4 Easy Steps to Reheat Pizza In a Pan (Taste Better Hacks!)

Are you tired of the soggy mess you get when you reheat your glorious pizza leftovers in the microwave? The microwave may be one of the best technical marvels in the kitchen; however, it is not a perfect solution to reheating all leftovers. Anytime I use it to reheat a slice of pizza, I get a mushy result.

4 Easy Steps to Reheat Pizza In a Pan pin

To avoid losing the cheese and toppings when using a microwave, I have researched and tested various ways to reheat pizza in a pan to prevent such disappointments.

How to Store Pizza Leftovers

Before you get to reheat some leftover pizza, you need to know the best way to prevent it from going bad. But what is the best way to store leftover pizza? One thing you can’t do is simply shove the pizza box into the refrigerator. That can make it start smelling bad in a short period. Below are two ways you can effectively store your pizza leftovers:

Use a Resealable Bag

Use a Resealable Bag for pizza

Once you have had enough, you need to let the remaining pizza cool down. When the cheese hardens and cools off, you can simply stack the slices in a resealable bag. If it is still too saucy, the slices can stick to each other. Therefore, give the remaining slices ample time to harden.

You can then put your bags right in the refrigerator or use an airtight container with enough space to hold all the slices.

Use a Plastic Kitchen Wrap

Plastic Kitchen Wrap pizza

This approach is efficient when your toppings are loose and too saucy. All you need to do is place each slice on a different ceramic plate and wrap them with plastic kitchen wrap.

You can also stack all the pieces on one plate, separating them with a layer of parchment paper or foil. When all the slices are on the plate, wrap them tightly with a thin plastic kitchen wrap and place the plate in the fridge.

These methods of storing leftover pizza may not be easy as throwing the entire box in the fridge, but you will end up with a tastier pizza.

When Can Pizza Go Bad?

Did you know that perishable food can spoil if left exposed for more than two hours? It is also crucial to understand that every 20 minutes of waiting the number of bacteria doubles, which can easily cause sickness—exposing perishable food to temperatures 4 – 60 degrees, also known as the Danger Zone, is one of the quickest ways your meal can become contaminated.

The possibility of food poisoning is also high when you consume inadequately stored pizza. This makes proper storage crucial. Correct reheating of leftover pizza at temperatures of over 75 degrees may eliminate bacteria, but this is not the only worry in food safety. [Does Pizza Go Bad? How Long Does Pizza Last?]

How to Use a Pan to Reheat Leftover Pizza

To some people, this idea may sound a bit odd. However, it is quicker and yields better results than using a microwave. The following are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

If you want to get a tasty pizza, turn on your stove on medium to preheat the pan. The pan should not be too hot, or else your pizza will burn from the bottom and end up not being crunchy. A hot pan will get you a dry and hard meal that may turn out inedible.

Step 2

When it is warm enough, place your pizza on the pan. It may take approximately 1 to 3 minutes from when you turn on the stove for the pan to get warm. However, this time is not precise.

It is up to you to know the capabilities of your stove. Some pans are also different and may absorb and lose heat faster than others.

Step 3

Determine when your pizza is crunchy and turn your stove to low. Add two to three drops of water to the pan and ensure that it does not get in touch with the pizza’s slice. The best place to drop the water is in the pan’s corners.

Step 4

Use an aluminum foil or lid to cover the pan. It will help regain the softness of the top layer and still get a soft, stretchable cheese. Wait for 1 to 3 minutes, depending on your stove’s performance. You can now enjoy your hot delicious pizza leftovers. It feels and tastes like it is freshly baked from the oven.

This method of reheating pizza was introduced by Anthony Falco, one of the best pizza maestros from Robert’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. It is a simple method that requires a pan, stove, water or oil, and leftover pizza.

Which is the Ideal Pan for Reheating Pizza?

Which is the Ideal Pan for Reheating Pizza

Pans are of different makes hence absorbing and retaining heat differently. If you are a pizza lover and you frequently have leftovers to store for later, you can use one of your pans or get a new one solely for this purpose.

The following are the various pans you can find in the market and most homes. Some are perfect for pizza reheating, while others are not.

Non-Stick Pans

It is currently one of the most popular options for cooking in many kitchens. The latest generation of non-stick pans is thin, making heating and lowering temperature manageable. You also don’t need to add any water or oil to the pan since the pizza will not stick, retaining your slices’ texture and taste.

Metal Cast Pans

Cast iron pans are not as effective for reheating as they are for other cooking styles. They take longer to heat, and when hot, it is hard to lower the temperature. When using a metal cast pan, your pizza is likely to become burnt, hard, and dried.

Grill Pans

If you have a grill pan in your house, do not even think of using it to reheat a slice of pizza. It is the worst choice because it does not have a flat surface. The unevenness will cause air to come under your pizza and make the crispy dough as hard as a rock.

Frying Pans

A thin frying pan is suitable for reheating a pizza. However, it requires you to use vegetable oil such as olive oil to prevent the slice from sticking. Using oil may also spoil some of the pizza’s original taste.

Omelet Pans

If you have an omelet pan with a thin bottom, then you are perfectly sorted. An omelet pan is the best choice because it effectively reheats pizza and gets the juicy topping and crispy crust.

6 Tips to Make Your Leftover Pizza Taste Better

How to Make Your Leftover Pizza Taste Better

With the availability of various pizza reheating methods, you now don’t have to eat a cold leftover pizza. You can also make your leftovers taste even better with the following hacks:

1. Reheat Your Pizza Face Down in a Pan

You can flip your pizza to face down on the preheated pan and wait for the cheese to melt and form a slight crust. Flip it and heat the other side for a few minutes to get a tasty melted pie.

2. Melt Two Slices of Pizza Together With Shredded Cheese

Using two slices of leftover pizza, add cheddar or mozzarella in the middle and place them in a medium-hot pan. You can choose to remove or retain the crusts. Cook each side for a minimum of 3 minutes.

3. Microwaving With a Glass of Water Ensures the Crust Doesn’t Become Soggy

The main reason people use a pan is to avoid getting a soggy mess when using a microwave. However, you can put a glass that’s microwave-safe with water when heating the pizza and get a result with minimal loss of taste and crust.

4. Add High-Quality Ingredients

If you have not yet tried this out, you are missing out on an extra mouth-watering taste for your leftover pizza. You can add ingredients such as pesto, extra cheese, or fresh basil.

5. Soak Your Leftover Pizza in Eggs and Milk

While it might sound unusual, it is an ideal way to make a savory bread pudding. Surprisingly, the bread pudding turns out to be more delicious than it sounds. In this hack, you can use an oven since you do not need to retain the crunchy taste of the pizza.

6. Make Pizza Eggs for an Ultimate Breakfast

If you want to enjoy a weird-sounding but exceptionally satisfying breakfast, tear up half a slice of last night’s pizza and mix it in two eggs with some extra cheese. Add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of milk and cook this on a pan or skillet until fluffy. You can also top it with hot sauce.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you’ve learned all you needed to know on how to reheat pizza in a pan. If you are a pizza lover who does not like biting into a cold slice when leaning against the fridge, using a pan for reheating is a lifesaver that retains the original taste and ingredients. Here are the steps we’ve discussed.

  • Preheat the pan with medium heat
  • Place your slice on the pan
  • Add drops of water or olive oil
  • Cover it for 1 to 3 minutes
  • Enjoy your hot leftover pizza

You can try out this simple method and let me know how it turns out and if you have any additional steps or suggestions in the comments.

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