31 Garlic Butter Sauces For Pizza

Whoever developed the idea of garlic butter dipping sauce for pizza was a genius. Dipping your slice of choice in delicious rich garlic butter is a surefire way to make something great even better.

garlic butter sauces for pizza

And the good news is that garlic dipping sauces are quick and straightforward to craft at home. Don’t believe us? Read on, and you’ll find 31 delicious ways to make garlic butter sauces for pizza.

1. Better Than Papa John’s Garlic Dipping Sauce


Here’s a brilliant recipe for a garlic dipping sauce that uses just three ingredients; salted butter, garlic powder (yes, you don’t even need to chop or grate the fresh stuff), and salt.

First, melt the butter in a saucepan without stirring and cook till it’s foamy on top. Scoop off the foam and discard. Then, pour the clear fluids into a small dish. Lastly, stir in the garlic powder and salt until dissolved. Easy, huh?


2. Tomato Garlic Pizza Sauce

Chef John’s Secret pizza sauce is a brilliant recipe that results in a fabulous garlic pizza dip, starting with fried anchovies and garlic. Add oregano, fresh and dried, and chili. Finally, add authentic Italian San Marzano tomatoes, which create the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness.


3. Savory Experiments Garlic Butter Sauce


Here’s another Papa John-style garlic sauce recipe. To get the best sauce, you need to buy quality butter. Melt it until it foams, and skim off the foamy layer. You do this to remove the milk solids for a clearer, more long-lasting butter.

If you have Indian-style clarified butter or ghee, you don’t need to skim it because the milk solids are removed already. Then, stir in garlic powder and salt.


4. Steve Dolby’s Delicious Garlic Pizza

I challenge you to watch this comprehensive recipe for garlic pizza and not go and make it yourself. The secret ingredients are slowly roasted garlic, fresh garlic, and parsley. Then, serve this garlicky sauce with your pizza.


5. Away From The Box Garlic Pizza Sauce


This super creamy garlic sauce is a rich olive oil-based alternative to pure butter sauces. Heat the oil and fry the garlic while adding Italian firms and seasonings. Then whisk in flour until bubbling and grated Parmesan cheese. Then simmer until thick and gooey, and serve with your favorite pizza.


6. How To Make Creamy Garlic Dip

This recipe for dipping sauce combines garlic, coriander paste, cream, and mayonnaise. Aside from this, you can also expect other spices and herbs to elevate the dip. Overall, it is an excellent recipe if you want a quick no-cook pizza dipping sauce. 


7. Garlic Butter For Pizza


This recipe for dipping sauce combines garlic, coriander paste, cream, and mayonnaise. Aside from this, you can also expect other spices and herbs to elevate the dip. Check out the video description to get the complete list of ingredients.

Overall, it is an excellent recipe if you want a quick no-cook pizza dipping sauce.


8. Chase Cuttin’ Kitchen Makes Papa John’s Garlic Sauce

This simple step-by-step video shows how to make a perfect imitation of Papa John’s famous garlic dipping sauce. And if you’re a fan of the pizza chain giant, you know how well this one would turn out. So ready your whisk, and be prepared to create one of the most incredible savory sauces.


9. Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce


The maker of this clear garlic butter dipping sauce claims that it tastes precisely like Domino’s dipping sauce. And the good news is it just takes five minutes to make, combining butter, garlic powder, and salt. Easy-peasy, like seasoning a piece of meat, right? 


10. Domino’s Style Garlic & Herb Cheese Dip

This quick video shows you how to make a rich garlic and herb cheese dip so close to the dominoes recipe that you won’t tell the difference. You only need six ingredients, and we bet that most of them are already inside your pantry. The first two are salt and pepper, while the others are dry spices to add to the flavor depth.


11. Baked By Rachel’s White Garlic Pizza Sauce


This rich and creamy white garlic pizza sauce uses unsalted butter to tone down the sodium. But it’s still a thick and indulgent dipping delight, combining a rich butter and milk-based light sauce with Parmesan cheese, garlic, and oregano for that Italian flavor.


12. White Garlic Pizza Sauce Recipe

This gourmet-style creamy garlic sauce is carefully boiled and strained for a smooth, silky, and elegant sauce that will impress your family and friends. You can use it as a pizza sauce or a pizza dipping sauce. But we recommend that you try both methods to see the difference.


13. White Pizza Sauce (Quick & Easy)


You only need a saucepan and whisk for this quick five-minute white pizza sauce.

Start making a roux by slowly stirring milk into a melted butter and flour mixture. Be sure to constantly stir when cooking so that the sauce doesn’t go lumpy, and that’s the only tricky bit. Add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese. Then, whisk for thirty seconds more, and it’s ready!


14. Creamy Garlic Aioli Sauce

This vegan garlic sauce uses just four ingredients; fresh garlic, silken tofu, lemon juice, and salt. It is so simple to make, too, since there is no cooking. All you have to do is combine the ingredients and blitz them in a food processor.


15. Vegan Creamy Garlic Dip For Pizza

Vegan Creamy Garlic Dip for Pizza

You can make this quick and easy vegan garlic dip fast in the microwave. Or in a saucepan for just a couple of minutes. Melt garlic in vegan butter until fragrant. Then, stir in dried herbs and remove from heat. Finally, combine in vegan mayonnaise until everything is smooth and creamy.


16. How To Make Vegan Garlic Sauce

Blended cashews make a surprisingly creamy base for this quick vegan garlic sauce. Merely combine powdered garlic, onion powder, and salt, whisking in mixed herbs for a big flavor. Cashews are great alternatives for eggs to create a paste. Plus, you won’t even tell the difference because of the similarity in taste.


17. Love Bakes Good Cakes Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce


This recipe makes another simple garlic butter by melting butter until foamy and removing the foam from the top. Then whisk in garlic powder, adding optional salt if required. Then whisk in garlic powder, adding optional salt if required.


18. Vegan Garlic Bechamel Pizza Sauce

You can use this sumptuous and versatile garlic bechamel sauce for dipping pizza, pasta sauce, or even as pizza topping sauce. Veggie Rose and her two young helpers use it to make a delicious-looking vegan pizza from scratch. So what are you waiting for? Try this recipe with your little kiddos as well!


19. Curious Chickpea’s Vegan Garlic White Sauce


This rich and cheesy vegan white garlic sauce is a perfect pizza dip or ideal for mixing with pasta. First, combine cashews, garlic, water, salt, and nutritional yeast in a blender. Then melt vegan butter in a pan and stir in the garlic cream, simmering until thick. Also, don’t forget to check how to soak cashews on her food blog.


20. White Roasted Garlic Sauce Pizza Recipe

Salty Parmesan is the perfect complement to garlic in this rich roasted garlic pizza recipe. The video is 7 minutes long, showing you the way from toasting the garlic bulb to placing it on your pizza.


21. Garlic Butter Pizza


You could make a garlic butter pizza as an alternative to the garlic dipping sauce. This simple recipe tops a pizza crust with a mixture of various cheese and different herbs to elevate the whole taste. You wouldn’t expect your guest to eat everything down to the crust’s edge.


22. Creamy Parmesan Garlic Pizza Sauce

This recipe for a creamy sauce parmesan white garlic pizza sauce couldn’t be more straightforward. The video is less than one minute, and the dish is a piece of cake to prepare. Additionally, you only need eight ingredients, most of which are seen in the kitchen daily.


23. Roasted Garlic White Pizza Sauce


This creamy white pizza sauce pre-roasts a whole head of garlic, but don’t worry; roasting gives the sauce a deliciously rich, subtle, and rounded garlic flavor.


24. 3 Methods To Make Garlic Butter Sauce

Watch this video for just two minutes, and you’ll know how to make lemon garlic sauce, garlic pizza dipping sauce, and creamy white garlic sauce. Why not treat yourselves and craft all three?


25. Roasted Garlic White Pizza With Garlic Sauce


This splendid pizza is a garlic lover’s dream. The topping is roasted garlic, and instead of a regular tomato-based pizza sauce, you use an ultra-rich and creamy white garlic sauce. Now, talk about the robust palate after you take a bite!


26. Pizza Hut Authentic Garlic Sauce Recipe

This list would not be complete without the top pizza chain’s garlic sauce recipe. So here is a 2-minute-long video showing how fast it is to create the Pizza Hut well-loved dip. All you need are five ingredients and a dash of paprika for added smoky flavor.


27. Stay In The Know’s Roasted Garlic White Pizza With Garlic Sauce


Three or four heads of roasted garlic go on this splendid white pizza. The accompanying white sauce combines no less than three different cheeses for a rich and delicious treat. You can also top it with fresh basil and parsley to add a refreshing taste to your pie. 


28. Papa John’s Garlic Sauce

Claire’s well-named Fast Food Dupes channel shows you how to make a delicious clarified, butter, garlic pizza dipping sauce. But take note! You don’t need butter or raw garlic for this one. And if you’re curious about what makes it, continue watching the video via the link.


29. Roasted Tomato Garlic Pizza Sauce


Another way for garlic lovers to pack their pizza with intense flavor is to top the pizza base with this rich and flavorsome garlic and roasted tomato sauce. Add garlic butter roasted Roma tomatoes, imparting a fabulous flavor right at the heart of the pizza.


30. Garlic Sauce For Pizza In Less Than 5 Minutes

This quick video shows how easy it is to make a buttery garlic pizza dipping sauce in just five minutes. Chef Neylan has been in the profession for 25 years and served high-end clients like Martha Stewart. That’s how we know it’s one of the best recipes on the web.  


31. Isabel’s Garlic Sauce Recipe

Isabel’s Garlic Sauce Recipe

Among our list, this recipe takes the longest, which reached about 20 minutes on the clock. But that doesn’t stop it from being worthy of appraisal. Many home cooks reviewed this on Pinterest, and we’ve seen great feedback. So ready the six ingredients on the blog list, and get cooking for your pies!

Are You Down To Craft The Best Garlic Butter Sauce?

Garlic butter sauce is one of the best innovations to complement a pizza. The pie alone is good enough already but with a sauce? It’s downright glorious, making your tastebuds sing for joy! With our list of 31 recipes, which was your favorite, and which do you plan to make in the future?

31 Garlic Butter Sauces For Pizza



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