Pizza Vs. Tacos: Which Is Better?

Pizza vs. tacos, which do you think is better? And is there a definitive answer to this age-old question? Today, we will look into the nitty-gritty of the two well-loved dishes on the planet. From their origin to nutritional value and cultural impact. Find out which comfort food will be the winner of this debate.

Pizza Vs. Tacos

Origins and History

Before we get into details, let’s look back and see the origins and history of pizza and tacos.

History of Pizza

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Before evolving into a round savory dish, ancient dwellers consume flatbread with toppings. It was only in late 18th-century Naples that pizza arose as we now know it.

Naples, located in the south of Italy’s Campania region, had over 50,000 laborers. With the majority experiencing economic struggle, they sought cheap and convenient meals. And pizza ticks all the boxes they were looking for.

Later in the 19th century, Italian emigrants reached the west, influencing Americans. In a flash, many restaurateurs adapted the pizza and created their version. Today, you’ll find outlandish toppings across the globe.

History of Tacos

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As we all know, tacos are a food of Mexican origin. But there is no concrete writing of its invention. Although, evidence suggests that the dish dates back to the silver mines of Mexico.

Miners would encase gunpowder in paper to build explosives called tacos. The salsa and the meat enveloped in a wrap mirror the process, giving the term taco as we know it today.

Later in the years, tacos developed different fillings and styles worldwide. From the traditional corn tortilla, you will find hard shell tacos filling the market today. And like experts say, tacos have and will always continue to develop.

Ingredients and Flavor Profiles

Do pizza and tacos significantly differ in ingredients and taste profile? Let’s see!

Pizza Ingredients and Taste

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Contrary to what we are all accustomed to, an authentic Italian pizza has a lighter, chewy base and simple toppings. Flavor-wise, it has a herby and cheesy taste. Although most pizzas we know today have a strong and tangy profile.

  • Pizza Crust: The dough comprises 00 flour, yeast, and salt. Then baked in a woodfired oven for the welcoming blisters Italian pizzas are known for.
  • Sauce: fresh tomato sauce with herbs and olive oil gives the original taste. Other American-style pizzas might include fusion sauces like BBQ and pesto.
  • Cheese: a sprinkle of fresh and flavorsome cheese makes pizza an instant favorite. But among the types, buffalo mozzarella is considered the champion!
  • Toppings: fresh and well-seared ingredients complete the romantic allure of a pizza. Aside from the cheese and sauce, one can add savory meats like salami and sausage or herbs like oregano.

Taco Ingredients and Taste

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Like an Italian pizza, an authentic taco has lesser ingredients to amplify the taste of the meat. They are not spicy (compared to Tex-Mex) and have an acidic and smoky flavor.

  • Wrap: Mexican tacos use corn tortillas, which are softer and more flavorful than American hard-shell.
  • Salsa: Authentic tacos often have homemade salsa. The main ingredient is red chili pepper, added with tomato, onion, garlic, salt, and lime juice.
  • Cheese: a traditional taco does not have cheese. Although, you may find some in American tacos.
  • Toppings: Mexican tacos have few toppings like fresh herbs and onions. The meat marinates overnight with spices, then lightly seasoned with salt and pepper once cooked.

Preparation and Cooking Method

Pizza Preparation

Making pizza dough is an art that needs patience and effort to master. It requires every part of your hand to creating a thinner and tastier dough. Imagine kneading with the wrist, twirling between the palms, and tossing it in the air to expand. That’s a whole lot of love and effort put into food!

An authentic pizza dough comprises four ingredients. It is combined, then rolled properly before resting for 10 hours. After the yeast works magic, they stretch the dough until it becomes thin and round. Sauce, cheese, and toppings layer the base – placing the ingredients with the highest moisture at the top.

The pizza goes in a wood-fired oven with a temperature of at least 700 degrees F. It bakes for at least two minutes with occasional turning to get an evenly cooked crust. And there you go, a perfectly cooked pizza that will transport you to Italy in a single bite!

Taco Preparation

Authentic tacos always start with corn tortillas; nope, not the hard-shell ones. That’s tostadas!

Tortillas are made from the nixtamalization process of corn kernels and calcium hydroxide. Corn masa is formed into a dough and pressed to create round flat tortillas. Once shaped, it is ready to go in a comal or a Mexican cast-iron griddle.

Unlike the tacos in America, Mexican tacos contain fewer toppings. You won’t see lettuce, tomatoes, or sour cream (please don’t turn your tacos into salads). Instead, you’ll find onions, cilantro, sliced radish and cucumber, or chili peppers.

Another thing we need to set out straight is the meat. It might be saddening for some, but a classic taco does not have ground beef. If you have tried slowly-roasted shredded pork or beef, you’ll never go back to using ground meat.

In a nutshell, Mexican tacos are kept simple. With a layer of tortilla, sauce, and a few toppings, you get the true nature of a Mexican taco.

Versatility and Customization

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Pizza Customization Options

Humans have innate creativity, and this takes us to uncover flavor possibilities. From the pizza sauce alone, you’ll already find tons of it listed online. But for starters, a traditional tomato-based sauce is always the best option.

For the toppings, anything can go with pizza. It could be chicken, seafood, or even fruits layered with chocolates! Feel creative and try out as many as you can.

Additionally, pizza also caters to those who are on a specific diet. For vegans and vegetarians, try out this easy veggie vegan pizza. But if you prefer gluten-free, this basic pizza dough is the answer.

Taco Customization Options

Your choice of protein is the key to an enjoyable taco experience. Unlike pizza, taco customization is way easier.

For seafood lovers, a shrimp or fish taco will do the trick. Usually, the protein is grilled or fried, then topped with cabbage and a sprinkle of lime. If you want to go with traditional ones, try red meat cooked on a griddle and then shredded.

Diet-specific tacos are also a thing if you have not tried them yet. An example is this keto taco recipe with zero carbs done in 10 minutes. With a keto tortilla, you would not even notice you’re on a regime.

Nutritional Comparison

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Is a taco healthier than a pizza, or is it the other way around? To be fair – we will compare an authentic Italian pizza to a Mexican taco.

Italian pizza (1 slice) Mexican taco (1 Taco)
Calories  264 cal 99 cal
Total Fat 14.4g 3.3g
Cholesterol 18mg 280mg
Sodium 606mg 2215mg
Carbohydrates 25.2g 8g
Protein 10.8g 8.3g

Mexican tacos provide a lower calorie count per serving, although it has higher cholesterol and sodium. So be mindful when choosing if you have underlying medical conditions. Also, note that this is a general comparison of the two meals. The nutritional value still depends on the ingredients you will use.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

Pizza's Worldwide Popularity

Pizza’s Worldwide Popularity

Did you know that people consume almost 5 billion pizzas per year? With that information alone, you know how popular it is across the globe. Thanks to many movies since the 80s featuring pizzas. Can you count how many films you watched with pizza in them? We bet you it’s too many to count!

And it’s not only the movies they get into but also the hearts of Americans. Frank Pepe’s of New Haven tops the USA Today list as one of the best pizzerias in the U.S. Since 1925 – they have been offering classic Napoletana-style pizza in Wooster Square. Try out their clam pie for a genre your palate will love!

Taco’s Worldwide Popularity

Since the early 1980s, the concept of “Taco Tuesday” has been popularized by restaurants as a special day for tacos. This event gave popularity to the Mexican dish that is now well-loved by many. And like pizza, tacos have a high consumption rate reaching 4.5 billion pieces yearly.

One of the most famous food trucks is Ricky’s Fish Tacos in America. From an heirloom recipe, Ricky recreated one of the now-notable fish tacos in Los Angeles. Here’s what to expect: a fried catfish enveloped in warm tortillas with pica de gallo and tangy cream sauce. Yum!

Which One Is Better: Pizza or Taco?

pizza tacos

If you pay close attention to every category, you know by now which excels in each. But for clarity, let’s look at each and have a ruling once and for all.

  • When it comes to ingredients and flavor, pizza offers limitless options.
  • Tacos are easier to prepare because of fewer ingredients and kitchen tools needed.
  • Mexican tacos have fewer calories than Italian pizza.
  • With popularity ranking and cultural impact, pizza is the real champion for the palate of many.

Take Away

Were we able to settle the debate between pizza vs. tacos?

Generally speaking, pizzas and tacos are both great meals. Some enjoy the savory and filling taste of tacos. Others find comfort in a slice of a newly-baked pizza. In sum, it all comes down to what your palate enjoys the most.

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