Pizza Hut vs Dominos: Who Makes a Better Pizza? (9 Dimensions)

Are you a die-hard, brand loyal pizza fan? Do you constantly wonder which pizza shop is better, Pizza Hut vs Dominos? For the most brand-loyal fans, determining which pizza joint is better, Pizza Hut vs Dominos, is an easy endeavor.

Whichever is your preference, it is impossible not to have strong feelings on the topic. Chances are, you are fiercely loyal to one of these two pizza makers and wouldn’t be caught dead ordering from the other.

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However, not everyone feels the same way. When you are with your friends and want to order Pizza Hut or Dominos, it can spark a major feud. Objectively, not having a winner doesn’t help the conversation ad for newbies to pizza ordering, learning more about the pros and cons of each is important.

This is where we come in, to help you make that determination.

To do so, I have derived nine categories including pizza, size, toppings, price, availability, extras, upgrades, special offers, and impact. These are the best way to compare two fast food franchises. Keep reading to learn more about each brand and which pizza place is better!

Pizza Hut vs Dominos: Which Pizza Place is Better?

To help answer this question and settle the long-standing debate, we have put together a comparison of Pizza Hut vs Dominos across nine categories to determine which is better.

1. Pizza


The first and most critical category in determining a winner is the actual pizza. Speaking in a purely objective manner, there are some undeniable aspects. After eating many pizzas from both places, downing a Domino’s pizza just makes you feel glorious. It’s like eating a jar of Nutella or throwing back a magnum of champagne.

In contrast, Pizza Hut has the fluffy, focaccia-like deep-pan base with a slightly sharper sauce than Dominos. Unfortunately, for my personal preference, I don’t want a lot of dough in my pizza, I would rather taste the sauce, cheese, and toppings. From an overall flavor perspective and dough-to-toppings ratio, Dominos gives you a better overall pizza.

Winner: Dominos


2. Size

While Dominos gives you a better taste, Pizza Hut gives you much larger portions for your money. Dominos caps its pizzas at 13.5 inches while Pizza Hut offers 14 inches across several options such as the Thin Crust, Cheesy Bites, and Stuff-Crust.

For those who prefer size over substance, Pizza Hut is the clear winner. [Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes & Price: How Many Pizzas Do I Order?]

Winner: Pizza Hut


3. Toppings


Like most pizza franchises, Pizza Hut and Domino’s give you various topping options. Whether you want the traditional pepperoni, barbecue chicken, bacon, ground beef, or all veggies, both restaurants have you covered.

Although Dominos tends to specialize in more outrageous options, the winner decision for this category is based on the combination of toppings. You could make a peanut butter and hot dog sandwich, both of which are delicious on their own but may not taste the best together.

Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC are all part of the Yum! Corporation so Pizza Hut has had collaborations with other franchises to create inventive pizzas over the years. For this reason, Pizza Hut has a better combination of toppings.

Winner: Pizza Hut


4. Price


Price is another critical factor in the Pizza Hut vs Dominos debate. Dominos holds a well-earned reputation for generally being less expensive than all other pizza franchises. Let’s be clear, both options are fairly inexpensive when compared to a ma-and-pa pizza shop, but the discussion is between these two franchises.

Pizza Hut typically costs most across the United States and adding toppings will jack up the cost even more, unless you get a special pizza, which Dominos is generally still cheaper. If you want a delicious and inexpensive pizza option, then Dominos is the clear winner.

Winner: Dominos


5. Extras

Extra dips like garlic or marinara sauce are some of my favorite additions when going to Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, Pizza Hut falls short in the extras category with limited dip options that don’t really compare in taste to Dominos.

On the other hand, Dominos offers a variety of delicious and hearty sauces that I order every time. Dominos beat Pizza Hut in this category by a wide margin.

Winner: Dominos


6. Upgrades


Although the flavor may be considered subpar, it is undeniable that Pizza Hut has excellent upgrade options. In addition to the Thin and Cheesy Bite options, Pizza Hut has a variety of crusts and deep pan pies. Moreover, Pizza Hut invented the delicious stuffed crust pizza which all other franchises attempt to copy.

In recent years, Dominos has expanded its crust and sauce options to give you more of a selection but still falls short of Pizza Hut. Dominos has also added a stuffed crust option, but it is not nearly as good as Pizza Hut’s version, since it’s the original.

Winner: Pizza Hut


7. Special Offers

Special Offers

Growing up, Dominos made Tuesdays the best day of the week because of their ongoing specials that were jealous of the rest of the fast-food industry. Their specials rotate, and they do not have the same promotions as when I was a child.

The good news is Dominos always has some type of special or coupon, especially when ordering from the app. Depending on what you are in the mood for, these promotions make your dinner highly affordable with the likelihood of leftovers for several days.

As large brands, Dominos and Pizza Hut continue to support their local community in certain places by offering food drives, free pizzas, and having a good corporate social responsibility. Again, this differs based on location but as large multinational brands, both companies continue to give back and attempt to connect more with their local customers through social programs.

While Pizza Hut also offers a few specials, they are not as extensive as Dominos. Specials from both franchises vary based on town, city, state, and country with local and regional specials being offered. For instance, when Dominos first launched the cheesesteak pizza, they used Philadelphia as their test market.

Winner: Dominos


8. Availability


Pizza Hut offered a dine-in option that should help it take the crown in this category. As a child, I remember going to my local Pizza Hut with my family and friends for an evening of pizza and salad bar. While the salad bar option is now gone and dine-in is limited, it was a different experience that Dominos never offered.

Pizza Hut currently owns and operates a little over 18,700 worldwide locations whereas Dominos only has 17,600 stores. While they are fairly close in numbers, the answer to this question relates to the number of stores in your local area.

In the United States, Pizza Hut and Domino’s shops are plentiful. However, in other countries, there could be more Pizza Huts or Dominos depending on each company’s projected growth. Therefore, both are readily available but there is no way to make this determination as it is on a customer-by-customer basis.

Winner: Tie


9. Impact


In specific ways, both restaurants have participated in a major cultural shift across the globe. Pizza Hut’s dine-in restaurant option in a town where pizza was more of a takeout option, was a game-changer for me as a child. As an adult, I tend to order more from Dominos because of the regional specialties and promotions.

Despite Pizza Hut’s dine-in and the experience that comes with it, Dominos still offers better quality and tasting pizza with amazing promotions so I must lean more towards the latter in this category.

While Pizza Hut may be a much larger global brand, millions of diners prefer quality, taste, and promotions over the number of stores. For this reason, Dominos is the more impactful brand in the United States.

Winner: Dominos



While this was a difficult decision since I enjoy the pies slung by both franchise locations, Dominos has my heart much more than Pizza Hut. During this analysis, I was expecting the contest to be significantly less close than it was.

While Pizza Hut does deliver larger pies and gives you better topping combinations, Dominos offers a more delicious pizza at a better price point and value with better extras, promotions, and has been more impactful to me.

Both stores offer a ton of availability but the decision for this category is based on where you live in the world.

As much as I enjoyed Pizza Hut as a child and continue to purchase their pies on occasion, there can only be one winner in this comparison of Pizza Hut vs Dominos so the best of the two is Dominos!

What do you think about my decision and rating scale? Leave comments if you agree, disagree, or think I should add something to this article! To perform your own assessment, take the following steps:

  • Order the same pie from Dominos and Pizza Hut
  • Enjoy every bite of each.
  • Use the same rating scale I have used above.
  • Come back to this article and give me your thoughts on each with a winner!

I can’t wait to hear your favorites!

Pizza Hut vs Dominos Who Makes a Better Pizza 2

15 thoughts on “Pizza Hut vs Dominos: Who Makes a Better Pizza? (9 Dimensions)”

  1. I know this is way, way late but my vote is for Dominos as well.
    My issue with Pizza Hut is that it’s just too greasy; any time I eat it I feel sick to my stomach and the fatty taste is too much. Conversely, Dominos makes a lighter crust pizza that I can eat and feel satisfied with few adverse effects.

    So this Canadian likes Dominos.

    • Yuk!!!! Not only does Domino’s have pizza that tastes like cardboard. Their sauce sucks and toppings are sprinkled sparingly. Now they’re bragging because they are driving EV s to deliver. Who fucking cares. Use you’re money to make a better pizza!!!

  2. Domino’s all the way from Pittsburg kansas .i love this store alexandria makes the best pizza ever

  3. I’m definitely a Pizza Hut girl they do make it more greasy than they used to but I just don’t like dominoes pizza. Besides I’m a pan crust lover. Don’t care for thin or hand tossed

  4. I like them both. Dominos has great salads, cheesy bread, and pasta carbonara with delivery. Pizza hut has great bakes like the meat lovers bake, and pan pizza.

  5. I like Pizza Hut better, becuae TBH I haven’t tried dominos. Pizza Hut honestly has the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, same foes for garlic bread and chicken wings, all so ooey gooey and delicious. Remember, That’s just my opinion, sonpleaee respect it. Thank you and Have a nice day.

  6. Dominos hands down from my experience. The biggest factor is they’re open later. All of the Pizza huts around me close at TEN on weekends while Dominos is open for delivery until 2am (like a normal pizza place). 10pm on weekends is just dumb. On top of that Pizza Hut is waaaay more expensive. A similar order at Pizza hut compared to Dominoes will cost you at least 10 bucks or more.
    Pizza hut has better food though…but the hours and price have made me not order from them in several months and the filler is Dominos.

  7. A major factor in judging pizza is the crust, which was not addressed in this article.

    The greatest toppings and cheese are wasted if a soggy sub-standard crust is the base.

    My experience with these two pizza giants. Pizza Hut has a bready crust. There us no tug when you bite into a slice, just a tearing of the bread, very disappointing in a pizza. Domino’s is a better crust, with a little personality from the crust.

    I would give Domino’s crust 3 stars, while Pizza Hut crust is a 1 star.

    • Hello! 😊

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the crust comparison between Pizza Hut and Domino’s. I completely agree with you that crust is a crucial aspect of any pizza, and I apologize for not addressing it in the article. Your feedback is invaluable, and I’ll definitely take it into account for future articles.

      It’s interesting to hear about your personal experience with these two pizza giants. Crust preferences can be quite subjective, but it seems that you’ve found Domino’s crust to be more to your liking, with a little more personality and better texture. I appreciate your input and the ratings you’ve provided for each.

      Thanks once again for sharing your insights, and happy pizza eating! 🍕😋

    • Thank you for sharing your preference! It’s great to hear that you enjoy Domino’s 100% wheat thin crust option.we compare various aspects of both pizza chains, including crust options, toppings, flavor, and more. It’s important to note that individual preferences play a significant role in determining which pizza chain is better for each person. For you, it seems that the 100% wheat thin crust at Domino’s is a strong factor in your preference for their pizza.


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