12 Steps to Smoke a Pizza in a Smoker

Have you been figuring out how to smoke a pizza in a smoker? Smoked pizza is delicious, especially with the flavors that come with it.  I understand the frustrations that you have. There is nothing that hurts more than the inability to do something, especially your favorite food-smoked pizza.

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Smoking pizza is such a valuable skill that comes in handy when you have friends and family who want smoked pizza.  It is economical because you only need ingredients and standard tools found in our homes.

I like engaging with my audience, and I’ve written this article after numerous requests asking for a recipe on how to smoke a pizza in a smoker. Follow it keenly, and the results will be outstanding. Let’s start by knowing some of the ingredients we need.

Smoked pizza ingredients

  • One and a half cup of tomato sauce
  • Sliced mushroom
  • cornmeal
  • Shredded mozzarella
  • A mixture of garlic, pepper, and herb seasoning
  • Chopped bell pepper
  • Olive oil

Step By Step Guide on How to Smoke Pizza on A Smoker

Step 1. Light Up Your Smoke

Light Up Your Smoke

As the first step, light up your smoker and add enough charcoal. Ensure you don’t add more than enough for sufficient air circulation that facilitates faster and smooth light up.

Add your favorite smoke wood and ensure both charcoal and smoke wood burn at a temperature of around 250 Fahrenheit. Give it around ten minutes to reach the temperature limit. Ensure you have enough charcoal to complete the whole process that can take around one hour or so.

Step 2. Turn up the Heat

Turn up the Heat

After lighting up your smoker, it’s time now to turn up the heat before preparing your pizza. You may add more charcoal if need be and keep a temperature of 400 Fahrenheit. Have the pizza stone inside the smoker for them to heat too. This ensures a uniform and even heating surface for the pizza.

Step 3. Preheat your pizza stone

Preheat your pizza stone

Put them on the lower rank of your smoker. Preheat the smoker to over 470 degrees Fahrenheit and for at least an hour. If a pizza stone is missing, a pizza pan can also serve you well or even a thin baking sheet. Just get something that won’t warp due to high temperatures.

Step 4. Prepare your dough

Prepare your dough

Get the bread flour as this is best for homemade pizza dough.  You can also use all-purpose flour, but we recommend bread flour because of high levels of gluten that make the crust look crispy. Measure lukewarm water; add salts, sugar and olive oil, and a small amount of yeast to water depending on the amount of flour to prepare your dough.

We recommend kitchen measurements of flour by weight for accurate and consistent measurement. Mix the content thoroughly in a mixer. If the mixer is not available, you can mix them with your hands and knead them until you feel they can’t be rolled anymore.

Leave the dough for some time, depending on how you want it to ferment and rise. For slow fermentation that results in complex flavors, leave the dough for 24 hours. For faster fermentation, which allows the dough to rise sufficiently to work with, leave it for ninety minutes.

Step 5. Subdivided your dough into small tennis ball-like dough

Subdivided your dough into small tennis ball-like dough

Start by dusting your hands using flour and push the dough down to deflate.  Cut the dough into small balls. Place each of the balls in different bowls and cover the bowls with plastic for fifteen minutes.

Step 6. Prepare your toppings

Prepare your toppings

Have your toppings prepared. Ensure that you don’t overtop your pizza as it would not be crispy; if you can use about a third cup of tomato sauce, the better. Add about one or two mushrooms sufficient to cover the top of the pizza. Include other extra toppings we had accordingly.

Step 7. Flatten your dough ball and stretch it out into a round shape

Flatten your dough ball and stretch it out into a round shape

Work on each one of them at a time.  Flatten every ball using your hands on a surface dusted with flour. Using a rolling pin, roll your dough into an even circular shape.  Always start from the center and work out outwards.  Use your figures; press the dough into half inches thick. Do it until you can’t do it anymore.

If you have time, leave it for about five minutes, come back and stretch it until it reaches the desired diameter-10 to 12 inches. If your dough develops holes, place it on a floured surface and pull the dough together to seal the holes.  You can always use your palm to flatten the edge of the dough and pinch the edges to form a lip. Dust the container using flour and place dough in it.

Step 8. Spread olive oil on top of the dough

Spread olive oil on top of the dough

Make a dent on the surface of the dough using your figures to prevent bubbling. Spread olive oil to prevent it from getting soggy from the toppings you will be using. Repeat this with other balls if smoking more than one pizza.

Step 9. Lightly Sprinkle pizza peel with cornmeal

Lightly Sprinkle pizza peel with cornmeal

Sprinkle the pizza peel with cornmeal and put the flattened dough on top. It will make it easier for you to transfer the dough into the oven. Now, transfer the flattened dough to the pizza peel. If the dough has lost its shape in the transfer process, try to shape it to the desired shape.

Step 10. Add tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella

Add tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella

Sprinkle Shredded mozzarella cheese and place the toppings you had prepared with the spoon on top of the sauce. Ensure you don’t overuse toppings to avoid soggy pizza. Spread your topping in a design that looks attractive and eye appealing.  It will eliminate any chance of having similar toppings crowded in the same place.

Step 11. Sprinkling cornmeal on the pizza stone and slide it into the oven

Sprinkling cornmeal on the pizza stone and slide it into the oven

Ensure you sprinkle cornmeal on the baking stone in the oven while taking care not to burn your hands. Try to shake the peel to see if it can slide. If not, gently lift the edges of your pizza and have more cornmeal. Now, assuming it slides; slide it off the peel onto the baking stone.

Step 12. Smoke the Pizza

Smoke the Pizza

Get your smoker set to the desired temperature, close the smoker lid and leave it to cook for around twenty minutes. For you to limit smoke within the oven, ensure you have minimal ventilation. It will help in giving your pizza more flavors from the toppings you had.

Remove your pizza from the oven if you can see the cheese bubbling and the crust has turned golden brown. Let it remain on the board for five minutes.

There you have your smoked pizza. Slice and serve your smoked pizza. Enjoy with your family and friends

Reasons Why People Like to Smoke Pizza

There are several reasons why people like to smoke pizza on a smoker. Apart from the flavor of pizza, we have some other pros that come with smoking your pizza. Here are some benefits of using a smoker to smoke your pizza.

Freedom to Customize

When preparing pizza in your backyard, you have several choices. You can keep changing the ingredients to fit your taste and preference. You can have enough toppings to combine well with the smoky flavor. Make sure you don’t put too much of them to avoid the crust becoming soggy.

You can also include some proteins by adding some sausage toppings. For the vegetarian people, you have the freedom also. Remember that the vegetables you include in your pizza as toppings will go a long way in ensuring you have smoky flavors. Never be afraid to add whatever vegetables you want.

Smoke Any Pizza

Smoker gives a chance to cook and smoke all kinds of pizza. You can smoke frozen pizza that is easy to cook, especially on a smoker, since they are already prepared. You can smoke frozen pizza at the same temperature and time. Leftover pizza can also be easier to cook on a smoker. You only need to store them properly. Ensure it has completely cooled down before putting it in the fridge. Thoroughly cool your smoked pizza so that it gathers no moisture that would otherwise compromise its condition.


Smokers are helpful for almost any recipe, especially when smoking pizza. Pizza is not an everyday recipe cooked on a smoker but tastes excellent when smoked in a smoker.

People have a different experience with their first-time taste of a smoked pizza. How was your first experience? What was it? Let us know by leaving feedback in the comment section below.

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