7 Ways to Store Leftover Pizza

Ordering extra pizza is common with everybody who loves pizza. This is attributed to the deliciousness of the meal. People buy it with the craving and hope to finish it only to eat and leave two or three slices.

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Not many people know how to store pizza, and the actual process remains a mystery.  Poor storage is less the same as throwing away. It will spoil within a day or two. With proper skills and knowledge to store it, translates to cool lunch, weekends, or evenings with well-kept pizza from the freezer or fridge.

Here are the methods to store your pizza

Methods to Store Your Pizza

Storing leftover pizza has never been easy like it is.  You have effective ways to store pizza leftovers and still find them edible after a couple of days. There are two ways to store pizza leftovers:

  • Store in a fridge
  • Store in the freezer

We shall discuss each of the above named ways to ensure effective and admirable storage

Storing pizza leftover in a fridge

1. Line Paper Towels on Your Airtight Container

Line Paper Towels on Your Airtight Container

Start by having paper towels on the bottom of your container. Use a container that is big enough for one slice or two-slice of pizza. The purpose of the paper towels is to keep your pizza dry. Take your time to store leftover pizza, and never be tempted to just throw it away in the refrigerator.

This can only cause you frustration by making it soggy. Moisture, meat, and veggies automatically soak in the crust. The result is a   ‘thing’ with no texture regardless of how you heat it.

Let the pizza cool at room temperature before putting it in a sealable container. Having it in an airtight container saves time spent moving your meal from one container to another when you want to reheat.

2. Stack Leftover Pizza in an Airtight Container

Stack Leftover Pizza in an Airtight Container

After lining paper towels in a container, it’s time now to have your leftover pizza slice in the container, each one at a time.  Add more paper towels in between cuts.

Continue alternating pizza and towels until you have packed them all. If they can’t fit in the container, feel free to have more than one and repeat this procedure.

3. Cover the Container with a Lid

Cover the Container with a Lid

Assuming you have stacked all leftover pizza in a container, close the lid and wrap the film around it. Wrapping helps in keeping off the air. If you are confident enough that the container is tight, there is no need to wrap it. Do it only when you doubt the container is not tight enough.

4. Put Your Pizza in a Refrigerator

Put Your Pizza in a Refrigerator

It’s time now to keep your pizza under the fridge for not more than five days. If you were to eat it, ensure it stays there three to five days. Anything beyond that would alter the texture of your meal.

If its three days and you haven’t eaten the pizza, you better throw it out of your fridge. By the third day, the food starts to spoil and grow bacteria harmful to our bodies. They can cause intestinal turmoil.

Storing Leftover Pizza in a Freezer

Freezing pizza is the perfect hack of them all. There is that feeling that comes with heating leftover pizza knowing it is still harmless. But sometimes, this is not the case.

We are caught up by time, and boom! It is no more. As we said earlier, refrigerating is cool but not more than three days. The only sure way to store pizza leftover is by freezing those slices.

Here is how you go about it

5. How to Properly Freeze Your Leftover Pizza

How to Properly Freeze Your Leftover Pizza

Now that you have realized freezing is such a dope way of keeping pizza editable and tastier, how do you go about it? You don’t need to toss them in a freezer and get engaged in other things. Follow the following procedure to have them safe for a long time.

6. Keep the Pizza in a Tupperware

Keep the Pizza in a Tupperware

The most effective way to freeze your pizza is by having them in Tupperware. These are plastic containers used to store food. One downside that might come with them; they may leak air during storage.

You can go for an airtight container to be sure that your pizza is safe. If there is no airtight container, it is worth your time at the nearby store or a quick online shopping and gets some up.

7. Wrap the Pizza Tightly and Store

Wrap the Pizza Tightly and Store

If you can’t do that, there is always an alternative. Wrap the slices tightly using plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil on the outside. Perhaps you opt to use plastic wrap and aluminum foil as a freezing method, don’t let more than one slice in the same wrap.

Wrapping more than one slice would bring about hair in between them and cause freezer burn. We recommend wrapping them as singles if you want. You can go ahead and bundle them together with a layer of either plastic wrap or aluminum Foil.

If you do it the right way, you might get shocked to have pizza edible even after sixty days. That’s a whopping two months. Keep them frozen to a maximum of two months and throw them away if they stay beyond that point.

Not that they can be dangerous to eat, but they are no longer delicious as before. It’s such an overwhelming idea for people who never believe in throwing away food, especially pizza.

How to Reheat Pizza

You have been storing pizza slices, and it’s time to have a bite. How do you go about that? Keeping leftover pizza is one thing and reheating them is another thing. There are several ways you can do that though some pose better results than others.

Here are ways you can reheat your pizza

1. Reheating Pizza in an Oven

Reheating Pizza in an Oven

An oven is the best way to reheat days-old pizza. If you reheat pizza that has been stored for a few days in a range, you are likely to get the same taste as a fresh pizza cooked the day before. We refer to the oven as the best way to reheat pizza because of a few things; crispy crust, gooey cheese, and sizzling pepper. The only downside with oven reheating is that you will have a warm kitchen, and it takes longer to cook than other methods.

Here are steps to reheating pizza in an oven

  • Start by preheating the oven up to 350 Fahrenheit

Place the pizza on a piece of aluminum foil and have it directly on the rack of the oven for even reheating. As an alternative, preheat the sheet pan as the oven heats up and then add pizza to the hot sheet pan. This causes crispy crust.

  • Leave it for about ten minutes or until you realize that cheese is melting.

Bake for longer if you want a crispy pizza. However, if you wish to soften the crust, place pizza on the unheated sheet and put it in a heated oven. Note it may take more time, but it is worth the wait.

2. Reheating Pizza on the Stovetop

Reheating Pizza on the Stovetop

Reheating pizza on the stovetop will come in handy, especially when you have one or two slices to reheat. A stovetop is known to retain the crispy crust, melting the cheese, and heat the toppings.

People go by the trick of adding a little water to the pan to create a steamer responsible for heating toppings.

Here are steps you can follow

  • Preheat the skillet
  • Add pizza slices and cook for few minutes
  • Add few drops of water along the edge of the pan
  • Cover the pan and cook your slices for few minutes until you see cheese melts

3. Reheat Pizza in the Microwave

Reheat Pizza in the Microwave

Reheating pizza in the microwave is faster but comes with its downside. Pizza reheated in the microwave usually gets soggy. It causes the crust to get hard and becomes inedible.

This is caused by how a microwave works. It produces waves that absorb water molecules as they vibrate and finally evaporate. The crust lacks the sauce caused by evaporation and ends up being hard.

When you’re using a microwave, the issue is different. The oven uses infrared heat that cooks from outside. It heats everything from the toppings to starch to water molecules evenly without losing anything element.

Reheat your pizza in the microwave when you have no other option by following these steps

  • Place the pizza slice in the microwave.
  • Next to it put a glass of water to serve as a decoy to absorb some microwaves.
  • Heat up to 30 or 45 seconds and keep an eye on it

The results would not be like in oven or stovetop, but you will have something edible


You can store pizza in two different ways that include refrigerator and freezer. When storing in a fridge, here are the steps to follow.

  • Line paper towels on your airtight container
  • Stack leftover pizza in an airtight container with more towels
  • Cover the container with the lid
  • Put your pizza in a refrigerator

When storing your pizza in the freezer, follow the following steps

  • Keep the pizza in a Tupperware
  • Wrap the pizza tightly and store

Storing pizza is a fantastic thing to do as no one can think of watching such a delicious meal like pizza spoil. Stored pizza has different taste and texture depending on the method used to store it.

If you are a pizza lover, there must be a time you had extra pizza to keep, but you never made it. The experience must be hurting up to date. Did you regret it? How did it feel? Kindly let us know your experience in the comment section.

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