder – What might have gone wrong?

Read the tips for the best whole wheat pizza dough on this site and follow along the easy directions to bake a whole wheat pizza crust.


30. Whole wheat Thin Crust Pizza Recipe – Fool Proof Recipe

Do you want to know a secret to make a great 100% whole wheat thin crust pizza? Seems like this Youtuber from reviews has a pretty big revelation to do! Well, let us spoil it for you – the secret is high hydration! To know whats, hows, and whys, watch this recipe video!


31. Bread Machine Whole wheat Pizza Dough


If you own a bread machine or a stand mixer, this recipe is for you! If none of the whole wheat pizza crust recipes works for you, an excellent tip is mentioned in this recipe, i.e., adding vital wheat gluten. Doing so will make the crust less dense and chewier.


32. ❤️🍕 100% Whole wheat Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe.

This recipe results in around 4-5 personal-sized pizzas. The Youtuber adds lemon juice to the dough to mitigate the tannic flavor of the whole wheat pizza crust.

He further has answered plenty of queries in the comment. Make sure to check it out before you start making the dough.


33. Whole wheat Pizza Dough


2 cups of all-purpose flour and one, a half cup of whole wheat flour, honey, yeast, oil, and lukewarm water – a perfect wholewheat pizza dough! Many readers have commented that this recipe is their go-to whole wheat pizza dough recipe. It might end up being yours too!


34. Whole wheat Pizza Dough


In the battle of vegetarian and meat lovers’ recipes, vegan recipes often get lost somewhere! Dear vegan friends, we hear you! Here’s a perfect vegan whole wheat pizza dough recipe for you. The only modification you need to make is to use sugar instead of honey.



Pizzas are often considered junk food, thanks to their high-carb all-purpose flour crusts! So, if you’re someone who often bakes pizzas, we’d highly recommend you opt for whole wheat pizza dough instead.

Though using whole wheat doesn’t make a significant difference in the calorie count, they are way more nutritious and fiber-rich. So, what are your go-to pizza toppings for the whole wheat crusts? We’re excited to know!


34 Best Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipes



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