27 Best Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipes

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the same is just as true for women too – so if you want to do something special for a loved one, making a pizza is a sure winner. But then why stop there when you can go all-in and make it a heart-shaped one too?

heart shaped pizza recipes

For anyone who wants to have a go, we’ve researched online to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our favorite 27 recipes for heart-shaped pizzas you can easily recreate at home.

1. How to Make Your Sweetie a Heart-Shaped Pizza


If you want to do something special for the one you love, making a pizza will show them what they mean to you. But if you want to go one step further, making a pizza in the shape of a heart will take things to another level. This blog teaches you how to do just that, and it even includes heart-shaped pieces of pepperoni as a topping. Check out the post to see how it’s done!


2. Valentine’s Day Special Pizza by Mrs. Saqib

What we love most about this pizza is the border of tomatoes that really highlights its special shape. Then in the center, this YouTuber has thrown in a load of cheese, onion and herbs for extra flavor. She uses a simple cutting technique, making it easy to copy, so if you don’t want anything complicated, this could be the recipe you need.


3. How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizzas


The heart-shaped pizzas in the photo on this blog look super-cute, highly romantic – and also totally delicious. The key to making ones just like it is in stretching the dough into the right shape, and this post gives you an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how it’s done. You might need to practice a couple of times, but with a bit of determination, you should end up with something just like in the pic.


4. How to Make Heart-Shape Pizza – Pizza Napoletana a Cuore

Spinning pizza is a form of art, and watching someone who has mastered it is mesmerizing. The skill required to effortlessly form a dough ball into a perfect base is so impressive, and if you want to see what we mean, have a look at the pizzaiola in this video. After first making the classic round pizza, he then turns it into a heart shape – a pizza cuore in Italian – and if you think you’re up to it, you can try copying his technique!


5. Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipe


A heart-shaped pizza topped with hand-cut pepperoni and salami hearts, melted mozzarella and a delicious pizza sauce. It sounds like just the thing to serve up to the one you love on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, right? And if you want to know how to create one of your own, this post has all the info you need.


6. Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Pizza

Here’s a fun video to check out. After previously making a Christmas-themed pizza, this YouTuber decided to try her hand at producing a Valentine ’s-themed version. She did a great job too, and if you want to see how she managed – while getting a few ideas for a pizza of your own – her video is recommended to watch.


7. How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza with Cheese Stuffed Crust


Is there anything better to serve to your special person than a heart-shaped pizza covered in heart-shaped pieces of pepperoni? As it turns out, there is – all of the above, but with a stuffed cheesy crust too! Sound like something you want to have a go at making? Then head over to this blog to find out how!


8. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza Video Tutorial

Here’s another video of a pro at work making a heart-shaped pizza. He starts by spinning out a regular base, but then he folds it in half and uses a pizza cutter to shape it into a perfectly symmetrical heart. He makes it look so easy, but we’re sure it takes a lot of practice and skill. But that shouldn’t stop you having a go, so why not see if you can copy his technique?


9. The Cutest Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipe


In the words of this post, nothing says “I love you” like a personalized pizza – unless it’s in the shape of a heart, that is! These mini pizzas are super-cute too, and you can also customize each one with different toppings, making them ideal to bake for your valentine – but great to serve to your whole family too.


10. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza with PIY

The YouTuber makes the valid point that if you make a pizza in a traditional heart shape, it ends up being too narrow, so his solution is to make it more rounded. That way, you still produce the romantic effect of serving a heart-shaped pizza, but there’s more of it, so there’s more love…and more to eat! That’s got to be the perfect compromise, so give his video a watch to see how he did it!


11. Adorable Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizza


Valentine’s Day rolls around once a year, and it’s always on the same date – so we should have plenty of time to prepare in advance. However, not everyone is that organized, and if you just remembered at the last minute and need a romantic recipe you can have ready in a hurry, this 30-minute heart-shaped pizza could be just what you need to save your skin!


12. Heart-Shaped Pizza Stuffed Crust with Nutella and Banana

Making a romantic pizza might be the ideal route to your Valentine’s heart, but if they have a sweet tooth, maybe this recipe for a stuffed crust pizza with Nutella and banana could be a better option than a savory one. The effort is sure to be appreciated, and making one of these should help ensure your Valentine’s Day goes just the way you hoped.


13. Valentine Pizzas


Most of the recipes we’ve seen for heart-shaped pizzas involve making the base yourself from scratch, but if you don’t want to do that, you can just as easily make one from a ready-made base. If that sounds like something you’d prefer to try, this recipe shows you how, teaching you to make a version topped with turkey pepperoni and mozzarella. Delicious!


14. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza with Frank’s Pizza

This YouTuber begins his video by demystifying the process, showing that making heart-shaped pizza is simpler than many believe. He then goes on to demonstrate just how it’s done – and at least he makes it look easy. Is it that simple for newbies though? Why not have a go yourself and find out?


15. Heart-Shaped Pizza with Egg for Valentine’s Day Breakfast


Here’s an interesting idea. Rather than making a heart-shaped pizza for your Valentine’s special dinner, why not make a breakfast pizza topped with an egg and serve them breakfast in bed? If you want to go full-on romantic, accompany it with a glass of champagne and get the day off to the perfect start!


16. Heart-Shaped Pizza for Valentine’s Day

There is one very easy technique for making heart-shaped pizza – simply make a regular-shaped one and then use a stencil to cut the heart shape out from the base. This video shows you how it works, and it also gives you a slightly original suggestion for a topping that includes small slices of fried potato and sausage. We think it looks super tasty too, and we’re thinking of making one just like it ourselves.


17. Low-Carb Heart-Shaped Tortilla Pizzas


If you – or your loved one – is a fan of pizza but trying to cut down on carbs, this is the recipe for you. It substitutes traditional pizza base with heart-shaped tortillas, which are then topped with pizza sauce and, you guessed it, heart-shaped pieces of pepperoni. It’s probably easier to make than one with a traditional pizza base, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time together…eating.


18. Cooking with Kids – Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizza for Valentine’s Day

This is a super-cute YouTube tutorial presented by Delilah and Sophia, a pair of pizza-crazy kids. It just goes to show how easy it is to make heart-shaped pizza because if they can do it, then anyone can. But we’re impressed by their work all the same, and we’re sure plenty of people will be keen to copy their ideas – both adults and kids alike!


19. How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza with Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse

As we’ve already mentioned, making a heart-shaped pizza is all about forming the base, and after that, you’re free to get as creative as you like with the topping. That’s what this video is all about because in it, you’ll learn how to make the perfect heart-shaped pizza base in just over two minutes. And once you’ve done that, the rest is up to you!


20. Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizzas + 25 Valentine’s Day Ideas!


Here’s a quick and easy recipe for heart-shaped pizza topped with heart-shaped pepperoni that anyone will be able to replicate at home. This post also has 25 other ideas for Valentine’s Day for you to copy to make sure your sweetheart has the most perfect, memorable day.


21. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza with an Ooni Koda

In this video, the YouTuber demonstrates how he made a heart-shaped pizza using his Ooni Koda oven. However, his technique will also work in any other kind of pizza oven – or even in a regular oven if necessary – so if you’re looking for ideas for romantic pizzas, his video should help you get inspired.


22. Heart-Shaped Pizza from Walking On Sunshine Recipes


Most people probably assume that a heart-shaped pizza is something you would want to make for a loved one for Valentine’s Day treat – but as this blogger points out, it will go down just as well with your whole family. Everyone loves pizza, and making one in the shape of the heart just makes it look more adorable. So why not copy this recipe and surprise your whole tribe?


23. Valentine Pizzas from AllRecipes


It’s surprising how many pizza recipes include heart-shaped pepperoni – but this one is a bit more original because it uses heart-shaped tomato slices instead. The addition of rosemary will also give it a delicious herby tang, making it another great option if you’re looking for something fun to attempt.


24. Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipe

In this video from Italy, this pizzaiola makes a maxi-sized pizza in the shape of a heart. Most people accept that when it comes to pizza making, the Italians are the kings, and if you want to learn how they do things over there, this video should be of interest.


25. Easy Mini Heart-Shaped Pizza

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for making cute heart-shaped mini pizzas that will be ready in no time. They would be perfect to serve at a kids’ party or other similar gatherings, and since you can make a whole batch, you can add a range of different toppings to make sure everyone goes home happy!


26. How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza

Here’s a great video from a professional chef that gives you a step-by-step guide teaching you how to make a romantic heart-shaped pizza. It’s only a short video, but it’s full of useful tips that will help you make the perfect version yourself, so if you want to try, this is a video that’s worth a watch.


27. Heart-Shaped Pizza 3-Ways with Homemade Crust


This final pizza on our list might just win the prize for the most perfectly shaped version. They’ve done a fantastic job of making it into a heart – and if you want to know how they managed it, the details are all in the post!

Loads of great ideas for romantic pizza creations

As you can see, making a heart-shaped pizza is not as difficult as you might imagine, and there’s no shortage of ideas to copy.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these recipes for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you need for creating your own delicious romantic pizza.

27 Heart-Shaped Pizza Recipes



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