15 Best Pizza Places in Winston-Salem, NC [2023 Updated]

You’re feeling hungry but you don’t feel like cooking. What better way to solve the problem than with a pizza?! But where do you go to find the perfect slice or pie?

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We’re here to help! Read on for 15 places to get the best pizza in Winston-Salem. We’ll share everything you need to know to make your choice, whether you’re dining in or eating at home.

So step this way to find the answer to your pizza prayers!

1. Cugino Forno Pizzeria

Cugino Forno Pizzeria
  • Address: 486 North Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
  • Tel: 336-448-0102

Cugina Forno is open seven days a week, staying open an hour later until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. You can dine in or eat at home, with takeout and delivery available.

This isn’t the best option for those worried about food miles. But if you’re looking for authentic Italian flavor, all the ingredients here are the real deal. The mozzarella, flour and even the salt is shipped over direct from Italy.

The pizzas are cooked in hand-made ovens floored with volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius. They get super-hot, cooking your pizza in just 90 seconds!

Choose from a good range of traditional Italian toppings. The menu also features a range of salads, gelato, cannoli and cake. And there’s a small but perfectly formed beer and wine list too.


2. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom
  • Address: 314 West 4th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
  • Tel: 336-245-2820

Mellow Mushroom’s pizzas feature fresh homemade crusts and bold toppings. And many of them can be made to suit vegan or gluten-free diets.

They’re made and baked to order in a stone oven. Choose from options like the Wild Havana, with Cuban-inspired jerk pork, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, mozzarella, diced pickles and a mustard mayo drizzle. Or there’s the Kosmic Karma, featuring feta cheese, mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes and pesto.

If you prefer, you can build your own pizza. All pies come in 10, 14 and 16-inch versions. Also on the menu are a range of other vegan and gluten-free options, plus hoagies, calzones, sandwiches and burgers. There’s a great range of cocktails too.

You can eat in, pick up your food curb-side, or get it delivered.


3. Mission Pizza Napoletana

Mission Pizza Napoletana
  • Address: 707 Trade Street North West, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
  • Tel: 336-893-8217

As the name suggests, the specialty of the house here is the traditional Napoletana pizza. It’s fired for 90 seconds in the wood-burning stove, at temperatures of around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is a light, crisp and tasty pizza.

There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as meat eaters.

Dining in is recommended, in order to enjoy the pizza as it should be eaten, straight from the oven. Note, though, that you can’t reserve a table, or be seated until your whole party is present. Go for a drink while you wait, and they’ll text you when your table is ready.

Takeout is provided – “reluctantly” say the owners, noting that their pizza doesn’t travel well. It’s recommended you reheat it for a couple of minutes in your oven at home to reinvigorate the crispy crust.


4. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
  • Address: 1295 Creekshire Way, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
  • Tel: 336-837-0664

Brixx offers a wide range of classic pizzas, cooked in their wood-fired stove. They’re all 11 inches in diameter, each with six slices.

All the crusts here are vegan, and if you want vegan cheese, you can substitute it at no extra charge. Gluten-free and cauliflower crusts are available too, although you will need to pay a little extra for those.

There are lots of toppings, whether you love meat or prefer to stick to vegetables. And if you can’t decide, you can have different toppings on each half. Aside from pizzas, you’ll find starters, wings, sandwiches, salads, pastas and desserts.

Brixx is open daily from 11am to 10pm. Dine in, or order for carryout or curb-side pick-up.


5. Zito Pizzeria and Grill

Zito Pizzeria and Grill
  • Address: 3030 Healy Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
  • Tel: 336-765-9486

Outside pandemics, you can enjoy dining in at Zito’s Pizzeria and Grill. Otherwise, you can still enjoy their excellent pizzas via carryout or delivery. Order in-store or give them a phone call. Online ordering is coming soon. It’s open six days a week, closed on Sundays.

The pizzas here are made from fresh, hand-stretched dough prepared on the premises. They’re available in four sizes, from 10 to 18 inches, and with or without red sauce. The mozzarella comes direct from Italy. And there’s a wide range of toppings, as well as the option to create your own.

The menu also features appetizers, salads, Stromboli, calzone, and a range of vegan dishes. You can get dessert here too, including the intriguing baklava cheesecake.


6. Whitaker Square Pizza

Whitaker Square Pizza
  • Address: 1981 North Peace Haven Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
  • Tel: 336-660-0400

Whitaker Square Pizza offers some great deals, so you can get hold of tasty pizza without spending a fortune. It’s also part of the Slice Rewards loyalty scheme, offering you free pizza when you collect points with each order.

You can save 15 percent on your bill if you place your order online. It’s open six days a week for delivery and curbside pick-up, closed on Tuesdays.

There’s a great range of pizza here, including thin crust, Sicilian and Grandma style (a thin, square crust). And there’s a gluten-free crust too.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, you’ll also find pasta dishes, salads, sides, wraps and subs, calzone and Stromboli. You can choose from cannoli or tiramisu for dessert. And there’s a small menu especially for kids.


7. Vincenzo’s

  • Address: 3449 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
  • Tel: 336-765-3176 or 336-765-3707

Vincenzo’s is one of Winston-Salem’s oldest restaurants, having first opened its doors in 1964. Outside of pandemic times, you can dine in for lunch or dinner. And there’s a separate menu for pick-up and delivery. Phone lines often get busy, so you can save time by placing your order online.

The pizzas here are served with a New York style crust in 12, 16 and 20-inch sizes. The range of toppings isn’t as extensive as dedicated pizzerias, but there’s still a reasonable choice of meat and vegetables.

The rest of the menu is dedicated to classic Italian food, with meat, fish and pasta. And there’s an excellent range of appetizers, soups, salads and sides, as well as a children’s menu.

Vincenzo’s is open every day except Sunday. Opening hours vary, and the last orders for pick-up are an hour earlier than those for delivery. Check the website for up-to-date details.


8. The Loop

The Loop
  • Address: 320 South Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27103
  • Tel: 336-703-9882

The Loop offers 8 and 12-inch pizzas with a wide selection of toppings. You can also get 10-inch versions with a cauliflower crust, and there’s a gluten-free option for an additional charge.

Everything is fresh and tasty, and there are plenty of vegetarian options. If you like your pizzas packed with protein, there are some great meaty topping combinations too. And there’s a child’s size pizza if you have little ones.

There are lots of non-pizza options on the menu too. There’s an excellent selection of salads, and you can also add a burger patty, chicken or salmon to each one. Wraps, burgers, sandwiches, soups and desserts feature too.

The Loop is open daily until 9pm. You can dine in, or order your food for carryout, curbside pick-up or delivery.


9. Burke Street Pizza

Burke Street Pizza
  • Address: 1140 Burke St, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
  • Tel: 336-721-0011

If you’re craving an authentic New York pizza, check out Burke Street Pizza. It’s open for lunch, dinner and until late, and you can dine in or have your pizza delivered. And slices are available right up until closing time.

If you buy a whole pie, you’ll have a choice of 14, 16 and 18-inch diameters. There’s a wide range of combinations for both vegetarians and meat eaters, plus a selection with white cheese and no sauce.  And you can create your own pizza too, with a huge variety of toppings to choose from.

Those with a sweet tooth can choose from a small but delicious range of desserts, with cannoli, tiramisu, cheesecake, and limoncello mascarpone cake on offer.


10. Elizabeth’s Pizza

Elizabeth’s Pizza
  • Address: 3278 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
  • Tel: 336-768-0605

The extensive menu at Elizabeth’s pizza includes New York, Sicilian and specialty pizzas. It’s open every day from 11.30am to 9.30pm, with the option of pick-up or delivery.

It’s another restaurant that’s part of the Slice Rewards loyalty scheme. Collect points with every order, and save them up to get free pizza.

Those with gluten intolerance will be able to choose a gluten-free crust. There are also no-sauce options, and even one with no sauce and no cheese. And you can create your own pizza with your own choice of toppings.

Also on the menu are calzones, Stromboli, salads, soups, pasta dishes and subs. This is a great option if you need to feed a crowd who all fancy something different for dinner!


11. Vinnie’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

Vinnie’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant
  • Address: 5076 Peters Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27127
  • Tel: 336-893-7898

Vinnie’s is open seven days a week from 11 am to 10 pm. Drop in and check out their impressive menu of pizzas, calzones, Stromboli, pasta, appetizers, soups and salads.

The New York pizzas are available in four different sizes, from 12 to a massive 24 inches in diameter. There are also Sicilian pizzas, again in four sizes from small to extra-large. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s a range of gourmet pizzas in small, medium and large.

To drink, you can choose from a wide selection of beers, wines and soft drinks, as well as hot beverages. Why not finish your meal with a coffee and one of Vinnie’s delicious desserts?


12. Coppola’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

Coppola’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant
  • Address: 3512 Yadkinville Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106
  • Tel: 336-922-1190

Coppola’s Pizzeria and Italian restaurant is open six days a week, with later closing at 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s temporarily closed on Mondays, but plans to reopen then soon – check the website for details.

The menu has a wide range of appetizers, pasta, meat and fish dishes. And there’s a great selection of delicious New York and Sicilian style pizzas, plus calzones and Stromboli. The Neapolitan round pizzas come in 13, 15 and 17 inches, while the Sicilians are 17 inches.

The approach here is simple. There are only two pre-set combinations – the Veggie and the meaty Coppola’s Special. Otherwise just pick your crust and add your chosen toppings. It’s as easy as pie!


13. Brothers Pizzeria

Brothers Pizzeria
  • Address: 214 West 4th Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
  • Tel: 336-893-6208

If you’re after a late-night pizza, there’s no better option than Brothers Pizzeria. It’s open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights to fulfill your pizza craving. There’s no minimum order for pick-up, and delivery is available too. Note, though, that it’s closed on Tuesdays.

Choose from traditional round or square nonna pizzas. You can also get gourmet specialty and stuffed pies. And cheese pizza is available by the slice too.

Also on the menu are calzones, Stromboli, hot and cold subs, salads and appetizers. Plus there’s a small kids’ menu and a choice of desserts.


14. A Slice of Napoli

A Slice of Napoli
  • Address: 5089 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104
  • Tel: 336-930-1500

A Slice of Napoli is another pizzeria that’s part of the Slice Rewards loyalty scheme. It’s open six days a week for delivery and pickup, staying closed on Mondays. There’s no minimum spend for pick-up, but you’ll need to spend at least $15 to get your food delivered.

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to your pizza. Choose from New York or Sicilian, Gourmet combinations or create your own, pizza by the pie or by the slice.

You’ll also find pasta, salads, soups, calzones, Stromboli, burgers, wraps, hot and cold subs and desserts. And there’s a selection of dishes for the kids too.


15. Stoked Woodfired Pub

Stoked Woodfired Pub
  • Address: 5312 Robinhood Village Drive, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
  • Tel: 336-815-8000

At the Stoked Woodfired Pub you’ll get great pizza with the dough, sauce and mozzarella all made fresh in-house. Dine in and watch NFL on the big screens, or order your food for takeout.

The pizzas here are available in 9 and 12-inch pies, and there’s a 10-inch cauliflower crust for those looking for a gluten-free option. The toppings are sourced as locally as possible, with highlights including the sweet Italian sausage from Harmony Ridge Farms.

Other options include appetizers, wings, salads and sandwiches. There are some great dishes for the kids. And the desserts are super-creative: a chocolate tall cake, funnel cake fries with cinnamon sugar and caramel, and a daily special.


Ready to order?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of some of the best pizza places in Winston-Salem! This is a great city for pizza lovers, with options for all tastes and budgets.

Whether you’re new to the area or looking to switch things up, we hope you’ve found an option to suit you. Enjoy your next pizza night!

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