11 Tips to Cook a Digiorno Pizza

Does freezing foods kill all the nutrients in the food and make it of less nutritional value? Is it true that most people who freeze foods have to deal with most of them being moist and damp such that they lose their initial flavor?

All these misconceptions about frozen foods are untrue, especially when you follow the proper instructions when cooking and preserving the food.

For pizza lovers who like it when frozen, this is one of the facts that may be keeping them from preparing their favorite recipe.

One of the reasons you should find this information resourceful is the step-by-step guide that will help you prepare your pizza of choice.

If you have been struggling with how to cook DiGiorno pizza, check out below.

Different types of Digiorno pizza

Most people prefer frozen foods since it is less time-consuming to have them ready; all you need is a microwave to have them ready.

Pizza, being the most purchased type of fast food, falls in this category too. Digiorno pizza is the most preferred type, which comes in different varieties;

  • classic
  • ultra-thin
  • signature

Frozen pizza, just like the other types of foods, can be either grilled or prepared in an oven. While preparing a homemade pizza, it is essential to note that the kind of ingredients and procedure used can influence the quality of the pizza.

Proper freezing conditions should not degrade the quality of the pizza; in fact, they can help preserve its quality.

How to cook a DiGiorno pizza

  1. There are different varieties of DiGiorno pizza. If you are not settled on what to have, check out reviews and recommendations made by other tasters. Ensure that you are enlightened on the different experiences they had when preparing it.
  2. Always make sure that you purchase your choice of pizza from the best dealer. This is to ensure quality as well as be promised the best results. Should you be interested in getting a particular type of pizza, ensure this is what offered, from the dough preparation to the ingredients used.
  3. Remove your pizza from the freezer and let it thaw; this exposes it to room temperature to prepare it for baking. Always remember that the quality of the freezer mainly determines the quality of frozen foods. For the pizza boxes that are always airtight, it is evident that the conditions in the freezer are accommodating for the pizza.
  4. As much as you have another set of guidelines to follow, never ignore any additional instructions provided on the pizza box; they may be necessary for your cooking procedure. Ensure that the pizza has rested for enough time before starting another preparation method.
  5. Preheat the oven; this is to ensure that the pizza does not stick around during baking. You can either grill the pizza or prepare it in the oven. Taking care of the temperature rates is very important.375-425 degrees is the recommended amount of temperature to prepare the different varieties of pizza that exist.
  6. Considering the number of people you are preparing the pizza for, choose a wise number of pizza boxes. The same procedure should be used for all to ensure that you end up with the best results.
  7. You can consider placing the pizza directly in the oven or use a pizza stone. The pizza stone is most preferred since it helps the pizza to be fully cooked; this is by allowing the bottom and the edges exposed to the heat.
  8. It is essential to choose the right type of pizza stone to go in line with the source of heat that you are using. A clay pizza stone would be best for use on a grill more than the oven. It is so since clay is known to retain a lot of heat. Therefore, it makes it easy to prepare the pizza. There are types of pizza stone, clay graphite as well as steel. Choosing either of them would influence your cooking results differently.
  9. By either following the time provided on the pizza box or your timing, ensure you set a reasonable time for cooking. This is especially if you are using an oven since three minutes added to your cooking time can ruin the whole recipe. Be conscious of the temperature to ensure that you do not end up with raw or burnt pizza.
  10. It is important to remember that this is not a cake that you are baking. Checking on the pizza once in a while to see how it turns should enlighten you on the results. For DiGiorno pizza, golden spots on the top show that the progress is good.
  11. When the whole pizza appears fully cooked, remove it from the oven and allow it cool. You can then cut it into different pieces to make it ready or serving. It is advisable to sprinkle little pepper on the pizza to eliminate any frozen trace in it.

Different ways to improve Digiorno pizza

Different ways to improve Digiorno pizza

Due to poor freezing conditions and other factors, your DiGiorno pizza might lose its optimal quality. The good news is that you can upgrade its taste and value in the below-described points. The tips provided below are not only favorable for personal pizza consumption but can only be used by people who bake pizza for sale.

  • When preheating the oven, ensure that the temperatures are high other than what provided on the pizza box. This is to ensure that it does not delay the ability of the pizza stone to retain heat; remember that you want to improve its quality, so go for 550 degrees during preheating.
  • Make use of a pizza stone to make the results more accurate. Frozen digiorno pizza tends to be soggy when prepared directly to the grill or in an oven. This can be not very reassuring for your pizza business.
  • Choose the best seasoning for your pizza; this is because the frozen seasoning may be tasteless. Some oil and the best choice of spices such as garlic, pepper, and cheese would do well for the seasoning.
  • Go for the right toppings to make your digiorno pizza look fresh. You can use animal products such as chicken and eggs or vegetables such as tomatoes and onions. Adding these toppings will add more flavor to the pizza.
  • There are different types of cheese for different varieties of pizza. To ensure that it is not soggy, choose the right kind of cheese. The quality of the pizza should determine the amount of cheese to put.
  • Make use of a spoon or squeeze bottle to add sauce to the digiorno pizza. Ensure to use enough sauce and not too much; it can make the digiorno pizza tasteless hence lose its value.

Is frozen pizza good for your health?

Is frozen pizza good for your health

Due to the ingredient used to make pizza, especially the vegetable toppings, frozen pizza tends to have a high sodium concentration.

This is one of the essential minerals that the body keeps an electrolyte balance of the body. Choosing the right toppings for the pizza is the only guaranteed way to have it nutritious.

Oven made a frozen pizza and grilled frozen pizza.

Oven made a frozen pizza and grilled frozen pizza.

The source of heat used for making frozen pizza can influence its value significantly. A grill would do best for the pizza stone.

This is because it heats up quickly, therefore, preparing the pizza stone best for cooking. The temperature and time determine the oven pizza results you will use to make the pizza.

Important things to note when buying frozen pizza

Important things to note when buying frozen pizza

  1. Enquire about the amount of cheese used to prepare the pizza. This is because the amount of cheese used in preparation would influence the preservation and practice of the pizza. A lot of cheese would make a horrible taste, especially when you need to upgrade the pizza on a grill.
  2. Ensure that it has a reasonable amount of sauce. Should be the sauce brand be provided on the pizza box, you should consider buying the same after baking the pizza. Using a different type would mess up its flavor.
  3. The type of toppings used should help maintain the taste of the pizza even after baking. However, other toppings can be added during preparation; this gives it a more authentic taste.
  4. Always check its expiry date on the box; taking an expired pizza home for baking would be risky to your health. This is one of the many causes of food poisoning that people encounter with frozen food.

Common mistakes you might be making with frozen pizza

  • Using the microwave to warm the pizza leftovers, The microwave as your source of heat would mess up the quality of the pizza. A grill would be best when used with the right type of pizza stone.
  • Leaving the pizza leftovers on the kitchen counter and eating it the next day would be a significant risk to your health.
  • Using the wrong choice of toppings for your pizza crust, therefore, making the consumer miss out on their preferred flavor.


Most people prefer frozen foods since they have easy upgrading techniques; frozen pizza being among these foods, have the easiest recipes as provided above. If you have any questions regarding the above pizza freezing and preparation procedures, ensure you consult the correct guidelines.

  • Using the right temperature
  • Choosing the preferable toppings for your pizza
  • Being conscious of the time during preparation
  • Selecting the best pizza stone
  • Not missing out on any point on the guideline, including those on the pizza box

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