8 Best Pizza Places in Bakersfield, CA (Reviews & Maps)

When people think about the best pizza in the U.S., many assume that it’s probably found in New York. However, California is a pizza paradise and Bakersfield holds its own with some of the tastiest pies on the planet. Being the biggest city in Kern County, many restaurants make a home in Bakersfield — including

Pizza Places in Pittsburgh

13 Best Pizza Places in Pittsburgh, PA

Pizza is one of the most famous Italian dishes all over the world. In fact, it has created several variations over time. Because of its popularity, it’s available in many areas, in different cities, making it harder to choose a pizza place that fits your taste. In addition, the process might not be as smooth

Pizza in Phoenix

10 Best Pizza Places in Phoenix, AZ (Pictures, Reviews, Maps)

Phoenix, also known as “The Valley of the Sun,” is not only the capital of Arizona but also the most populated city in the state. It is full of golf courses, world-class resorts, a happening nightlife, rich southwest culture, great hiking spots, park preserves, and more. The hotels are reasonably priced, and it is a

Pizza Places in Orlando

14 Best Pizza Places in Orlando, FL (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

When we say Orlando, Florida, pizza will not be the first word that comes into your mind. Instead, Mickey Mouse or Disney World. But what if you crave a pizza but do not know what pizza place to go to? On this blog, we will tackle some of the places that have the best pizza

14 Best Pizza Places in Louisville, KY

Getting to know a new city can be exhausting. There are so many things to keep track of when you don’t know where anything is, especially if you aren’t sure what restaurants a town has to offer. Louisville, Kentucky, is full of great restaurants. If you are a fan of pizza, you will find that there

12 Best Pizza Places in San Francisco, CA

Pizza has been one of the most popular dishes around the world. With the diverse styles and recipes, there’s a type of pizza for your every mood. But, of course, everybody has favorites, and it pays to find a place where you can enjoy it best. So here are the 12 best pizza places in

12 Best Pizza Places in Nashville, TN (with Photos & Maps)

Pizza remains a popular dish in the United States, and there are many different ways to enjoy it. However, we can all agree that no two pizza places make the same type of pie. Whether it is the dough, the sauce, or the toppings, each place has its unique take on this classic dish. When

13 Best Pizza Restaurants in Cleveland, OH (Photos & Maps)

Cleveland is one of the largest cities in the Midwest. There are several excellent pizzerias there. Which crust do you prefer—thin or thick? Which toppings are your favorites? Red or white sauce? There is something for everyone here. You’ll find the top 13 best pizza places in Cleveland listed below. They’ll unquestionably sate your cravings.

Best Pizza Places in San Antonio

16 Best Pizza Places in San Antonio, TX

If there’s one you can be sure of, you can never go wrong with pizza. It’s just impossible! If you aren’t convinced, head to the 15 best pizza places in San Antonio, TX, to taste them yourself! 1. Pizza Classics Price:  $ Address: 3440 N St Mary’s St Phone: 210-225-3356   View this post on

pizza Places in Tucson

13 Best Pizza Places in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, Arizona’s second-largest city, has a bustling gastronomy scene. It has a wide array of pizza restaurants that appeal to locals and tourists. It’s a perfect hangout after a day of outdoor fun or cultural immersion. Any of the 13 best pizza places in Tucson, AZ, to give you an incredible dining experience. 1. Scordato’s Pizzeria